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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Google Friend Connect is shutting down! Please read!~~

Hello guys! 
GFC (the 'follow this blog' setting) is shutting on July 1st!
I'm very upset by this & we will lose all our followers!
Please follow me on my Bloglovin'!

I'm so annoyed by this matter!!


  1. oh I thought GFC and the google reader thing is different o: I'm not too sure about it though. I didn't know, thanks for the information =/ but well, if GFC were to dissapear, then I might as well change my blog url too ^^

  2. omg, for real ? i'm so mad. though i dont have a lot of followers but it's so upsetting.

  3. I'm not please about that either ><
    Followed you on Bloglovin :3
    xo, L

  4. thats bad news :c
    but i just read a very informative post how you can import all blogs that you are following so you will be able to read any blog that you follow now hehe its here:

  5. Google Reader and GFC are 2 different things. Only the reader is being retired.

    This should clarify:

  6. That wouldn't be cool at all :(

  7. Some are commenting that it's not but I did read that both google reader and GFC are being retired soon (possibly I'm wrong tho). But luckily, if your blog is hosted via blogspot you won't lose your followers! Only if you are using the widget on wordpress or something else.


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