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Monday, 11 March 2013

KeiKei has listened!:- Questions I've been asked~❤

Do you like my gothic look above?
Yeah...ㅠㅠ It's not really gothic is it? (;^;) Ah well~~

So I get a lot of question from people on emails & facebook pages & decided to answer them!:-

You may have to click for enlargement! I may of made it too small.(;A;)

Meh~ This is pointless post <丶´Д`> 
If you have any questions please ask me!~~
Have a good day~


  1. I'm so jealous of your legs!! :( You're so beautifull!!
    I want to know how did you get intrested of Korea? ^^

  2. Please list aaaaaaaaaaaalll of your favourite shops? You have such cute stuff and pretty make-up but I often feel like bothering someone when I ask >w< Of course you don't have to answer if you want to.

    Ohh!! And what Kpop groups do you like other than ShinEE??



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