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Monday, 12 October 2015

Feminine Sweet Makeup Tutorial~❤


Hello everyone, how are you?

Today I have a makeup tutorial for you all~! I've been experimenting with different looks a lot recently & I think I'm improving with my eye makeup application. I want to share with you this sweet & fun yet feminine eye makeup ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The colours I used focus mostly on pink & brown but I added a fun pop of mint~! The eyeshadow combination I chose reminds me of ice cream hehe!
Chocolate, strawberry & mint~!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial - Let's go~

Insert circle lenses for a enlargement effect. The lenses I'm wearing for this look are the EOS Bubble Grey. These lenses are the closest to my natural eye colour so they just make my eyes look naturally bigger yet brighter~! Review HERE

I also think dark toned circle lenses such as brown would make the makeup look really cute & youthful~ 

I am applying the eye makeup first to avoid eyeshadow fallouts on my makeup base. Its easier to clean up mistakes this way~!

 I shall be using my FaceFix College Palette. I will include the colours used in the images below~

Step 1
Apply eye primer to your lid to prep the skin. Then apply a white base all over the lid.
I used a pale cream concealer on my lids & I find this a really helpful tip if you do not have a white base~! It works just as well! ^▽^
Make sure to blend the concealer well & set with a white eyeshadow. The white eyeshadow will stop the concealer formula from creasing plus make other colours bright & pigmented~!

Products used:- Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer. TONY MOLY Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer - Light Beige.

Step 2
First, I mix two shades of brown together. A orange-brown & rich red-brown to achieve this beautiful bronze-red colour effect.
Using a dense pencil brush (You can also use sponge applicators - Preferably ones with a pointed end for more detailed application), I pack on the colour to sculpt a V-shape on the outer corner of my lid. Try not to apply the colour past the crease (where your eyes fold).

Using a fluffy blending brush, soften the harsh edges of the V we created. The brown should blend gently with the white eyeshadow.

For this look I do not want the browns too dark otherwise it would be too dramatic. However I still keep the shape V-like as it adds dimension to the look & the eyes appear flirty & defined~ ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
Step 3
Next I mix a pale pink with a cool-toned hot pink shadow to create my desired strawberry pink colour~
I apply this colour on the center of my lids. Continue packing on the colour until you reach your desired intensity.

Blend the colours together~!

Step 4
 Next apply a aqua mint shadow on the inner lid & blend very gently into the pink~

All three colours should fuse together - Doesn't it look like ice cream? (○´∀`○)

Step 5
Finally for the eyeshadow, apply a shimmery cream shadow on the inner half of the lower lash line. Then apply a brown on the outer half of the lower lash line.

Step 6
Apply winged eyeliner~ For flirty feminine eyes.
I recommend brown eyeliner but because the eyelashes I'm going to apply are black, I chose black instead.
Start by drawing the wing first by drawing a thin line from the outer corner of your eye. Then from the end of that line, connect it back to your lash line to form the wing.

Remember- Eyeliner shouldn't extend past the end of your eyebrows. 

Line the rest of your upper lash line. Try to neaten up the edges & fill in any empty spaces between the lashes.You can make the liner as thick or thin as you like but try not to cover the eyeshadow~

Products used:- Miss Sporty Cat's Eyes Liner - 001 Miaowww Black

Step 7
To prep our eyelashes for falsies, curl & apply swipe or two of mascara~ & not shown here, but also apply mascara to the lower lashes~

Products used:- Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Mascara

Step 8
Choose your favourite pair of lashes~! These eyelashes are from YesStyle HERE I love how they fan out & make my eyes look elongated (~ ̄ ̄)~

Apply a thin strip of lash glue on the lash band & wait until tacky. I use a black glue because it blends with my eyeliner.
Using either your fingers or tweezers, apply the lashes close to your lash line as possible. If you need extra lift in the lashes, curl them carefully with a lash curler. Hide away any traces of glue by going over with eyeliner.
Finally for my brows . . .which you cannot see ㅠㅠ;; I apply a light brown brow mascara to fill & shape them.

Products used:-  IO Eyelash Adhesive - Black. Etude House Colour my Brows - No.2 Light Brown
Just for fun & this has actually become part of everyday makeup routine because I do it so often. I added a cute little star gem on the outside of my eye ( ´∀`)☆

Our sweet colour combination eye makeup is now complete~

Now that our eyes are complete, we can start our base makeup~ For this look I wanted my face to look healthy & bright yet with a warm glow. I was still sick with a cold during these photos so my skin had become dull & sallow. 

I removed any eyeshadow fallouts so my face is now clean & moisturised.

Step 1

My eye area became really sallow with a yellow tone - It's horrible & always happens when I'm ill! щ(ಥДಥщ)
First, I applied a small amount of lavender cream concealer & blended with a beauty blender. 

Not only will the lavender correct the yellow, but it will also brighten & highlight up the area.

Products used:- Face Fix Lavender Concealer

Step 2

To further brighten up the eye area & just in case the lavender concealer made the eyes too pink, I applied a light beige concealer & blended.

Products used:- Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer - Light Beige

Step 3
Conceal any blemishes~! I first applied a green cream concealer to this annoying spot to correct the redness. Then I applied a beige concealer to hide it. 

Products used:-  FaceFix Lavender Concealer. FaceFix Beige Concealer.

Step 4

Apply a foundation of your choice. I'm wearing a CC Cream with a glowing finish~ Set the base with powder for a long lasting base.

Products used:- Aritaum Oil Serum CC Cream. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

Step 5
To bring warmth & definition back to the face. Swipe a bit of bronzer on your cheekbones & blend for a natural contour shadow. You can also do this on your temples, jawline & nose~

 Products used:- Facefix Mineral Bronzer Matte/Shimmer

Step 6
Apply a pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks for a pretty flush~ This blusher I'm using is by Sivanna Colors & is a gift from my Dad's work partner Steph
(She has a personal book blog called CozyThai HERE so if you love books like me & her you should check her blog out)- Thank chu!(´ ▽ ` )ノ The review will be coming very soon~ 

Products used:- Sivanna Colors Fantastic Blusher - 09

Step 6
Highlight your upper cheek bone & brow bone. The Sivanna blusher has plenty of surface gold & cream shimmers, so I just tapped it on my skin for a beautiful glow~

Lips were a bit tricky for this pink/brown look. Reds would've been too much & nudes/pale colours do not suit my full lips & pale complexion. So I opted for a lively candy pink colour just to play it safe (´ω`);; I'm quite glad I chose it as it's gives the look elegance & a ladylike feel~

I recommend a pink/nude/berry lips that is not too dark~

Products used:- Aritaum Honey Melting Tint No.3 Strawberry Chips

Finally, use a setting spray or a finally touch of powder & our entire look is now complete~❤

Because I felt the outcome of this look appeared very feminine & romantic, I tried to curl my hair like the fluffy kawaii style you see in Japanese fashion. I like to curl the sections of hair on each side of my face inwards like the Zipper models <(。`∀´。)>

Your eyes should look big with long fluttery lashes & subtle pops of colours~ I think this look would perfect for everyday especially if you use brown liner & mascara & opt for more natural false lashes for a softer look. It would look lovely for events, parties & for photography~

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial~! I had a lot of fun making it even though it there room for plenty more improvement щ(゜∇゜щ) I hope you found it interested & that it helps you. I'm so sorry for the lack of reviews but I've been so busy with college & blog business that I've haven't tried on any new products yet ㅠㅠ So I'll be making reviews as soon as possible so look forward to it! (。’▽’。) Oh! I'll also be making a Halloween makeup tutorial hopefully this week! I can't wait!

I hope you have a lovely day everyone,

Lots of Love

PS. Here is my derpy failed-to-do-a-candid-selfie laughing horse face (=ω=;) I look so happy!


  1. I'm obsessed with the Aritaum Melting Tints. Cute selfie!


  2. You look so beautiful, Thank you so much for this tutorial (^_-) (^o^) <3

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial, you look so beautiful <3 (^o^)

  4. Icecream eyes! *_* Pretty!
    Thanks for the tip on using pale concealer on the eyelids and white eyeshadow, I didn't know about that!

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