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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Cute Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial~❤


Hello everyone! 

It's nearly Halloween!! I absolutely love this time of year (ノ*^▽^)ノWitchcraft, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, horror marathons, scary stories, candy, pumpkins eeeeee!!! It's just fun

We are going to carve a pumpkin or two for the first time & hopefully make a successful pumpkin pie!

Today I have a cute witch makeup look for this Halloween(ノ*^▽^)ノ This is a perfect look for those who do not want to go all out. . but still want a more wearable look to fit the Halloween spirit~!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial - Let's go~

Insert circle lenses for a enlargement effect. Because I wanted this look to look youthful & cute, I chose my I.Fairy Lucius Browns. I think dark toned lenses are the best for making your eyes look big & puppylike.
These are my faaaavourite go-to 'natural' lenses for my everyday makeup~ I just realised I've never done a review for these! Would you like a review on these lenses? (´・ω・`) 

I am applying the eye makeup first to avoid eyeshadow fallouts on my makeup base
I shall be using my FaceFix College Palette. I will include the colours used in the images below~

Step 1
Apply eye primer to the lids to prep the skin & apply a white base all over the lid. For this look I'm using purples, oranges & greens, so the primer/white base will help make the colours more pigmented & longlasting~

Products used:- Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer. TONY MOLY Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer - Light Beige + White eyeshadow on top.

Step 2
Take a dark plum-purple & a dense pencil brush (or pointed sponge applicator) & begin to sculpt & draw the outer V of the eyes.
Everyone's eyes are different shapes & sizes so locating the outer-v of the eye can be a bit tricky for beginners. Try to imagine a sideways V shape formed at the outer corner of your eyes & apply the colour following that shape.

Try not to apply the colour past the crease of your lids (where your eyes fold). 
Taking a fluffy blending brush, soften the harsh edges of the V we created. Avoid blending the V away entirely as we want the eyes to be softly defined.

Step 3
Take a bright purple shadow & pack this on the outer half of the lid. Keep the colour within the V we made~ (´ω`) I think this colour is perfect for a dramatic Halloween look but I found it a bit too bright for this look, so I blended it out slightly~
Step 4
Next I applied a red-pink shadow very lightly over the purple. I think it make the look a bit more girly~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Step 5
When I think about Halloween, one of things I think of are Pumpkins & Jack-o'-lanterns~! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
Using a dense eyeshadow brush, apply a orange or orange-bronze on the center of the lids. Keep packing on the colour until you reach your desired intensity

Blend gently into the purple.

Step 6
 Next apply a aqua mint shadow on the inner lid & blend into the orange. 

Step 7
Apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line~!
I'm so sorry for my awful diagram above <丶´Д`> I applied the same bright purple shadow on the inner 1/3 of lower lash line. The same orange  on the middle & the same red-pink on the outer 1/3 of lower lash line. 
Also apply a white shimmer shadow on the inner eyes corners~ This will help open the eyes & make them pop ^▽^
Also no shown here, but apply a the shimmer (you can use a matte too)on your brow bone~
Just a small amount will do & make sure it's appears natural. Highlighting the brow bone will draw light to that area, creates the appearance of natural 'eyelift' as well as making your face look healthy & your eyes bigger~!

If the eyeshadow looks a bit patchy, just blend gently again with a clean brush. Try not to blend away the colours too much (´ω`)

Step 8
Eyeliner time~! I chose winged eyeliner for this look. You can draw whatever style of eyeliner you want - You could even be really creative & draw a spider web on the eyes!

I start drawing the wing first by drawing a thin line from the outer corner of my eye. Then from the end of that line, I connect it back to my lash line to form the wing. 

I drew my liner in a droopy wing for a slight puppy eyed-look~
Then I lined the rest of my upper lash line. This is the way I find easiest to draw a winged line ( ´∀`)☆ I still need practice to make it really neat~ Practice makes perfect right?

Products used:- Miss Sporty Cat's Eyes Liner - 001 Miaowww Black

Step 9
Lash time~! Prep your lashes by curling them & applying mascara~!

To make the eyes look really big & doll-like I will be applying false eyelashes
I'm chose to wear my favourite lashes from YesStyle HERE . For this look I recommend spikey/pointed slightly separated lashes that are not too dramatic/thick. Lashes like the ones above will emphasise the size of the eyes & elongate them~
Because it's almost Halloween, I decided to make the look more fun by using a hole puncher on orange paper - Orange for pumpkins!
I was inspired by Orange Caramel's Catallena~

'춤추는 작은 까탈레나 (Red Sun) 나도 모르게 빠져 들어가 도도한 콧대 까탈레나 (Red Sun)
Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi 홀려 들어가~~'
(~ ̄ ̄)~
I applied a tiny amount of clear eyelash glue on one of 'spikey parts' of the false lash & pressed the orange paper dot on~
I waited for about 10 seconds for the dot to stick & dry & voilà~! (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I only used one dot as I want the colourful eyeshadow to be seen~!
With the dot secured, I applied a thin strip of black lash glue to the false lash & waited until tacky. Using tweezers I applied the lashes as close to my lash line as possible, following my eyeliner. 

If you use a white glue, hide any traces with eyeliner~

If you really want your eyes to stand out, apply lower eye lashes for the ultimate dolly enlargement!~
These lashes are also from YesStyle HERE. The great thing about lower lashes is you can create different eye shapes with the same lash!~ 
For example, for this look I applied the lashes just slightly lower away from my outer lash line - It gives the eyes a rounder doe-like effect! (´ㅂ`)

Step 10
To make the look more magical, I used a glitter liner & applied a generous amount of blue/gold glitters all over my lid. I used glitter liner instead of loose glitter/glitter pigments because you have more controlled application & it's cleaner~

Products used:-  Face Fix Gold Liquid Eyeliner

& finally I applied two purple oval nail gems with lash glue just off the lower outer lash line~

 Our Witchy Halloween eye makeup is now complete~
For my base makeup I kept it bright, dewy & rosy~! I even drew on some fake freckles with a light brown eyeliner but it did not show up very well ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ 
For my lips I used a pink lipstick with a dab of a burgundy pink for gradient lip makeup. You of course, can do any base/lip makeup that suits you - & if you are brave (unlike me), try working a dark berry/purple lip for a darker twist to the makeup~

Your eyes should look cute & doll-like with fun lively colours. Perfect for Halloween parties & photographs~ I think my favourite part was applying on the glitter & the orange paper dot - For a more wearable look just remove the dot~
For this witch look I wore a sheer black & purple gothic shirt - I chose this top because the purple cross matched the eye makeup + Plus my witch hat matches too. I paired the look with creepy cute accessories such as the spider lace choker with spider earrings~! щ(゜∇゜щ)
Cherry Juice~!
(~ ̄ ̄)~

If you want a more mature lady-like look. Try tying long hair up in a bun. I think it made the look more glamorous & sultry!
Here are a few final shots of the witch outfit I created~
 I kept the whole outfit black, purple & sparkly. I wore a poofy black sparkly skirt, black & purple striped tights & sparkly heel mary-janes <。`ω´。>
 Every witch needs a cauldron~!
Every witch needs a black cat~!

Now I just need a broom - I seriously considered featuring the good olde' mop in these photos but my brother talked me out of it!
Thank you Lewis for taking these photos!
I hope you all enjoyed this cute Witch makeup tutorial I had soooo much fun creating it & going crazy with colours & decorations!~ I hope this look has inspired you for costume ideas this Halloween. 
Just in case I do not see you then, I wish you Happy Halloween & I hope you have lots of fun~

Lots of Love~


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