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Sunday, 20 September 2015

[Sponsored Post] EOS WM-101 Bubble Grey Circle Lenses Review~❤


Hello everyone! How are you?

Today I have another circle lens review for you. These circle lenses are absolutely beautiful - They are not my usual style of lens & they are perfect for dramatic makeup looks! I can't wait to show you~ ( ´∀`)☆

These gorgeous lenses are kindly sponsored by LensVillage! Thank you so much~

● ● ●

I received these lens in just under 2 weeks - Such a fast delivery! The safe & snug flexipackage came with the usual LV business card, lens case & the lenses themselves~ 

Lens on model
Brand:- DollyEye/Dueba
Name:- EOS WM-101 Bubble Grey
Diameter:- 14.8mm
Base Curve:- 8.6mm
Water Content:- 38%
Price:- £13.52 /$21.00
Life Span:- 1 Year disposable
Power Range : 0.00 to -10.00

This line of Bubble lenses come in six unique shades!~

So bright & colourful! These lenses definitely fall into the cosplay category right? The more wearable colours such as blue, brown, green & grey can look surprisingly natural on the eyes! 
Especially on light eyes! щ(゜∇゜щ)

I chose Bubble Grey since I've never tried grey lenses before~! I was curious to see how they would look on my blue/green eyes.

Such pretty vials~! They look so cute with my rose paper (○´∀`○)

The lens is a gorgeous pale silvery-grey I was quite surprised at just how opaque these lenses are despite being so pale. The lens design is grainy yet feathery & fades out in the center to blend with our natural eye colour.
There is no dark limbal ring on the edge so these lenses will not give a very obvious enlargement like lens with a limbal ring.

Front or back? 
Because the lenses are so soft & pale in design, it's so difficult to tell the lenses apart from back to front. I have to check the shape of the lenses to tell. Like the diagram below:-
It can be quite time consuming for a lazy girl like me ㅠㅠ;;
Size & thinness
Here is the lenses next to different sized lenses. The lenses are 14.8 (I measured them) but because of their design they give a illusion of 15mm. So they appear slightly similar in size with the brown lens in the image despite not having a limbal ring. 
But of course, the lenses look different when in the eyes. 

The lenses are soft lens. They are thin & flexible so they should be quite comfortable in the eyes. I'll explain further on~

Remember to soak your lenses for at least 8 hours in fresh solution before wearing (´ω`)

My natural eyes are blue/green.

One lens in!~ 
As you can see the lens gives my eyes a huuuge enlargement! However, because colour is so pale, it blends into the whites of my eyes. Therefore it does not always look a very obvious enlargement from afar/in person (´□`)

Both lenses~
These lenses appear a icy grey or a grey/blue (depending on lighting) on my eyes as they blend in with my natural iris. The colour makes my light eyes look slightly paler & sparkly. These lenses give a mysterious vampire/ghoulish effect that would be great for Halloween <(。`∀´。)>
Without + With

The feathery design blends in so well & my eyes almost appear natural~! The lens focuses mostly on the outer edge of the eye, giving us that illusion of a 15mm (as mentioned earlier).

I can wear the lens without makeup but it does not do them any justice. I prefer to wear them with makeup.
The lenses do not suit my daily ulzzang style & because the lenses are so icy & unique, I prefer dramatic dark makeup to make their pale colour stand out even more.

 They look so great with black, grey & silver shadows~! I think my eyes look quite vampiric here~!

The colour of these lenses varies depending on what type of lighting I'm in.

Window light - Flash

Window light - No flash

Rainy day window light - No flash

Outdoor lighting - No flash

Sunlight  - No flash
I have a love/hate relationship with EOS lenses. Most EOS lens have a 38% water content as these do. My eyes are so used to 55% water content so 38% is a tiny bit dry sometimes.

These particular EOS lens are pretty comfortable to some extent. Because of how thin & flexible they are, they are easy to insert without stinging my eyes. 

I wore these lenses from 9am until 4pm & they only felt a tad dry around 2pm. My eyedrops sorted that out ^^ So the comfort lasts pretty long on my eyes despite their 38% water content.

Out of all EOS lens I've worn, these are the most comfortable pair ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Selcas wearing the lenses!

I love how bright the lenses look~!
It started raining soooo bad so one of my photos went really dark & fuzzy without my flash & lighting, I think the lenses still look so bright in this bad quality photo haha~

Ratings on these lenses

The colour is breathtakingly beautiful~So vibrant & unique. It really enhances my natural eyes & looks so striking. I'm love how natural they appear but I find them a bit too startling for a everyday look, college or school. These lenses are my favourite for dramatic makeup looks & they would be great for cosplay/events.

These lenses look amazing on light eyes & dark eyes for a pop of colour~!
Brown eyed model.
These lenses are 14.8mm & give a 15mm enlargement effect. But because of their pale colour & no limbal ring, they seem to blend with the whites of the eyes - thus the enlargement is not so obvious. I still think they may my eyes look quite big though (especially with makeup)~ (´ω`)

Pretty comfortable but they can be a tad dry after a few hours of wearing. So I need to use my drops~

Some people may not like the pale colour or prefer more design.
Lenses appear small in diameter.

I looove these lenses! They are so gorgeous & I've never worn any lenses like them before~!
If you are interested in these lenses I got them from LensVillage who I really recommend for their excellent products & service~ (○´∀`○)

 *These lenses were sponsored by LensVillage but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

I hope you all enjoyed this review & thank you so much for reading. I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Lots of Love~


  1. OMG thanks for reviewing! >w<
    I've been curious to see how the EOS Bubble lenses look, especially on light eyes!
    I was actually expecting that the gray ones would show up a bit darker, but it does give a really unique effect! It looks slightly scary but still cool at the same time. x) I can't wait to try on my blue pair!

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  2. How do you take the pictures of your eyes and such? Do you take them yourself with a tripod or do you have someone else do it for you? I want to try to make makeup tutorial posts but I know I can't just use my phone's front camera.

    1. Hihi~♥ I take these makeup photos myself & I do use a tripod but not often I only use the tripod for outfit shots or photos where I need both my hands.

      My camera (Nikon L810) does not have a front camera so sometimes I can't tell if I'm in the shot or not! What I usually do is I hold a mirror behind the camera so I can see how I look in the view~! (´ ▽ ` )ノ That way I can tell I'm in focus. I hope this helps♥

  3. I think they looks natural and good on you c:


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