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Thursday, 3 September 2015

[Sponsored Post] Vassen Fynale Classic Glamorous 4Tone Green~❤


Hello everyone~! Today's post is a circle lens review. These circle lenses have become one of favourite pairs to wear recently! I find myself reaching for these pretties quite often (ノ*^▽^)ノ
These gorgeous lenses are kindly sponsored by Eyedodo! They contacted me to review a pair of their lens & I happily said yes! ( ´∀`)☆

 Thaank Chu Eyedodo!

About Eyedodo
They are a Malaysia based company selling genuine circle lenses from Korea & Japan. They have a good range of affordable lenses to choose from to give your eyes a different look each time~! (all from popular brands GEO, Vassen, EOS & ICK) 

They just started to sell beauty & skincare products on their site too~!

Eyedodo I believe, sent out the package on the 24th July via DHL global & they arrived in the UK on the 4th of August! Just a little under two weeks - Very quick ( ´ ▽ ` )

The package was the typical padded envelope & the lenses themselves were wrapped snug & secure in the cutest packaging ever~!
There is so much love & effort put in the package to present the lenses~! It's just so cute & sweet because it's not Christmas (○´∀`○) & whats more, Eyedodo wrote me a little card:-
 Eeeee~! So sweet ;3; This made me feel so special!

The lenses were originally wrapped in foam~! Again, such a sweet touch putting the lenses in this pretty little gift bag (´∀`)
Free cutie animal case! A cute blow-fishie~

You will receive a case with every pair of lens you purchase~!

Brand:- Vassen
Name:- Fynale Classic Glamorous 4Tone Green
Diameter:- 14.5mm
Base Curve:- 8.6mm
Water Content:- 55%
Price:- £15.23/$23.90 

Life Span:- 1 Year disposable
Power Range : Plano / 0.00 available only

This line of Vassen lenses come in six different pretty shades!~
I absolutely love Vassen lenses~! This brand in my opinion, is the best for comfort & design~! The main thing I particularly love about their lenses is the water content. They have a content of 55% - This is a high content, so they allow more oxygen to get to our eyes without any dry discomfort
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I chose green because I think green lenses compliment my natural eyes more~ Doesn't the design look interesting? It's one of the reasons I chose it!

Ah the evil metal tabs of doom~ щ(ಥДಥщ) Such a pain (literally) to open! My dad has to open them for me ;;

The lenses are gorgeous~!
The lens design is of many different streaks of colour (aqua blue, green, yellow & black). The streaks are soft & grainy & blend out gently with your natural eye colour.
The colours appear very vibrant here but in the eyes, they appear much more softer - especially on light eyes~!

Because of the streaks of black on the edge of the lens, it gives the effect of a small limbal ring without being too bold or fierce. 

Front or back? 
These lenses can be a bit tricky to figure out if the lens is inside out or not. To tell the difference of the two, the back design (the side of the lens on your eye) is lightly thinner than the front.

 Of course you can just check the shape of the lenses:-
But I tend to do it via the design, it's quicker sometimes <丶´Д`>

Size & thinness
These lenses claim to be 14.5mm though next to my I.Fairy Kirei Greens (also by Vassen), a size 16.2mm,  they appear to be bigger. I think it's just the illusion of the black limbal ring of the Kirei lens - It's makes them look smaller.
The lenses are nicely thin & flexible~ Because of how thin they are, it should be more comfortable in the eyes. Despite their flexibility, these lenses are very quick & easy to insert as they do not fold over my fingers~!

It's recommended to soak your lenses for at least 8 hours in fresh solution before wearing~ I soak mine over night just to be sure they are cleansed~ 

My natural eyes are blue-green!

With one lens in, they give a noticeable enlargement~! They are a tad smaller than my usual lenses but the effect is good & they appear quite natural for everyday ( ´∀`)

Both lens in~!
I absolutely love the colour of these lenses They appear a sparkling green/grey on my eyes & blend in effortlessly. The almost appear natural~! My friends took a while to notice the lenses in my eyes 
As I mentioned before, the streaky design looks much more softer on my light eyes (see no flash photo) & do not look harsh.

These lenses look so pretty with brown toned makeup~!
In this photo I wore brown, orange & cream eyeshadow with brown eyeliner & brown mascara. Browns really compliment & bring out the green in the lens. I love them with this type of makeup the best for college & everyday~! ^▽^

But I do find these lenses wearable without makeup as they look natural & do not make the eyes look too alien-big (´ω`)  
I think the design makes my eyes look sparkly & fresh~!

The colour of these lenses varies depending on what type of lighting I'm in.
Window light - Flash

 Window light - No flash

Sunlight (through open window) - No flash

Outdoor lighting - No flash
This photo above is outdoor lighting. I actually took this photo by leaning out of a window (a low level one haha). It was raining so I didn't fancy going outside with my camera~ щ(ಥДಥщ)  

These lenses are super comfortable & I have the 55% -water content to thank for that. I have no trouble inserting or wearing these during the day. I wore them from 10am until 6pm - helping at college & then shopping & did not finding them drying at all~! (。’▽’。)

 Selcas wearing the lenses!
 These photo is slightly blurry but I though this photo captured how natural the lenses look~!

Ratings on these lenses

The colour is super pretty & I love how it enhances & blends with my natural eyes~ The design is really charming & appears natural for everyday looks~! I think they are perfect for school & maybe even cosplay~!

I think these lenses would suit brown eyes though I'm not too sure if they would be any more vibrant?
On the model they appear quite dark so I think it depends. (´・ω・`) 

The size is great for a subtle enlargement without looking too big. They again, are perfect for everyday & also ideal for beginners with lenses~! I normally wear bigger diameter but I love these lenses so much.

Cons - None for me but:-
These lenses come in Plano / 0.00 only.
Some people may prefer a more vibrant design effect.

I love these lenses~ These are my favourite to wear because of their delicate design & natural colour~! I really recommend them (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Working with Eyedodo was such a positive, happy experience~!

They did take a few days to reply to my emails but when they did they were very sweet & polite & even apoligised for their lateness. 
I recently had lighting troubles & I was unable to capture good quality photos. I emailed them apoligising that this review would come much later until I could fix my problem. They were very understanding & told me to take my time & they would wait patiently! (○´∀`○) 
So kind! Thank you!
The Eyedodo site is so lovely to look at!~ It looks so sweet & the pastel colours reminds me of candy
The site is very easy to navigate because everything is categorised & tabbed. It makes the site not too overwhelming with choice.
They have a wide range of affordable lenses to choose from & they are frequently putting up new models on their site. 
The lenses are categorised by colour, prescription, diameter & brand so you can find the right type of lens~! 

Payment & Shipping
Eyedodo accept Visa, Master or any credit card through PayPal.
They ship worldwide & charge by weight. Click HERE for more info

I really enjoyed my experience working with Eyedodo.They are just so lovely & I really recommend them.
Thank you so much Eyedodo for making this review possible~!

 *These lenses were sponsored by Eyedodo but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*
I hope you all enjoyed this review everyone~! I'm glad I finally completed it. Camera lighting is such struggle!

I hope you all have a lovely day. Lots of love~


  1. These lenses so cute on you! I love the design and color~


  2. I really love how detailed your reviews are c: After reading it, I really can't say I lack ANY information about them now xD I like these lenses, they look so different and kinda stunning.

    Have a lovely day ♥

  3. These lenses look amazing on you! *-* Great choice!
    I seriously love Eyedodo too! They're so kind and the packaging is so personal and cute. ;u;

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  4. Waoh! These looks amazing in your light eyes!! *-* I loved the review! Thanks for sharing with us!


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