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Friday, 21 August 2015

Dramatic Rainbow Eye Makeup Tutorial~❤


Hello everyone~! Long time no seeeee!! (ノ*^▽^)ノ 

Today I want to share with you my rainbow eye makeup, in a step-by-step guide!

I did this colourful experiment last week & it was my first time trying out rainbow eye makeup. I posted this photo below on my social media & received such positive feedback from such lovely people! ヽ(o´∀`o)ノ
I felt inspired to make a tutorial on it! This look is dramatic & lively with pretty colours & maybe even a little bit sexyyyy on the overall finished look~! (~ ̄ ̄)~ ~ ~ ~

As always, I'm still practicing with my shadow applications & practice makes perfect. My looks are not guru-standard so I hope you will bear with my skills & I hope you enjoy the tutorial! (○´∀`○)

Oh! Also I'm really sorry for how bright or dark the photos may be. The weather was overcast & I use natural lighting so my lighting was just a tad too dark than usual~

Let's go~!

Insert circle lenses for a enlargement effect. The lenses I'm wearing are Vassen Fynale Classic Glamorous 4Tone Green. These lenses have a beautiful unique design & its different strokes of colour will really compliment the rainbow makeup~!

These lenses surprisingly blend so well with my natural eye colour & have a diameter of 14.5mm (But it seems to give my eyes a 15mm effect) ! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ 

Detailed review of these lenses coming really soon! 

You may be wondering why I've chosen to do my eyes first & the base last. I'm doing it in that order to prevent eyeshadow fallouts - Therefore preventing a multicoloured face along with the eyes!

I do however cleanse, tone & moisturise my face & neck. This way my skin will not be dry/tight for when I apply my base~ ^^

Majority of the eyeshadows used is from my college eyeshadow palette by Facefix. I will include photos of the shades used in the below images along with diagrams~

Step 1
Apply a eye primer to your lid. This will prep the skin, making eyeshadows adhere better & last longer.

Apply a white base all over the lid. Using a white or a very light beige will help make the rainbow colours pigmented & stand out.

I actually don't have a white base so I used a pale cream concealer all over my lid. You can also use a white eyeliner pencil~ ( ´∀`)

Step 1b
Because I used a concealer, I blended it gently & then set it with a white eyeshadow~ This white eyeshadow has shimmer but you can use matte if you'd like! I love shimmer! *-*

Products used:- Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer. TONY MOLY Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer - Light Beige (very very similar to the Baby Doll Pot Concealer)

Apply tape! This trick will help achieve a sharp clean cut eyeshadow application~

Cut a suitable amount of tape & stick it on the back of your hand. Peel off the tape from your hand & press & peel again. This will help lose some of the stickiness of the tape so its more gentle on the eyes.
Apply the tape along the outer corner of your eyes! You can apply the tape as diagonal/high or low as you like!
I applied my tape a bit further & lower away from the outer corner of my eyes because, I like my eyeshadow to have a droopy puppy shape (to follow my eyeliner) ( ´∀`)☆

Later when we remove the tape, our eyeshadow will have a perfect sharp line.

Step 2
Using a small angled brush, take a black eyeshadow (yes black!) & define your crease!
This can be a bit tricky & gosh even I still need practice! But to find your crease, just press your angled brush into the hollow of your eyes (the skin that folds when you open your eyes).

With the angled brush, apply the eyeshadow back & forth in a windshield sweeping motion along that hollow space. Try not to apply eyeshadow all the way into the inner corner of the eyes.

Black is quite a big contrast to the white but black will be the best colour to frame the rainbow makeup~! Since the black shadow is harsh, take a fluffy blending brush & blend away the harsh lines.

Also blend in windshield sweeping motions until the black fades to a dark grey~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ

It should look much softer now! ^-^
. . .

Time for the fun part~!
Rainbow~ ()*:・゚✧

We will be packing on colours starting from the inner corner towards the outer~

Step 3
Taking a bright yellow eyeshadow & a dense eyeshadow brush or sponge applicator. Apply a dab of it on your inner corner & keep packing on the colour until you reach your desired intensity

How much you apply will depend on how wide your eyelid is. If you have small eyelids try to apply a very small amount of shadow, so you can have enough lid space to apply more colours~

If you prefer to use the same brush like I do for this type of application, gently wipe your brush on dry tissue between colours~

Step 4
Apply a green eyeshadow right next to the yellow~ Gently fuse the two colours together.
I chose a minty pearl green because I think it looks similar to the green in a rainbow!

Again be careful how much you apply, you will still need lid space later~

Step 5
Next dab on a sky blue shadow next to the green~ Blend the blue & green very gently together~

Step 6
Now apply a pink shadow~! I chose pearl hot pink. Gently blend the blue & the pink together. Blending the two colours should result in a subtle lilac purple~ If you want the lilac to be stronger, apply a little bit more blue+pink & blend (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Step 7
Next I applied a pink-red shadow to finish off my rainbow~ I applied it up to the tape! Try not to apply too much red or it might be too strong compared to the other colours.

Step 8
If the rainbow looks patchy, tidy it up by very gently blending the colours together again. Do not blend over the entire rainbow. But blend the yellow with the green, green with blue, blue with pink etc.
Try to be as gentle as possible so you do not blend away too much of the colour.

Step 9
Remove the tape to reveal a sharp clean line of shadow~! Peeling the tape away from the makeup is so addicting!

Here is what your eyes should look like~! If you want the colour to be more vibrant, go ahead & add more colour (´ω`)

Step 10

Apply your desired style of liquid eyeliner~! I wanted this look to be quite sexy so I went for a sharp winged look.
I carefully draw a thin line from the outer corner of my eye & then from the end of that line, I connect it back to my lash line, making a kind of triangular shape. Already you can see my cat-eyeliner forming!
I then lined the rest of my lash line. I didn't want the line to be too thick otherwise the rainbow would've be spoiled.
Remember how I mentioned I liked the eyeshadow in a slightly droopy style? My eyeliner now compliments that droopy-puppy look~ ヽ(o`▽′o)ノ

Products used:- Etude House Oh~ m'Eyeliner - Black

Step 11
For the lower lid. I applied a shimmery cream coloured shadow on the inner 1/3 of lower lash line. The same minty green on the middle & the same pink-red on the outer 1/3 of lower lash line.

I applied mascara on my lower lashes & applied a cute star gem (with lash glue) on the corner of my eyes~ (○´∀`○) 

Step 12
To compliment the rainbow makeup, I chose these gorgeous eyelashes I got from YesStyle HERE
These lashes are absolutely beautiful & beautifully made! They are so soft & compliment almost any makeup!
I first curled my lashes & applied a light coat of mascara to help them blend with the falsies.

I applied a thin strip of black lash glue (black glue is great as it blends with black eyeliner) & allowed it to go tacky before applying the lashes as close to my lash line as possible.
If you use a white glue, cover up any glue traces with black eyeliner. For my brows I just applied a coloured brow mascara~

used:- Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Mascara. IO Eyelash Adhesive - Black. Etude House Colour my Brows - No.2 Light Brown

& with that, our rainbow eye makeup is now complete~!!

If you happen to have any eye shadow fallout on your face, just remove with a cotton pad soaked in toner~ This will remove any fallouts without ruining your moisturiser & it will refresh the skin tissues~!
I kept my base very simple. I used a semi-matte semi-dewy foundation all over the face & neck. I covered up any blemishes & my dark circles with a liquid concealer.
I used a light matte bronzer under my cheekbones & jawline. I applied a highlighter on my cheek bones & nose bridge & my blusher is my usual rosy pink on the apples of my cheeks~!

Products used:- BareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation - Bare Porcelain. Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer - Light Beige. Facefix Mineral Bronzer Matte/Shimmer. FaceFix Mineral Shimmer Wheel. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - No.2 Strawberry Choux 
Of course you can make up your base however you like!~ However I'd recommend to keep the base looking fresh & 'cool' as possible. Try not to add too much warmth into the face with dark contouring - keep the colours light so we don't avert too much attention away from the eyes. (´ ▽ ` )ノ

Finding a suitable lip was quite tricky to with my rainbow eyes.
I wasn't in the mood for pinks & I dislike nudes because I have full lips. Red was too much for this look. In the end I settled for this gorgeous matte lip liner by Facefix. It's a toned down orange-brown & surprisingly I think it goes well with my overall look. I find it still keeps the eyes the focus of the look!

This colour lip make will also work nicely on small lips than a nude~ It'll make the lips look fuller!

Products used:- FaceFix Lip liner Pencil - Natural

Our entire look is now complete~!
Your eyes should be the main focus of the look & look very bright & playful~ I think this look would look awesome for parties, events & for photography~

I hope you all enjoyed this very colourful makeup tutorial & I hope you found it helpful~! I really loved experimenting with all these colours. This look is very different for me & I have to admit, I felt really confident & mature in my photos. I hope do share more looks like this in the future!

I'd love to know what you thought of my look & I welcome any tips for my future improvement! 
If you recreate this look, I'd love to see it!!
Have a lovely day & lots of love~ ( ´∀`)☆


  1. Wow! You are so pretty! Great tutorial! The tape trick is very helpful!

  2. I love this makeup look! It's so pretty on you c: I think I'll try it too >3<

  3. Wow that looks so lively and wonderful! *_* Amazing eye make-up! Great tutorial!
    I think that one day I want to try something like this, even though I'm a guy.. :'D Make-up is fun hahah!


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  4. Ahhh, I absolutely love how your hair looks at the beginning of this post! Soooo cuuuteeee. Have you ever considered dying it those colors? ^^


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