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Sunday, 26 July 2015

YesStyle - Jolly Club Ribbon Accent Short-Sleeve A-Line Dress in White~❤ [Photo/info heavy]


Hello everyone~!
Today's review is on a beautiful dress I got from YesStyle (´ ▽ ` )ノ As most of you know, YesStyle is a veeeeery popular site that sells trending Asian fashion, cosmetics & lifestyle products.

Most China based clothes stores are definitely a get-what-you-paid-for because the quality & sizes are not always the greatest right? But it's so hard to resist the stores because the clothing always looks so cute (on the site & model) & the prices are usually sooooo cheap! ( ;´Д`)

YesStyle is one of those stores & they have a mixture of really positive reviews but also a equal amount of negative (mostly regarding clothing stock, quality & customer service). This is my first time purchasing from YesStyle & I'd have to say it was a good experience!

When I first went on the site, I was overwhelmed. Lost. There is soooo much to see & even though items are categorised - It is still a bit overwhelming to use at first but I got used to it. I spent ages looking at the site & put together a small cart of 7 itemsヽ(゜∇゜)ノ There is so many cute & unique clothes to choose!

I chose the fastest shipping 3-5 days by paying £11 because I wanted it to arrive in time for an event.
All done. . But!

Here is the catch. YesStyle have sooo many clothes with different choices of colour & patterns right? But not everything is in stock. 
Most of items will at least have a 24 hours or 7 -14 day shipping wait. 
The 24 hours means its in stock! The 7 - 14 day one means it's not. YesStyle actually have to order that item from a local or overseas seller & have the item shipped to their warehouse & then. . finally. . to you.
2 of my items were in the 7 - 14 weeks wait. The others were ready to be shipped~  
I read reviews (after I submitted my order) from people who also chose the fastest shipping but ended up waiting almost 2 months (!) for the order due to lack of stock! Ouch.

I know that its not YesStyle's fault but I really needed my items asap & luckily those two items were not really important (I just thought they were cute ;///;). So I emailed the customer service asking if I could possibly remove those two items - otherwise my package will not be shipped until late.

I received a reply after 24 hours with a updated copy of my order & the two items were stated cancelled & the rest shipped! Yay☆

They did not refund my small amount of money for the those cancelled items but they did refund me back in store points (○´∀`○) So I'm happy~!

I think the customer service is good but it was not a serious issue I had~ My items arrived safe & sound & in time for my event & I learned my lesson; not to order things online in such a hurry & for future, try to buy the items within the 24hour waiting! ( ´∀`)

Now finally! Onto the dress review~!

Picture from YesStyle - Edited by me
Site Name Jolly Club Ribbon Accent Short-Sleeve A-Line Dress HERE
Price £9.81 
Suuuuper cheap but such a beautiful dress! Almost seems too good to be true!

Info from YesStyle
'A contrast collar with ribbon at the neckline and the matching lining for the inverse pleats on the skirt add drama to this short, sweet dress. Unlined. Team with court pumps for sophistication.'

● ● ●
The reason I bought this dress was mostly for an important event I went to recently but also because I fell in love with Jessica Jung's airport outfit:-

I absolutely love Jessica's fashion~!

Sizes - ONE SIZE
I am a bit weary about purchasing clothes online - especially if I'm buying a dress. Dresses can be so difficult. The dresses are either far too baggy at the chest or far too shortㅠㅠ But I decided to bite the bullet & purchase this one size (!) dress!

The dress one size measurements are 75cm for total length. 80cm for Bust. 70cm for Waist.

The dress is also available in black!

No picture sorry ;3;
The dress was folded up neatly & packaged in a clear bag in a cosy box ^▽^
Here is the comparison to YesStyle's dress image compared to what the dress actually looks like.

The dress looks exactly like the image except the black inverted pleats appear to be gone on the store image haha! (=ω=;) They are shown on the model though~ The ribbon comes a bit sloppily tied but you can tie it yourself~ 

The black collar does not run all the way to the back. The back of the dress is just white~

The colour is a pretty snowy white & with the black ribbon & pleats; the dress looks very elegant & sophisticated~ (○´∀`○)
Close up of the ribbon. The material of the ribbon is quite slippery because it can undo very easily. I have to make the knot tight to make sure it stays~
The dress sleeves are puffy & very slightly padded at the shoulders. It gives the dress a very timeless classic feel~

Close up of the inverted pleats~ They really compliment the dress & makes the dress more interesting to look at!

The material of the dress is very interesting. I expected a thicker kind of cotton but the dress is thin, lightweight & slightly stretchy. The material of the dress is called cotton blend & is very similar to sports wear clothing. 
I really like it though! The dress is very soft & feels so lovely & comfortable to wear out in hot weather~
Despite being lightweight I think it would be okay for cooler weather (like a rainy day or autumn) if you wear a cotton camisole underneath, thick cotton tights & a coat (So cute!).

The only downsides to the material is that it is a tiny bit sheer. Its not too sheer that you can see underneath:-
I have my hand underneath the dress but you can't see it! ^-^

But you can see bold patterns & dark colours through the material. I recommend to wear light coloured underwear or maybe a white camisole/bandeau. I actually wore a rose pink bra underneath the dress & you can barely see it:-
The material is thin but you can still machine wash it or hand wash it. I machine washed it on a gentle low 30°c temperature & the dress was not affected in anyway & even tumble dried well. (´ㅂ`)
The dress can get creases but they fall out really quickly! ^-^ I dare not iron it just in case.

The stitching on the dress is really neat & tidy~! They are quite small & I do not notice them~!
There are absolutely no faults in the stitches. I'm super happy with the quality!  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

My height is 5'6'' (167cm)  I'm quite thin & I fit into extra small to small size 6 & 8 in the UK. My legs are long so dresses can be too short on me. This is my main problem with dresses!
Sometimes I try a bigger size hoping it would look more modest but then the dress ends up too big, baggy & awful looking (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wearing the dress

The dress surprisingly fit so well! I was dreading that it was going to be too big & too short for comfort! The dress does not look too baggy, it sits nicely & feels so comfortable ( ´ ▽ ` )ノThe waist is slightly cinched (to form that a-line cut) & therefore makes my waist look smaller & gives that feminine feel to it. There is a lot of room to move around the shoulders & waist so it does not feel tight or suffocating in warm weather.

The chest area does have a bit of room for those who have small busts. I have 32a bust size which is small ㅠㅠ & the dress does not look baggy at the chest even if I wear a padded bra. Girls with bigger bust sizes may find this pretty tight despite its slightly stretchy material.  

The dress go down to my mid thigh which is still pretty short & I think it still looks okay & modest(ish)?. You cannot see anything if I stand up but if I bend over you can see a little bit щ(ಥДಥщ) Also the skirt of the dress is quite flowy so the wind can make it go up sometimes!

To sort that out, I purchased these adorable lace undershorts (or safety shorts!) from YesStyle. (Brief review)
59 Seconds Lace-Trim Supportive Under Shorts in white for £ 4.13 HERE

You wear these cute shorts under short skirts & dresses so you can feel more confident & comfortable~!
These shorts are amazing & go so well with the dress. They are slightly stretchy & have a cotton material similar to tights. These are also one size & are made for petite girls. I super recommend them!

Here are my full body shots. I wish I curled my hair & let it down~ I feel my plaits were far too childish for this lady-like dress ㅠㅠ

It was too bright for my eyes to open ;-;
I took these photo's on Saturday at about 10am & the weather was really weird ;-; It felt really cold  one minute & then the next really warm & then cold again!

I took my cloak from Dress Link (review here) & this is how I styled it with the dress:-
I think they go very well together!~

I adore this dress~! Absoluuuutely adore it! It makes me feel so princessy & feminine because of it's beautiful design & cut( ´∀`)☆  I'm so glad it fits me!
I recommend this dress for girls within a small to medium clothes size. The dress is quite short on me (a 5'6'') so if you are taller than that, the dress may be too short. 
The dress is easy to care for. It looks exactly like the store image & is such a bargain for a near £10!! If I was to find a dress like this in town it would be over £30 at least! 
I'm very happy to say I'm satisfied with my first order from YesStyle & will look into their store again.

I hope you enjoyed this review & found it informative~! Sorry for any mistakes or if I repeated myself! I read through it just now to check so I hope I corrected anything (´・ω・`) 
My brother helped take the outfit photos for me at Old Sarum - It was so much fun taking the long walk back home~
Old Sarum really is beautiful & peaceful in the morning~
Touching up my makeup before taking the outfit shots~ I took two pairs of shoes with me! The white laceups are my walking shoes & my maryjanes were for the photos (I didn't want to ruin them).
This could've been a nice photo until the wind blew & showed my five-finger forehead!! (;/////;) 
Tiny Brother~!
We bought strawberry cupcakes~! They were only £1.00 & I expected them to taste too sugary & have that artificial strawberry cream- But they were soooo yummy~! ^▽^ I ate too many & shared the rest with my family while looking at old photo albums~

Finally me & brother went cloud watching & we found a puppy!

I hope you all have a happy happy week!~ Lots of love~


  1. Kirsten~ You look absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed reading your review and seeing your pictures ^_^

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

  2. Awww, the pictures at the end are so cute - you have a really nice brother if he takes pictures for you! I don't think my brother ever will though, lmfao.
    Anyways - the dress is SO NICE ON YOU. o__o It suits you very well! C: Thank you for the review~!

    Junniku blog!

  3. The undershorts you bought are just too cute for words. I waaaannnnttt!


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