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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Introducing:- Q-Depot Korean Cosmetics & Skincare~


Hello everyone~! Today I have quite a different post for you all; a store introduction! ^▽^

There are so many Korean cosmetics website to experience & the choice can be overwhelming sometimes right? They all have different brands, price ranges, shipping that are all very important.  Even the layout of the site is important!

Today I'm going to introduce one of those many Korean cosmetics stores - Q-Depot~!

Click HERE
Q-Depot is a leading online store founded in 2014, they offer genuine, high quality Korean cosmetics & skincare products at purse friendly affordable prices~!

I love how Q-Depot came around & I love how passionate they are!!

Q-Depot Vision. "To be the Internet's most secure and trusted platform offering top-quality, eco-friendly and branded beauty-related products at best prices, with ease, trust and quality, coupled with the best customer care."

The incident that inspired the establishment of the site started with a skiing trip to Korea!
The cold weather resulted in damaged skin which expensive western brands could no restore. But after using inexpensive but highly effective Korean cosmetics brands (such as Innisfree) offered a 'lasting solution to restore damaged skin & maintain its beauty'. 
Q-Depot decided to unveil this secret to thousands of women out there & deliver these jewels right outside your doorstep!

Q-Depot also have a heart of gold concerning the underprivileged & their products too:-
'Social responsibility is one of the core values at Q-depot and its allied group of companies. We deem ourselves responsible for helping and caring for the underprivileged. We are committed to donating 3% of our net profit for social causes and donations.

'We encourage our socially responsible customers and partners to contribute to this noble cause as well. If you wish to donate or want to be a part of the Q-cause team, please call us directly or email us at'
Above from the site

Isn't that the sweetest~?

The motto for every Korean cosmetics & skincare products is 'Natural is the Best'. They are made with natural ingredients that have restorative & deep-conditioning benefits without any side effects. They are not only formulated with natural ingredients but most of them are non-animal tested & are considered as ethical & eco-friendly.
Q-Depot were inspired by this & consider it as a noble cause & therefore, ask their customers to stand with them & use cruelty-free cosmetics to pay your share.

Here are the Cruelty-free brands they carry. They carry over 500 animal friendly products!
. . .
They carry over 15000 popular products from 25+ famous brands & counting!
They are committed to provide almost every product you’re looking for and are adding new brands and products by every passing day.

There are so many type products (skincare, makeup, hair care, men) that cater to different needs! Some of the products are really interesting & many caught my eyes, here are a couple:-

Guerisson 9 Complex - Horse Oil Cream

Currently a best seller in Korea!
£28.34  currently on sale for £15.74

The Saem Saemmul Wrapping Tint
A cheaper alternative to the Berrisom Lip Tint Pack!

The prices are very reasonable especially for students like me & the prices are very close to what you would pay for in Korea.
For instance, the Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cushion costs 35,000원 & its refill costs 16,000원 in Korea.
Both in total costing 51,000원 - £29.12

Q-Depot is selling the cushion for £26.83 with the refill included! So you save some cash & still get a better buy for your money~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You don't even have to have an account to make an order although its recommended to make one so you use more of the many features such as reward points, order tracking etc.

Making an account & placing an order is very easy~ Plus free samples with every purchase! I loooove samples~ Here are the payment methods they accept:-

Q-Depot products are 100% Authentic that are shipped directly from Korea & Q-Depot will take responsibility if there should be any complaints & offer a 30 Days Free Return Policy with no questions ask & a full refund. 

Free Worldwide Shipping For Orders Above US$ 69.00

No one likes a big shipping price right? ㅠㅠ
No matter where you are in the world. Q-Depot will shoulder your shipping cost for your ultimate convenience and satisfaction if orders are above US$ 69.00

Q-Depot ship to every corner of the world & even if your order is below US$69.00, the shipping prices are affordable~

Look HERE for the shipping prices~ 

I find some sites very hard to use because there is so much & it can be overwhelming but with Q-Depot, I love how easy their site is to navigate! The site layout is so convenient as they have search categories & tabs so you can find exactly what you are looking for. May it be your skin type or your skin conditions, brands or a certain price range- There is something for everyone!

 . . .
Here I put together the majority of the really helpful search categories but of course they are not displayed altogether like this~ (。´・ω・`。)

The site guarantees security & Q-Depot take that as their priority! - SSL, PCI Compliant & Malware Free. This way we can shop a full peace of mind~ (´ㅂ`)

. . .
Q-Depot strive to provide the best shopping experience for their customers.
Reviews for Q-Depot always mention the excellent customer service that makes shopping with them easy, fun & pleasant~

Q-Depot are happy to answer any questions & provide assistance to those who need it. They have a live chat on the site where online operators will guarantee an answer within 24hours!
You can find the live chat on the bottom right side of the site or by clicking HERE

 . . .
Other Customer Service options HERE
 . . .
Plus they even have a really useful beauty blog! You can learn the benefits of certain ingredients & products plus trending makeup looks in Korea.

It's a beauty store jungle out there so I hope you found this post informative & that you check out Q-Depot!

If you sign up to Q-Depot, you get US$5 for free! Coupons are limited so grab the offer before it lasts everyone ( ´∀`)☆ Click HERE to signup~

You can also click on the banner on the right hand side of my blog~

I hope you all enjoyed this post & please let me know if you would like more store introduction in the future~!

Have a lovely day & lots of love as always~


  1. Oh wow seems so cool. I love the way the design, color and best of all those cool filtration features. Haven't seen something alike ever. Surely will grab some goodies from them. Thanks Keikei for sharing such a great store.

    1. Hello~! Thank chu for reading this post & you are welcome! I love the site layout too! It's so easy to understand~♥
      So glad this helped!

      Lots of Love

  2. That horse oil seems rather strange, does it not? Ooh, are The Saem Saemmul Wrapping Tints those cool tints you apply like a face mask and peel off? I want to try those. Thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely have a look on Q-Depot!

    1. Horse oil is actually really good! I haven't looked into it too much but products made with horse oils seem to be getting a bit popular lately ^^ I've tried the Tony Moly Premium RX horse cream ^^ Actually, I saw results overnight q(^ O ^)p is a bit expensive ^^; ¥6218 for 1 jar?! Ahh, I'm only a highschool student, it's a bit much for me haha ^^;;;

    2. Hi, Kei! q(^ O ^)p Thanks for taking your time to make this post, it's actually really helpful haha~ I actually had no idea that The Saem had "dupes" for the Berrisom lip packs????!!! I've actually been really wanting to try something from The Saem lately haha ^^ As always, you made a really lovely & helpful post♡



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