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Sunday, 7 June 2015

클리오 워터프루프 브러쉬 라이너 킬브라운 Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Brown Review~❤


Hello everyone!
Todays review is on a classic product from Clio - The Waterproof Brush Liner in Kill Brown!
It was featured in the InStyle Star Beauty Awards 2014 & has been popular since next to Clio's Kill Pen Liner! (´ω`)

It's a brush-pen type & not a dip liner which is better for precision & beginners!
I always use black liquid liner but I much prefer brown for softer eye makeup~ I have brown gel/pencils but not a liquid -So I thought I'd try Clio's out!

Original Clio Price:- 18,000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £9.78

Reasonable but is it really worth the price? Let's find out!

More thicker & more sharper

Newly reborn black
Clear vivid eye makeup with a single touch of the prescribed concentrated carbon black even a novice can create clean black line.
Eyeliner with soft, sleek sophistication  - Speedy makeup with highly elastic tip
With a flexible tip brush, the liquid is applied easily & evenly for the perfect pro eye line. It's does not stimulate the delicate eye area.
Unceasing eye line from start to finish
Complete easy & quick eye line with the smooth sliding liquid texture employing the ink tank method which draws unceasing lines from start to finish.
Intense Long Lasting Waterproof
The upgraded film formula quickly adheres to the skin & keeps your eye line clean & away from (the dreaded) 'panda eyes'.

The eyeliner has a new packaging - It's now a more modern edgy style.

Available in 2 shades  
킬블랙 - Kill Black
킬브라운 - Kill Brown

Capacity: 0.55ml
The liner has been made a even darker black with an increase in content of high-enriched prescribed carbon black. 

Ink Tank Method which creates clean kill lines!
Air Tight Method prevents direct contact with a air Smart Cap & to ensure it closes correctly, turn the cap until you hear a click~

Clio have a unique ink tank reserve method so that from start to finish of drawing a line, the same black colour is maintained~

The eyeliner has comes in a sturdy sleek box set with a little gift sample of the Clio Makeup Away Cleansing Oil~! In the UK, it's rare to find a boxed eyeliner - Normally liners are just stacked on shelves & wrapped up in plastic - I love the thought Clio put into it~!

I absolutely looove this packaging! It looks edgy & professional *0* The eyeliner & oil are nicely secured inside the box~ 

There has been a few package upgrades for this eyeliner. It used to have Lee Hyori featured on the front & then Dara -  The liner used to be called 'Lee Hyori Eyeliner' & it sold incredibly fast.

The old packaging & the new packaging reminds me of Kill Bill!! щ(゜∇゜щ) 

This eyeliner is formulated in Japan!
The eyeliner packaging is simple with a slight pearlescent edgy design to its box. The 'pen' packaging is slim & easy to grip & is ideal for traveling.

Clio put a lot of dedication into making the perfect eyeliner brush. The brush is 1cm long & is really slim & precise. The brush is velvety soft so it does not stimulate the eyes (○´∀`○)

It's flexible & has the right amount of density but it is not so easy to get a perfect winged liner as the brush can bend & drag on moist/oily lids!! 
I had some trouble getting a neat line & I managed to make it work - I'll show you further in the post.

Also the brush needs care after use because the hairs of the brush can start to lose that fine tipped shape:-
I wipe the brush very gently with a wet wipe to get it back in shape. If I don't wipe it, my eyeliner will be all spikey ㅠㅠ

Brush Care
Take care when closing otherwise you might crush the flexible brush & keep the bottom of the liner down~ 
If brush becomes stained with makeup, such as foundation & eyeshadow, it might restrict the smooth application of the liner. Here are the simple method to care for the brush.
-Basic  - Wipe off lightly with a wet tissue or cotton pad dipped in eye-makeup remover.
-Expert - Slightly rinse the brush under running lukewarm water.

With the brush applicator, you can vary how thin or thick you want your eyeliner to be. Even though the brush can go out of shape, it does create beautifully sharp lines (´ ▽ ` ) It drags out smoothly & quickly on my hand but can differ on the eyes ( Again, I will show you further in post).

The colour is gorgeous rich chocolate brown with a glossy finish - I love this colour because it's less harsh than black~! It's not too dark so its an ideal shade to enhance & define your eyes for everyday makeup. You can vary the colour to your liking! The more you apply, the more intensified the colour will be~ ( ´∀`)☆

After rubbing
The formula is really interesting! I'm so used to having to wait until my eyeliner is dry to do apply other makeup - But this one dries instantly!! As soon as I drew the swatches out, it did not smudge!!
I rubbed the swatches quite roughly (ouch) & it didn't even flake! щ(゜∇゜щ)

Very impressed Clio!

I hope you can see the water! ^-^
One of the main claims to this eyeliner is how waterproof it is! I tested that out by running the swatches under a running tap.

As you can see, the eyeliner does not bleed or flake apart after being under the water ^^ It manages to hold itself together! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ  It is waterproof! 

BUT . . do allow the eyeliner to dry afterwards; because if you rub your eyes when its still wet:-
It does that!(´・ω・`) Haha~
It's so good that the eyeliner dries so fast~! With this eyeliner you can still have pretty eyes even in the pouring rain~

1. Shake 2~3 times whilst tipping pen downwards.
2. Draw a line from middle to the end of eyelid, then front to middle.
For more accurate drawing, put your elbow top of a stable place.

Tip:- Make the end of the line sharp to complete clear eye makeup. For more precision, gently lift up the edge of your eye.
3. Using a tissue, remove any residue from foundation or eye shadow left on brush tip.

This is for beginners in eyeliner! But of course everyone has their own way of applying it(ノ*^▽^)ノ

Clio you can even use this eyeliner as a brow pen!!:-
So clever!
 Please read
As I mentioned before, I said that even though the eyeliner formula is smooth to swatch out on my hand, application differs on the eyes! Also the brush can bend & drag on moist/oily lids. I'll show you now & how I overcame this issue. 

My eyelids are not oily but I always use moisturising makeup bases such as CC Creams on my face+lids. This is what happened when I first tried the eyeliner on:-
Gosh. The formula caked & flaked up on eyelids. It looked patchy & the eyeliner brush went slow & jagged over them. 
Concealer/CC Cream clumped up the brush & restricted the smooth flow of colour/ink on my eyes. I had to wipe it clean constantly! щ(ಥДಥщ) The overall finished look was messy, felt rough to touch & was not as precise as I would liked. Not very pretty right?

How to fix this problem!
I recommend to apply a powder/or primer on your lids to absorb excess oils & moisture!

I pressed a tiny bit of my Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact over my lids & then tried the eyeliner out again:-
After using a powder, I was able to draw a more smoother/sharper cat eyeliner. The eyeliner brush glided very smoothly like it did on my hands~

The results were a much more better! It's not so patchy & looks a bit more precise~ I finally have use of my Innisfree pact now ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

This is two coats of eyeliner on my lids & the colour finish is glossy, beautiful & dramatic & but not as harsh as black eyeliner~ I can pull this winged eye makeup off as a everyday look~

Application once I applied powder; is very gentle, quick & easy~ With practice, I manage to get neat sharp lines nearly every time now!

Because the brush is so precise & slim, I can draw very close to my lash line & even reach the spots between the lashes!!

The eyeliner dried very fast & stayed put like a tattoo liner so I could get straight on to applying other products without disturbing it! 

This is how I wear my eyeliner recently~
I draw very subtle cat eyeliner on the ends of my eyes. I do not line all the way & this has become one of my faaaavourite eye makeup! The brown colour looks very soft & kind of gives the effect of long eyelashes ( ´∀`)☆ This look is very soft & is ideal for everyday!

Another look:-
I wore this eyeliner in my favourite droopy-puppy eye look~ The brown colour can blend really well with my usual brown eyeshadow!:-
 It looks as though I only applied eyeshadow & mascara (○´∀`○)

My eyes are not very sensitive but if I'm outside on a very windy day, the corner of my eyes can start to water right where my eyeliner is <丶´Д`> I don't touch the area because I know I'd ruin it so I just let leave it to dry . . . but by the end of the day, I have no eyeliner left! I just have little black flakes where it used to be because the eyeliner was not waterproof - cry...
But all is not lost! This Clio eyeliner is the best eyeliner I've ever had for its durability! I wore the eyeliner to test it!

I applied the eyeliner at 7am & caught the 8am bus. It was breezy day but on the bus it was like a being blasted by a massive fan щ(ಥ□ಥщ) All the windows were open so the breeze really rushed in.
My eyes did water a little bit & I did not touch my eyes. When I got off the bus, I checked my eyes & the eyeliner was perfect - It held up super well~!

I finished college at 4.30pm - I did no touch ups to the eyeliner & when I got home & looked in the mirror. The eyeliner was still in good condition albeit looked little bit dry & mattified due to my eyeshadow ^^;;

This eyeliner is extremely well lasting~! 9hrs+

클리오 메이크업 어웨이 클렌징 오일 Clio Makeup Away Cleansing Oil 20ml

Brief info -Powerful one step cleansing oil which cleanses even waterproof makeup perfectly. Black complex helps leave skin feeling moist & not dry after cleansing. It's gentle non-paraben formula cleanses sensitive skin without irritation.
~ ~ ~
Clio included a sweet gift sample of the Makeup Away Cleansing Oil! I've tried it on my eyes with the eyeliner on & I'd say its a pretty average cleansing oil.
It's not a thick oil - It's really watery & light & does a decent job of cleansing away the Kill eyeliner & waterproof mascara. I needed to wipe over my eyes a few times to remove all traces of makeup. 

It's gentle on the eyes & does not leave my eyes feeling sore & dry & plus, it smells nice ^▽^  
I understand you can buy a 200ml bottle of this but personally I prefer my Garnier 2in1 Eye/Face makeup remover (which I really recommend).

This eyeliner can be cleansed with pretty much any makeup remover~ Water, oil, cream, wipes etc.

Wearing the eyeliner.
This eyeliner has become one of my favourite products to use. I was in a bit of a love-hate relationship with it at the start but now I've grown to love it & I hope it does not run out any time soon! - otherwise I have the excuse to buy more cosmetics haha (my poor purse ^^;;).

I love how easy it is to use & because I kept practicing, I can draw more precise lines~! The colour is so soft & beautiful & I now prefer brown than black for my makeup!

The formula was frustrating at first because it kept caking up on my eyes after applying moist base makeup but I sorted that problem out with powder! I love the formula now! It dries so fast & really stays in place for such a long time!

I find pen eyeliners so much easier to use than gel/liquid dip liners & I'm definitely going to try out more!

This eyeliner really is worth the price!

Reasonable price
Edgy professional packaging + sample gift of cleansing oil
Slim easy to grip pen packaging
The brush is soft, slim & precise to make clear sharp lines.
Applies smoothly on eyes but I recommend to prime/set eyes with powder for even smoother application*
Can even use as a brow pen
Beautiful rich brown colour for everyday makeup
Finish is smooth & glossy
Fast drying. Smudge proof. Waterproof.
Very Long-lasting 9hrs+
Cleansing oil works well to remove makeup.

*Brush can bend & drag on moist/oily lids. Formula cakes too. Again set eyes with powder~
Brush hair can go out of shape so it will need to be wiped back into shape
Brush can easily be dirtied from eyeshadow/foundation so it needs a wipe to help ink run again.

Would I repurchase?
Yes I would but I'm going to experiment different pen liners too. I really recommend this eyeliner~!

Find this eyeliner HERE

Thank you reading this review everyone! I hope you enjoyed it!

I know it's been awhile since I did a review but I was doing my Beauty Therapy Exams & my Level 3 Entry Exam - I passed them all! I'm so happy & proud of myself- I got 92% on my entry exam even though I thought I failed it ( ;´Д`)
As you know I'm studying Level 2 Beauty but it's only about three weeks until I finish - It's gone sooo quick. I'm kind of panicking though because I've got about six more treatments to do & then I'm finished. I reeeeally hope I complete them & get into Level 3.

I hope you all pass your exams & achieve your future goals for the new term everyone! Try not to pressure yourselves & have a break & a treat between your studies! 화이팅~!

Have a sweet day!
Lots of Love~


  1. I also have this eyeliner (in black) and I LOVE it! My oily eyelids are terrible, however this eyeliner manages to stay on all day~

  2. I've missed your blog posts ;-;/ but the eyeliner looks really good, might buy it but I'm kinda broke right now XD you look as pretty as ever too~^///^

  3. Ihad this eyeliner, but in black and was awesome. Had the same problem too if didn't used primer before. But despite that, It's really good and can't find any other that could be that good like the Clio one.
    And the cleansing oil it's really nice too! it's smells soooo good!.


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