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Sunday, 3 August 2014

에프엑스 크리스탈 Red Light 메이크업 f(x) Krystal Red Light Makeup~❤


The Red Light album has been one of my most played albums on my iTunes last month! I really love the Red Light MV - its sooo freaking amazing & different yet still has that f(x) feel to it!

I adore the half makeup style concept & Krystal's look is really beautiful & since I recently bleached my hair blonde (I'm dyeing it purple-red) I'd reckon I'd make the most out of my blonde hair for a Krystal inspired makeup tutorial! (´ω`) It's also because Krystal is my bias in f(x) *fangirls*

It's my first KPOP tutorial on my blog & is definitely different compared to my ulzzangy tutorials.

Let's gooo!~


Insert a circle lens on the eye that is going to be natural makeup. Krystal has no circle lens for the dark-dramatic makeup.
I did not have subtle blue/grey lenses so I just used my I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue lens~
Step 1
Start off with a clean face & apply moisturiser. I also spritzed on a facial mist for extra hydration & to prep my skin for makeup. The mist I used is almost like a primer for my skin & you can apply primer for a smoother base preparation.

Products used:- Garnier Moisture Match Ultra-hydrating Rich Cream & Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Mist in Canola Honey.

Step 2
I then applied a light-sheer coverage foundation that has a slight dewy finish for a naturally bright & glowy base

Products used:- Innisfree Water Glow Cushion in 13 Light Beige

I also applied concealer to any blemishes I have. I lightly tapped the concealer on the problem area to increase the adhesion of the product for a natural coverage.

I also applied concealer to my dark eye circles & blended it with my ring finger.

Products used:- Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in Light Beige
You can set the base with powder if you like but I only put a tiny bit of powder on my blemish & eyes to set the concealer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Step 3
I applied a light brown brow mascara to match my hair. 
If you are to fill or draw your brows in, try to make them slightly straight as Krystal's brows are straight & slanted.
Products used:- Etude House Colour my Brows in Light Brown

Step 4
Apply lip balm to your lips to hydrate & prep them for makeup later on. I just used my Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter.

I'm only showing the tutorial for the main dark eye makeup~ My other eye makeup is very simple so I'll do a brief description on it later ( ´∀`)☆
I did not make my eyeshadow as dark as Krystal's because of my deep set eyes - Dark smokey eyes makes my eyes smaller ㅠㅠ So this is my take on the look! 

Step 1
 Prime lids with primer before hand!
Apply a light cream coloured eyeshadow over upper lids as a base~

 Apply a grey shadow lightly along lash line & apply more if you want a stronger colour.

Apply black eyeshadow starting from the outer corners of the eye in a wing. I softly apply the black over the grey eyeshadow & over the lid & crease for a slight gradation.

Apply the black eyeshadow softly on outer half of lower lash frame eyes. (shown in photo below)
Products used:- MUA Makeup Academy Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

Step 2

Use liquid or gel liner & draw a thin line over your upper lash line & draw out in a sharp wing.

Products used:- Etude House Oh~ M'Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner in No.1 Black

Line your waterline with black eye pencil~ 

Products used:- Etude House Styling Eyeliner in Black

Lightly dust a little bit of black eyeshadow along the rest of your lower lid. I actually forgot to do this thats why the photo came in later! щ(ಥДಥщ)

Apply a concealer along edge of makeup to tidy up the eye for clearer makeup. I blend out with a edge of a clean sponge.

Step 3
Curl your eyelashes. I really recommend curling your lashes because it makes the eye look more open with dark makeup!
My pairs of falsies are far too dolly & sweet for this look so I just opted with plenty of mascara. I do recommend false eyelashes to really complete the half makeup look!

I apply the mascara close to the roots & rolling the brush slowly upwards & then I ziz-zag to avoid too much clumping.

Products used:- Tony Moly Delight Circle Lens Mascara in No.1 Volume Circle

I avoided applying mascara on my lower lashes as I wanted to keep a clear focus on the spikey lower false lashes. 

Krystal has three large spikey lower lash pieces on her dark eye so I used separate lower lashes &  applied them as close to my lash line as possible. I later applied black liquid liner over the glue when the glue dried. 
Products used:- Dolly Wink in No.7 Vivid Pop

Eyes are done!

Krystal's lips are gorgeous black cherry colour which looks quite matte. I do not own a colour like that (simply because it does not suit me & my lips are quite full) but I made it! 
So if you do not own a black cherry lip product, try my way!
Step 1
I tapped a red lipstick very lightly on my lips & then drew black liner on my lips. I blended out the liner & then tap more red lipstick on my lips - & repeat!
 I repeat until a get my desired colour!
I then applied a clear gloss despite Krystal's lips are matte because the eyeliner dries my lips up a little bit~
I think a glossy lip really completes the look on my face.

Products used:- Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick in No.4Watery Cherry Red. L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Ultra Black. Laval Clear Gloss

f(x) Red Light look is complete!!

 Ay- Ay- It’s a Red Light, Light 이건 실제상황 뭐가 잘못된 건지도 몰라
Ay- Ay- It’s a Red Light, Light 경고하는 누군가 목소리를 잘 들어 Red Light

잠시만 숨을 쉬어봐 Eh- Oh-Eh-Oh 이건 전쟁이 아니야
 I kept my other eyes veeeery simple with a little bit of brown-bronze gel liner in a small wing, one coat of mascara & all finishing with shimmery shadow on my inner lash line.

Of course I used chains in my hair & a few crosses but they didn't show in the photos that well щ(ಥДಥщ) I had the camera zoomed in! - ah well~ 
 I'm so happy my dark makeup came out okay! - Sometimes I look like a raccoon ;^;

I think the makeup look of f(x) is gorgeous with its half-concept! Though its only great for photos because really. . . 
 I can't go outside like this! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ  Herp-a-Derp!

The makeup is quite a change:-
 The first photo I took a couple hours before I did this tutorial! Same day!

 My favourite shot! The flame was not that close to my face ^^ It's actually close to the lens & zoomed in to focus on my face (○´∀`○) I was careful!

I had a lot of fun creating this f(x) inspired look! I've had the album playing while I doing the makeup & typing it now!
I understand that some of you wanted a different style tutorial so I hope for my first KPOP tutorial, it was a good one! (ノ*^▽^)ノ Feel free to comment your thoughts on my take of the look!

I love you all & enjoy the rest of weekend!!  (。・ω・。)ノ


  1. Oh my god!
    You look awesome!
    You have something that I prefer you :3
    Krystal looks Ok. but you look gorgeus (/*-*)/
    Thanks for the tutorial~ ♥

  2. I love the makeup, you look so great *-* the makeup it's so perfect in You <3

  3. Gorgeous! I think you could have gone a little darker on the lips but oh well. You look great! Too bad you can't really wear that make up outside!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  4. Wow, amazing! *___* You're too pretty, I'm jealous haha! :,D

  5. I like this tutorial-look. I think before this experiment you look more cute and the other eye-make-up made you a bit older and more sexy ^-^ I like your real blue Eyecolor.

  6. you look amazing :_________________________

  7. kyaa i love this song too! im sooo trying out this tut, <3

  8. you look great, good job :-). I would like to try this look.

  9. You have gotten better at makeup after beauty school

  10. You look lovely even without those lens..Don't wear it. It will hurt your eyes. I love the color of your eye.
    I think you are more beautiful than Crystal

  11. I love the color of your eyes and it looks lovelier without those lens.
    I think you are more beautiful than Crystal.


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