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Sunday, 10 August 2014

미샤 크리미 라떼 딸기 클렌징 폼 Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam + Brief Missha Bubble Maker Review~❤

Hihi everyone!~ Today I have a review on the Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam as well as a brief review on the Missha Bubble Maker! 

I've never really tried out Korean cleansers since I usually use Western ones on account of them being easy to get hold of (like right down the road) & they do their job well but I wanted to try out some different ones & of course that meant logging on to Cosmetic.Love XD (´・ω・`) ;;

I chose this Missha one on the whim because its cheap & cheerful so I wouldn't be too disappointed if I wasted money & also because it has a few good reviews as they apparently make the skin feel veeery clean~

Let's gooo!~

Original Missha Price:- 3,500원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £5.22

I pay roughly around 3-4 pounds for a cleanser from Superdrugs/Boots so £5.00 is quite alright in my opinion & you get quite a lot of product for your moneys worth (。´□`。)ノ

''Enjoy a cup of creamy latte through your skin''

01 Features
1. Cleansing foam that contains Strawberry latte that provides vitality and nutrition while tired, dull skin.
2. The Strawberry latte provides abundant nutrition and brightens the skin.
3. Soft, smooth lather like a cup of sweet strawberry latte that covers the skin gently & keeps skin moist even after wash off.

02 Main Ingredients
Sweet strawberry meets creamy latte!
Contains 516ml of Strawberry Latte

-Strawberry contains Vitamin C which brightens & vitalises the skin.
- Minerals, protein and lactose to supply nutrition to your skin.

Available in three types:
1호 초코라떼 Chocolate Latte (Provides abundant nutrition which prevents skin aging & loss of vitality - Dry skin type )
2호 딸기라떼  Strawberry Latte (Provides abundant nutrition & brightens dull, tired skin - Normal skin type)
3호 녹차라떼 Green Tea Latte (Provides abundant nutrition & controls the excessive secretion of sebum & oil to refresh skin - Oily skin type)

Capacity: 172ml

I chose Strawberry because my skin can look pretty dull sometimes & feel tired after a long day.
Strawberry despite being for normal type still delivers moisture to the skin & I think its ideal for summer! That's another reason why I chose strawberry (also the fact I love berry products)
I'm not looking for any wonder products but just ones that can give my skin a pick-me-up while removing traces of makeup/oil/dust from that day.

It originally came wrapped in clear plastic.
The packaging comes in sturdy plastic tube that is simple yet reaaaaally pretty~ It's elegant/princessy with the golden & grey intricate designs & sweet latte teacup against the matte white of the tube. It looks really lovely placed in front of all those same-old design cleansers I have upstairs in the bathroom!

The tube is surprisingly quite big! I thought it would be quite small & I'm glad its not. It measures at 17cm tall & is not bulky or heavy but slender & light - I can wrap my hands around it & it can easily fit in my travel bag if I go away from home. 

 I love the logo Missha has on this product (´ω`) It looks vintage-gothic~
There is no English language on the back of this product. Some of the hangul I've already put up above in the claims~
The tube has is a squeezy-tube & the product only comes out of a lid rather than a pump. Truth to say, I'd prefer a pump as I find its more hygienic but a squeeze-lid is probably better to control the amount of foam you want~

The lid is also veeery easy to open - Too easy! It does not even 'click' when shutting (=ω=;) I just worry one day it might come out by accident in my bag so I like to wrap it in a handkerchief just in case.
Originally, there is a foil plastic film to peel back inside the lid for hygiene purposes~ Just screw off the lid, peel off the film & screw back on~ (。’▽’。)

The foam easily comes out of the lid though I think I'm just lucky! Some squeeze tubes are unpredictable because air may be inside the tube so when you squeeze it, foam may come literally popping out. Not the case with this tube ( ´∀`)☆ But that's just me being a fussy pot. 

The foam is a sweet pastel pink with a frosty-shimmery sheen to it. It reminds me of icing you get in those easy-make character cupcake kit (I loved the Barbie ones when I was little (´ω`)
Though embarrassingly enough, it reminds me of a lighter colour of the filling in Cadbury Roses - The Strawberry one! (○´∀`○)

The foam is lightweight & has a almost mousse-like texture that is a tiny bit liquid like & not too dense. Of course its not liquid enough to run, but liquid enough to spread effortlessly & feel hydrating
It is dense enough to hold its shape:-
The foam spreads out effortlessly & it feels really hydrating/cooling to do so (。・ω・。)ノ It's quite pleasant to apply to the skin for its cooling effect though normally I would create a foam before applying, rather than dotting the foam on my face before hand.

With added water, it still has a foamy consistency & really applies & blends well on the face with a good amount of bubbles for when you cleanse with your hands.
 It also rinses off very quickly!

It smells like strawberries~ (○´∀`○) It's a lovely faint berry smell that is not overpowering &  only lingers for a while on the skin with no irritation. It reminds me of the UK childhood-sweet Chewits!~

Squeeze some of the contents on your hand & rub it to create some foam. Gently apply the foam on your face, & cleanse with warm water.
In order to test the performance of this cleanser, I swatched some products I would normally wear~ Each of which is either hard or easy to remove:-

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips - The creamy finish easy to remove but leaves tint to lips
Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint - Leaves tint that can be hard to remove
Tony Moly Delight Circle Lens Mascara - Easy to remove but can leave flakes
The Face Shop Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner - Can be hard to cleanse 
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit - Can leave traces on skin (may require second cleanse)
Etude House Water Colour Blusher - Can leave traces
Love Alpha Rose Blusher - Requires second cleanse

I dispense a small amount of the foam~ I find a small amount goes a long way.

I mixed the foam with a little bit of water while blending & it just felt really cooling to blend with!
Spreading the foam without water needs a little bit of work to evenly cleanse the skin & it can feel uncomfortable with just foam. With water it makes the foam milky & silky to spread on the skin & helps to evenly cleanse. 
I like to massage the foam+water on my skin for about 15-30 seconds depending on how much makeup I have on.  

I then rinsed off the foam in warm water though I did not dry my arm, to show you the after effects.
It really cleansed off the majority of the makeup on my arm!
The Etude House Rosy Tint Lips & Nature Republic tint still left a stain & the same for the The Face Shop Gel Liner. The Tony Moly mascara left a few benign flakes - It's pretty good for the cleanser!

Ideally I use a makeup remover before hand to remove my makeup before I cleanse but still it cleanses pretty well!!

Using your hands to cleanse with this foam does work & leaves the skin feeling & looking soft & clean. 
But using a bubble maker/net to create a bigger, more denser foam is very ideal for your skin for a extra clean feeling as well as avoiding too much contact (pulling/tugging) which can stress out our skin & cause irritation/redness.

I purchased the Missha Bubble Maker to make a reeeeaaally bubbly foam to my skin!

Original Missha Price:- 2,500원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £3.59


A hit product from Japan! Finally at your grasp!

01 Features
1. Rubbing the facial skin directly with hands when cleansing may cause skin troubles.
2. Missha Bubble Maker creates very fine foam to cleanse your skin without any irritation.
3. Regardless of what type of cleanser you are using (gel, foam, soap, powder), Missha Bubble maker creates soft & fine foam to cleanse your skin beautifully.
*After repeated use, the sponge inside the net changes its colour; it means it is a good time to replace*

02 Directions
1. Lightly soak Missha Bubble Maker & put ring on your finger.
2. Apply some of your cleansing products on the bubble maker.
3. Create foam by rubbing the bubble maker.
4. Gently cleanse your skin with the created foam.

03 Caution
-Do not rub the bubble maker directly on your skin.
-Do not pull with excessive force.
-Missha Bubble Maker uses specialised mesh; do not use it for anything others than its intended purpose.

Just a brief go over~ The net originally came in the packaging you see the in the claims photo.
It's reeeeeeally cute & sweet & the mesh is very soft & fluffy with little yellow & pink sponges inside to increase the foam
If I saw it in a shop, I'd probably just buy it for the cuteness of it but I bought it because I wanted to use it for skincare purposes & so I would stop ruining my body puffs. You know the really fluffy puffs you use to wash your body with?

I used to ruin new body-puffs by using them as a bubble maker (but it worked! ゜∇゜)  But the puff went out of shape & it became difficult to wash with LOL I actually have to go buy a new body puff tomorrow ㅠㅠ
Anyway, you could probably use a body puff or make a bubble maker if you feel its quite a frivolous to buy a bubble maker itself~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

Although directions are already shown in the claims, I did a photo step so I could show you the foam after using the bubble maker.

First I lightly soak the mesh all in warm water making sure the sponges inside are wet. I put the ring of the maker on my finger so its easier to hold.
I then dispense a small amount of the Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam - About a two pence piece size, which is enough to cover my face/neck.
Here's where the fun starts (ノ*^▽^)ノ
Gently create a light friction with your hands while squeezing the little sponges occasionally . . . I feel like I'm typing a rated fanfiction. . . щ(ಥДಥщ) 
 The friction will create a dense & très fluffy foam~
 Now gently drag out the foam. Do not pull too hard~ 

The Bubble Maker create a lot of fluffy yet dense foam! Of course, its not Shiseido whip or Bioré whip foam but its the closest you can get with any type of cleanser!

You are now ready to cleanse your skin! 
I apply the foam to my face & only massage the foam in - I never touch the skin to avoid irritation/skin problems.

I haven't any photos of my skin before & after as I'm not feel that well <丶´Д`> But here is my experience in words~

Normally I would use a makeup removing cream then I would use a facial bar soap then the Missha foam afterwards. 
I always do the double cleanse as the first cleanse removes traces of makeup remover/makeup & the second cleanse really cleans & purifies my skin of any oil/dirt/dust I picked up from the day.
It's very beneficial to cleanse the skin twice - We even do it in my facial classes in college. 

But instead of my usual routine, I cleanse off my makeup via the foam + with assistance of the bubble maker instead. I massage the bubbles of the foam on my skin for about 15-30 seconds. Even using the bubbles feels cooling & refreshing to use!
My makeup from today (CC Cream, powder blusher, eyebrow mascara & liptint) was cleansed off pretty well in the first cleanse. Only a little bit of stain from my tint was left on my lips. 
The CC Cream I wore (Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream) can normally prove hard to remove. It doesn't even come off on a makeup wipe but with using the foam, I felt it really came off as my horrid dark circles looked extra dark after the first cleanse LOL

Second cleanse managed to remove the stain from my lips & left my skin looking brighter, feeling baby soft & I think my skin feels a lot firmer after use <`∀´> My skin feels super squeaky-clean but not to the point my skin feels stripped of moisture. 
My skin feel hydrated after using it but I still recommend to apply moisturiser to restore skin balances & make the skin supple.

I feel my toner & moisturiser can really be absorbed better with this cleanser.
The foam I created via the bubble maker really helps to avoid skin irritation & leaves my face feeling deeply cleansed better than with my fingers. ^▽^

I've only been using this cleanser for two weeks but already there has been changes in my skin, My skin has had minimal to no breakouts, my dry/flakey areas are gone & my complexion is much brighter & rosey!

Very quick to rinse off, no irritation or tight-skin feeling after use, does its job & cheap! = Worth it.
( ´∀`)ノ*+*ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Beautiful packaging
Travel friendly to some extent
Plenty of product 172ml - what a precise number (´∀`)
Smells sooooo delicious
Lovely baby pink foam with gentle texture
Refreshing & soothes tired skin
Cleanses the skin very well/effectively
Skin looks & feels clean, soft, firm & hydrated after use
Brightens tired complexion
My skin care products are absorbed quickly
No irritation, tightness
Rinses off easily  

Lid is not very sturdy
Best to remove any very waterproof makeup before use such as strong gel eyeliner 

Missha Bubble Maker
Absolutely cute
Effective in making a lot of fluffy foam with any cleanser
Damn fun to have & better than a body puff!

Delicate, take care of it & remember to throw it away once the sponges discolour.

I think I may well do, it works well & just does its job. I will try other cleansers from Korea but its nice to have such a cheap product that is a sweetheart to my skin~ 
& for the Bubble Maker, maybe too! I love cute things but that's just me expressing my love for things can could be frivolous for some *guilt* 。ㅠㅠ。

Hope you all enjoyed this skincare review~ I'm really sorry for not having the before-after of my face. My throat is sore when I swallow/drink so I think I've a summer cold coming (=ω=;) Goddamn it.
Here are some photos from these past fews days!!

 I went from blondie to. . .
I've taken photos for a circle lens & mascara review ^^

 & my brother turned 21!! Definiately doesn't look it right? He got the good genes & I'm only 17ㅠㅠ

Happy Birthday to Lewis - We are celebrating it tomorrow so I have to get up early to find food with my family & beer (by the birthday boys request) Orange juice for me please! XD

Have a gorgeous day everyone & I love you all~!


  1. Oh my, you're so cute with pink hair! ^^

  2. Your reviews are always so detailed, Kirsten! I really apprechiate the effort you put into them, it really gives a great insight as to how the product works. The bubble maker looks like it's a lot of fun! It produces such a large amount of foam! I really like your new, pink haircolor. Let's see if it really washes out to pastel pink like you want it to. :)
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I really love it ! You're so pretty :'3
    I have the cleansing foam, but in chocolate flavour ! The smell is so good !

  4. The name of the cleansing foam is so cute *u* Nice review, I think I'll put in on my list to consider when I'm looking to get a new cleanser.


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