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Friday, 25 July 2014

이니스프리 워터 글로우 쿠션 - 13호 라이트 베이지 Innisfree Water Glow Cushion - 13 Light Beige Review~❤

Heeeello everyone, how is your Summer going? ( ´∀`)☆ This post is going to be a LONG one!

Have you noticed that I always use BB Creams & CC Creams for my base makeup?  Foundations have always been my makeup-no-no-just-no go.

But I decided to come out of my comfort zone & try out more foundations to find a perfect one that fits my needs (or demands ^^;;) :-

Light formula - I dislike heavy formula & too heavy coverage. I makes my skin feel too clogged up!
Fits my skin tone - Important for everyone! For me foundations can be too dark for my skin.
Moisturising - My skin is dry so matte foundations are a no-go
Dewy/glowy finish - I love the dewy look rather than the matte. It looks so fresh & also caters to my dry skin
Good Adhesion - I want long-lasting & the foundation to really adhere to my face to avoid it coming off on my fingers or clothing щ(ಥДಥщ)
SPF - Very important even in our horrible constantly-changing-its-mind British weather.
Seriously, we had 28 degree weather today & gosh, it was horrible taking these review photos (so they are pretty terrible - forgive me)

Yes hehe I'm very picky about my foundation but I'm sure most of us are too! ٩(ˊᵕˋ* )و

I chose this Innisfree Water Glow Cushion because the claims appear to fit my needs. I also chose it because I'm beginning to love the clever cushion trend for really flawless makeup. It's affordable & Yoona is on the claims *0* - Everything is better with Yoong-ie on it (○´∀`○) hnng~

Original Innisfree Price:- 20,000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £13.93

Very reasonable & for me, worth it now that I've tried the foundation.

A water-glow cushion formulated to moisture the skin & give it a dewy & luminous glow

1. Jeju Natural Green Tea Solution for fresh, moist effect
Keeps skin moisturised, healthy & refreshed for a long time with 100% moisture-rich Jeju squeezed fresh green tea solution instead of water.
It fills your skin with moisture at the moment you apply it.

2. Water-Glow Complex for healthy skin
Water-Glow Complex coats the skin with moisture to leave skin looking healthy & glowing

3. Soothing cooling effect
Soothes skin that's become tired with immediate cooling effect.

4. Healthy skin by blocking Ultraviolet
It protects your skin from hot sunlight with strong UV blocking function SPF50+ PA+++

This cushion is one of the two Cushions for the Innisfree Summer Cushion 2014~
There is also the Long Wear Cushion & together with the Water Glow; they are both different:

Silky, Smooth ''Long Wear Cushion'
- Prefer smooth soft finish with no stickiness
- Important to make sustainability (long-lasting sweat/sebum proof)
- Recommended for combination to oily skin type

Dewy, moistfull ''Water Glow Cushion'
-Prefer moistfull skin
-Moisturising with a healthy & hydrating glowy finish
-Recommended for dry skin type

Available in three different shades
13호 라이트 베이지 Light Beige
21호 내추럴 베이지 Natural Beige
23호 트루 베이지 True Beige

Capacity 15g

I chose shade 13 as I'm a light beige in BB Creams~

The packaging is made from recycled paper & printed with soy ink & has a simple yet pretty (olive?) floral design! I find the Innisfree packaging really beautiful despite how simple it is!

Korean & English side~
. . .

Here is the gorgeous pact!It really is pretty with its sleek white casing with simple brown & blue text (ノ*^▽^)ノ Definitely makes a lovely addition with my other makeup~

The case is make of sturdy, thick white plastic & measures of 7.4cm big & 2 ½cm thick. It's not too bulky or too fragile so I think very ideal for traveling! 

Manufacturing date, weight & shade of foundation

The case opens up very easily - No nails damaged! - Just press the button & it gently opens.
When shut, it securely stays shut so no worries of it opening in your bag~

In this beautiful pact you get both the foundation, the puff applicator, a mirror & the case itself!
Again very convenient for traveling! No need for a brush, sponge or mirror for doing your base makeup! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ 

Lift up the separator lid (which protects puff from being dirty by the foundation) & there is a seal to be removed.
Upon peeling the film off. . .
Waaaaaah~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


The cushion is fully soaked in the foundation~
Do not be fooled by the cushion colour because it looks darker on the cushion than on skin~

No flash

Outdoors - Flash
  Outdoors - No Flash
I love the cushion trend because all you have to do it press gently to dispense the appropriate amount of base~

You can also buy refills for when your cushion runs out~ Though I really have no idea how to push out the refill. . . (´・ω・`)

The puff is royal blue colour that is specially made with a dual structure that minimises absorption of the foundation ( ´∀`)☆
Unlike a normal sponge, there is no 'pores' in which foundation could penetrate through so you get your makeup base done without wasting the product!
The puff is supple yet firm & is really soft & smooth on the face~

These can be washed though I only recommend you wash one or two times then repurchase another one for hygiene reasons.
A new puff will come with new refills & you can buy the puff just on its own for super cheap! 

Absorption Test
Tap, Tap~

Very easy to control the amount of foundation you want by different pressure on the cushion.
See how it is not absorbed in the cushion~
 Easily transferred to hand with plenty of foundation left over to cover other parts of the skin.

The little bubbles are from the fine 'pores' of the cushion (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I got the foundation in shade 13 Light Beige & it really does swatch as a milky light beige.
The texture is a slightly watery & creamy. It feels quite moistfull to touch but does not feel oily at all!

I quickly noticed how sheer the foundation was! - This gives a clue on how light/heavy it could feel on our face.
It blends out smoothly almost similar to SKIN79 BB Cream & does not tug the skin. I feel it does need a bit of patience even with the puff to blend well as it can get sliiiiighty cakey - But its very benign (○´∀`○)  When I swatched it out, I felt a pleasant cooling sensation on my hands~ 

When blended out & set (I tapped the product) the foundation definitely brightens up that area of my hand, giving it a healthy lovely glow~!
It feels moisturising even when set with only a tiny bit of stickiness that is only barely noticeable  - This is a moisture foundation afterall~ ^-^

 Close up of the natural dewy finish

Blending with puff

I blended with swatch out with the puff by tapping the puff lightly on the surface of the skin.
The photo above shows the foundation half blended. It looks cakey but the more you tap with the puff, the more settled the foundation looks~
Thats why I said it may take patience to blend in~

Blended with the puff - I recommend to allow the foundation to settle before applying, say a powder blusher to avoid powders clumping on the moisture surface.
I love the healthy glow finish & how it smooths out my skin.

Before & after~ It naturally brightens up my hand but still keeps quite a natural finish to suit my skin.

 Outdoors the dewy glow can be seen more properly~ Perfect for a refreshed summer look!

Only 4 of the 9 squares of blotting paper remained - This means the moisturising foundation is not too sticky but very benign & barely noticeable.
Over a few hours I find the dewy-glow does increase. My skin does not feel 'congested' like oil but the dewy glow is preferred to different people, some people may find it looking greasy rather than dewy <`∀´>

The foundation is good at covering pores but it has a tad trouble covering more noticeable things such as spots.
I find on my insect bite (Damn you Summer) that it really only minimises the redness. I recommend a concealer for extra coverage.

 As soon as I lifted the separate lid, I was caught by quite a strong scent of rosemary.
It's quite a shock as I've never smelled any face product with a herbal scent apart from a floral scent. 
It took a while to get used to but now I find it kind of pleasant (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Use puff to evenly smooth over face in the stage of foundation & gently pat to finish.
Reapply by gently patting wherever desired.

Here is my bare face apart from a light moisturiser~ I'm sorry for the towel, I only just got out of the shower ㅠㅠ
I have panda eyes that look tragic in real life! Redness on my nose & a rather ghostly skintone.

I apply the foundation by tapping the foundation on with the puff in even, quick tap motions.

To reach difficult places such as nose & eyes, I gently curved the puff to reach those areas.

One coat foundation
With one coat of foundation, my skin looks naturally brighter & healthier~ My dark circles are minimised while the redness on my nose looker more subtle. 
The dewiness is quite subtle depending in the lighting I'm in. I would like more a moistfull glow like a CC Cream but that is easily sorted by using my Nymph Aura Stick by Etude House.

Upon applying the product, I loved the immediate cooling sensation the foundation gave me! I actually walked in a circle really fast to feel the breeze against my cooling skin ㅠㅠ;;
I do feel the immediate moisture that product claims to do as I was blending the product~ My skin feels hydrated after application (ノ*^▽^)ノ

The colour finish is natural & healthy looking, but I do find it sometimes has a white cast that is probably due to the high spf.
    Before + After
My pores are smoother & barely noticeable while my skintone is more peachy & healthier~
This is only one coat of foundation simply because I find two coats is quite cakey even on dry skin.

Here you can see the slight dewy effect the foundation gives~ (´・ω・`)

Outdoors - No flash
Outdoors - Flash
Sunlight - Flash
Sorry for the rather unflattering photo but here the dewiness is more visible outdoors~
When I touch my fingers to my face, no foundation or shine transers off & it only feels moisturised with barely any stickiness or oily. 
It feels like a veeeery light moisturiser cream (´∀`)

Just cream blusher with the cushion
I'd say this foundation is veeeery long lasting! I wore it 28 degree weather for about 7-8 hours.
The photo above shows one coat of foundation with only a cream blusher after these hours~

The differences I see is an increase amount of dewy glow though it does not feel oily. My dark circle still look better than with no makeup & a little bit of creasing under my eyes (though its not shown in the photo) I find the redness of my nose still looks covered too!!
It still looks quite fresh & I did no touch ups between these hours nor did I use a face mist - I wanted a really honest photo! (。・ω・。)ノ
I even ate one of my Dad's amazing roast dinners & the steam from the food or heat of the summer did not melt my foundation off!! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ I still felt hydrated & my skin felt soothed & primed! 

Love Love!!

This is foundation is my favourite find!! (○´∀`○) I'm very happy that my first Korean foundation turns out to be good~!
It makes my skin looks naturally brighter, naturally dewy & healthier while correcting my imperfections very well Despite it does not cover spots very well, it does smooth out pores for a flawless complexion like using a primer. 
The colour finish is natural & matches well with only a slight white cast due to the high SPF50.

My skin feels very hydrated & fresh as soon as I applied the foundation & the moistfull feeling lasts all day long without my skin feeling 'congested'/not being able to breathe. - Barely any stickiness!
It's a long-lasting foundation even in hot weather though it does crease a tiiiiny bit under the eyes but that can easily be solved. 
It does not become too oily though the dewy glow does increase over the hours & some people may not like that.

Application with the puff takes patience & I find only one coat is enough for my skin because despite the foundation being light & sheer; it does turn cakey if not applied carefully or if you have two coats +.
I'm sure with more practice of the puff, you'll be able to work out how much foundation you need to suit your skin~

The pact is very convenient with both the foundation, the puff applicator, a mirror & the case& is just a lovely product to have!

Overall, I really like this foundation & I think I'll be wearing it quite a lot this summer! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
I met my foundation needs:-
Light formula - Yes! with one coat of foundation its perfect & lightweight. My skin can breathe!
Fits my skin tone - Yes! It only sliiiighty has a white cast but overall is good
Moisturising - My skin feels nicely hydrated!
Dewy/glowy finish - It has a subtle naturally dewy glow though I prefer more of a moistfull look, I still love it.
Good adhesion - It does last long & does not transfer on my hands or clothes!
SPF - SPF50+ PA+++ The best sun protection my skin needs in this weather.

Wearing the foundation~
Reasonable price
Refills are available to review
Beautiful packaging
Travel friendly & very convenient 

SPF50+ PA+++
Light creamy formula that applies smoothly with one coat
Hydrates the skin for hours (Not sticky/oily either)
Subtle dewy finish
Brightens & corrects for a healthy skin finish
Primes the face for smooth canvas with little creasing 

Long-Lasting & water-proof/sweat-proof (Does not melt off)

Scent takes getting used too

Little coverage 
I prefer a more moistfull glow
Can be cakey with two coats & puff application takes patience
Dewy glow increases & some people may not like that 
Slight white cast 
Little product in pact

I love this foundation though as I said, I'm going to try out more foundations! ^▽^

Buy your own Innisfree Water Glow Cushion!
Cosmetic.Love HERE
Innisfree HERE

Oh my gosh, this took two days to write up!
I got so confused with my thoughts in the overall section so please forgive me & correct me if you are confused. Writing facial products are quite hard to write for me ㅠㅠ 

I hope you all enjoyed this veeeeeery long review - i thinks its my biggest review yet! I hope you find it all informative enough.

Have a good day & I looove you all! (。・ω・。)ノ


  1. Nice review! It's been so warm nowadays that my makeup doesn't stick onto my face sometimes orz, btw is this product like a bb cushion then? o-o? Or is it more like the etude hose magic cushion?

    1. Thank chu!~( ´∀`)♥ I know, its very warm at the moment to the point the floor is reeeeaally hot & the idea of wearing makeup just sounds not very nice OTL ;-;

      The product is very similar to a BB cushion ^^ ♥

  2. KeiKei, your nails are so pretty! o.o
    Are you wearing only clear nail polish? And do you do anything to make them more pink-and-white-and-healthy-looking or they are just like that naturally? xD

    1. Thank you!~♥
      Yes I only have a base coat on my nails :33 I rarely wear nail polish because I'm not patient enough for them to dry ㅠㅠ But I love creating deco nails! ^-^
      Apart from the clear base coat, these are my natural nails - I do buff them, push back cuticles & file them regularly though~! I guess the buffing makes my nails more pinky

  3. Your skins so perfect...aahh so envious +.+
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

  4. The photo of the cushion it's a little bit creepy (>_<)
    But i would prefer that my foundation give me more coverage >~<
    Thanks for the review ♥

  5. You've got such beautiful skin even without any foundation on! ^__^
    I've got the Water Glow Cushion in the same shade, too, and it's my favorite foundation! I love the finish and it fits my ghostly pale skintone, haha. :'D
    Removing the cushion to put in a refill is kind of a hassel... I normally use a sharp metal object like pincers or a nail file and force it out. But it really makes sense for the money one saves :D

  6. Hey do you buy the refill? And if you do is it come with new air puff?._. Thanks :)

    1. Hihi Vita~♥ I purchased a refill a long while ago, it came with a puff. But when I ordered a new refill last month, it did not have one?

      I think Innisfree has changed the packaging so the puff has to come separately!



      Hope this helped~ - Lots of Love♥


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