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Saturday, 19 July 2014

[Sponsored Post] 페리페라 하트 글로우 씨씨 크림 Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream Review~❤ [Photo/Info Heavy]

Long time no see! I finally, FIIIINALLY got enrolled to Level 2 Beauty Therapy! It's been  difficult & a lot of hard work but I finally got in & I can properly enjoy the rest of my holiday now that everything is sorted & dealt with (ノ*^▽^)ノ I missed you guys!

Today I bring a CC Cream review kindly sponsored by HanaVillage (○´∀`○) They recently contacted me to review one of their products & I happily accepted!
Thank chu so much HanaVillage!~

About HanaVillage aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service.
HanaVillage also carry more than a thousands products in store

- HanaVillage offers free delivery worldwide (for minimum purchase $30)
- Offer 1-to-1 exchange on contact lenses if customer has problem with them.
- Customer can request to return/exchange product if they are not happy with their purchase.
- More than 2000 products & sell top coloured lenses & cosmetic brands in Asia

HanaVillage has recently been launched & already have so many products/models to choose from & they are also the little sister to very popular LensVillage!

I really couldn't believe the prices of their products! So affordable especially those CandyDoll products!
It took me a while to choose a product to review because there are so much! I eventually decided to try a Clio product - PeriPera Heart Glow CC Cream!
Very fast with standard shipping! It took roughly a week to arrive ^-^ Veeeery fast!
The CC Cream came wrapped up in cosy fedex packaging! (I forgot to take photos ㅠㅠ)
 HanaVillage Price:- $19.40
Very reasonable!

'Moisture illumination + Glow illumination + Smooth illumination Three kinds of brillances to complete a three-dimensional heart'
Makeup Base
Wrinkle Repair

Contains moisturising cream that is light & refreshing. Creates bright, moisture illumination that fills from deep inside skin while protecting your skin against harmful, damaging rays with broad spectrum 30/PA++  UVB/UVA protection.

Color Trimming Effect gives you a natural glow & corrects for healthy skin tone.
Minimizes pores, fine lines & imperfections & contains Ester Oil to correct uneven skin texture, making it smoother~ Perfect for wearing alone or under foundation & recommended for all skin types.
Key Ingredients
Deep Ocean Water
Aloe Vera Extract
Hyaluronic acid
Marine Collagen
Inca omega oil
Jojoba oil
Ester Oil
Capacity: 30ml

There is only one shade.
When you blend the CC Cream, it will adjust to your skin tone~ As seen in the claims photo above, you can see how the CC Cream will appear on two different skin tone.
An 21 which is a light beige & 23 is slightly darker. I'm a 21 in Korean shades~

By three-dimensional heart, I think it means it will make your features stand out because of the moisture glow the CC Cream~
. . .

I look for dewy & moisture in a face product so it sounded ideal & I prefer a lighter formula of a CC Cream/Base opposed to a BB/Foundation formula.
I chose this CC Cream also because of Na-Eun. . . just Na-Eun
. . .  

The CC Cream came in this sweet packaging! It really is adorable! (I admit I was attracted the packaging) Each side of the box is pink or white & just look how creative & cute the doodled hearts are! It's like a magical exploding heart pot ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ hnnng~
The packaging is so attractive & looks like a lot of love is designed in it - Even the 'Heart Glow' is shinygold & just look at the heart secure at the top of the box! 
Back of box - Korean side
Korean Side
 English Side
All skin types!!
This is how the box is secured shut ^^~ There was a little bit of tape too when it arrived just to make sure. I really love the heart! I take extra care when opening the packaging because I don't want to break it (ノ*^▽^)ノ
It looks like a person with their arms up! Maybe they are cheering because they got the 'three-dimensional heart' that the CC Cream claims to do ㅋㅋ ^▽^
. . .
 Just like the box, the CC Cream tube has the same cute design~ The tube as a cream pearlescent sheen & just looks rather romantic ( ´∀`)☆ The tube is 14½ cm tall & is very slender~ It's the same size & width as the Etude House CC Cream & I can wrap my fingers all around it so its very handbag-able~

It only contains 30ml but that is quite good compared to the smaller 15ml version of this CC Cream.

 The pump is very hygienic though I find it has quite a temper щ(ಥДಥщ) Just be careful how hard you press because you may end up with too much CC Cream.

The CC Cream is a very light peach-white shade ^^ Don't let this put you off as mentioned before, the CC Cream will adjust to your skin tone after application~ <`∀´>
The consistency of the CC Cream is really interesting! 
Before I press down on the swatch, it held its shape very well - Looking like a ordinary CC Cream but when I pressed down, it spread out a bit like a watery-moisturiser!
I'm very used to my Etude House CC Cream which kind of thick so this CC Cream was quite a surprise.
Here you can see how watery it is - It CC Cream 'bleeds' on the line of my finger like ink~  *0* 

The CC Cream blends out effortlessly just like a water-base essence - It feels moisturising & not oily nor does it feel sticky once blended. It feels very cooling & refreshing (○´∀`○) 
I find blended does take a while because it is quite smeary due to its water-consistency so it may take patience to blend it (Tip: tap the CC Cream on your face!)  
Once blended you can see how bright that side of my hand is & how dewy it is compared to the bare side. 
This dewy finish is exactly what I'm looking for in the face product though it might not be everyone else's cup of tea  (´∀`)
The skin after application feels & looks very soft & smooth like I applied a primer! I believe thats the Ester Oil that smooths out skin texture.

After about a minute, the CC Cream adjusted (oxidised) to fit my skin tone:-

Before colour adjust
After - My skin tone!
 The CC Cream adjusted to a light beige shade 21 which is my shade. 

Most CC Creams are sheer so they do not give the coverage we'd expect from say a BB Cream or foundation. I haven't much in the way of bad spotsat the moment (please stay that way!) so I tested the CC Cream on an insect bite on my hand (damn summer) - The CC Cream only corrected the redness of the bite, making it less visible. 
I recommend to use a coverage BB/Foundation or a concealer if you want more coverage. 

I applied the CC Cream on my hand & then put on square of blotting paper. I turned my hand up & all blotting papers fell off! 
This shows that despite the dewy-moisture the CC Cream has, its not sticky on first application. 

Despite the CC Cream is not sticky or oily after first hour of application, this CC Cream does produce quite a lot of oil during the day. It's because its made to give plenty of moisture to your skin.
It does not bother me that much but for those with oily skin may not like this - Best apply powder! 

 The CC Cream has a feminine peach-floral scent! (。・ω・。)ノ It really smells lovely & is not overpowering. The scent dissipates when you apply to face. 


Here is my bare face with just moisturiser щ(ಥДಥщ) I have dark circles, freckles, & redness around my nose that I want to correct~
I also want a dewy finish to moisturise my skin & give my skin a glowy effect.

 I dot on the CC Cream. I only apply this much because I find the CC Cream does get cakey on dry areas despite how moisturising it is.
I like the blended from inner to outer, making sure I blended well near my jaw & hairline to avoid streaking for a natural look.
Blending is quite different because it is a watery-streaky product. Here you can see how streaky it is:-
Taken while blending
 You can see a immediate difference on my face. After blending my face looks a little bit too bright & a tad streaky so I wait for the CC Cream to settle & adjust to my skin tone:-
Sorry I changed the colour of my camera by accident
 This is after the CC Cream adjust to my skin tone! ( ´∀`)☆ My skin looks much better, brighter & healthier!
You can see the dewy finish on my cheeks & how softer my skin appears. 

With flash
Close up

You can see the slight red marks to the bottom right of the picture that were cause by a irritant face mask - The redness is almost covered. 

I feel this CC Cream does work like a primer as it minimises the appearance of pores. My pores are not veru big but I can see a smooth finish after applying the CC Cream.

Close-up of dewy finish
This CC Cream does what is says it does, it gives a gorgeous dewy illumination & brightening effect that really makes a different for tired skin!
It feels very cooling to apply & very moisturising with no oily/sticky residue on my face though it does crease a little bit on the eyes.

I feel my skin can breathe because its very light & natural!

Because the CC Cream acts like a primer/makeup base - I did a example with just BB Cream & then BB Cream with CC Cream underneath:-
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in N02 Light Beige

My BB Cream is really dark for me at the moment because I've gotten a bit paler ㅠㅠ
But with CC Cream it makes it match my skin a little bit better~ However I find with both BB Cream & CC Cream, it can be a liiiittle bit cakey. 
But with this CC Cream, it allows the BB Cream to blended so nicely on the skin for a flawless & long lasting finish.

Wearing the CC Cream with a cream blusher
It adheres very well!
On Thursday I applied this CC Cream at 3pm & had a meal at a restaurant with my best friend Rebecca. This CC Cream did not 'melt' off my face even over a bowl of steaming chicken ramen & lasted up until 11pm where I cleansed my face ( ´∀`)☆ Yes!
I find it very long lasting! I always wear a dewy product so I'm not sure whether the shine increase over those hours but I didn't feel oily at all! 

I really do like this CC Cream!~
It's very light-sheer & watery formula brightens up dull, tired skin giving it a healthy & pretty luminous glow. It's hydrates the skin all day long & skin feels like it can breathe! 
It smooths out rough texture just like a primer & mimimises appearance of pores, fine lines & corrects redness & sallow area - Smooth silky skin instantly!
It's like your skin but better!! (○´∀`○) It adjusts to fit your skin tone but people with darker tones may have to use a matching BB/Foundation to avoid a pasty look. 

It's long lasting & on me; only creases on my eye lids - It does not melt off even in this really hot weather! I even find its waterproof when I used a facial mist!

I do find this CC Cream is quite hard to blend in & if you use too much, it becomes cakey & enhances dry areas - But I think with practice & more use I'll be able to work around this!
There is barely any coverage but with a concealer on BB/Foundation; its easily sorted out.

Overall, I can see myself wearing this for college because it instantly makes my face look more human rather than ghostly & lives up to it claims <`∀´> I'm very glad to have chosen this CC Cream so a big thank you for HanaVillage for this opportunity! (○´∀`○)

Reasonable price
Adorable packaging
Travel friendly
Hygienic pump
Good amount of product
Pretty peach-floral scent
Light-watery formula glides effortlessly without tugging the skin
Quickly adjusts to fit your skin tone (1minute or so)
Hydrates the skin for hours (Not sticky/oily either)
Dewy finish
Brightens & corrects for a healthy skin finish
Primes the face for smooth canvas with little creasing
Works as base under BB/Foundation
Long-Lasting & water-proof/sweat-proof (Does not melt off)

No coverage
Despite it is not sticky, it does produce quite a lot of oil (could trigger oily/acne prone skin)
The formula is streaky so it takes patience to apply
Can be cakey & enhance dry areas if too much is applied 

It's a CC Cream jungle out there! I'll experiment with others~ But I think I may well do!

HanaVillage Review

Working with HanaVillage was a really lovely & friendly experience. They replied to all my questions with detail & easy to understand answers ( ´∀`)☆ I felt like they treated me with lovely respect & made me feel quite important!

The site is really pretty & is professional yet cute & laid out so nicely & easily for beginners to make the shopping experience easier - Do you ever find some sites are just scattered randomly that you do not know where to look first? HanaVillage is not the case!
There are plenty of products from makeup, skincare, contact lenses to accessories & even Instax cameras to choose from.
Prices are reasonable & they have worldwide shipping with reasonable prices too - Free standard shipping if you spend $30! 
'Subscribe today to enjoy 10% off on your first purchase & even stand a chance to win a gift set worth $50!'

I really enjoyed working with HanaVillage & I recommend them & their amazingly collection of products & lens!
Do check them out & LensVillage too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

*This product was sponsored by HanaVillage but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

Hope you all enjoyed this review!~ CC Creams are really a must in this summer heat!
 It was fun making this review! I'm currently waiting for my Cosmetic.Love haul to arrive - I get to review my first Innisfree foundation! Yeeeeesh ^▽^

Have a gorgeous day while I suffer through these scary summer storms. We had a maaaassive storm last night & the lightening was terrible! It was right above our house & it sounded like a bomb going off ;-; All I could think was zombieszombies -shudder- Apparently the weather said we are to have another one tonight around 9pm - That'll be a third storm three days in a row ㅠㅠ Why Summer WHY?! sigh

Oh guys, one more thing! It would mean a lot! My best friend Rebecca has a beauty blog where she does nail art, beauty reviews & fashion posts & I'd love for you to check her out!
She is amazing & has a lovely heart so I think you'd like her!

Byeee bye!~ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ


  1. Your blog is so cute and you explain things so well ^^ !! mind if i ask you what do you use to edit your pictures? :3

    1. Thank chu very much~♥ I actually use the normal Windows Live Photo Editing because photoshop confuses me so all I do is use contrast, brightening & shadows~ For the cute stickers or sparkles I use Xiuxiu meitu
      Hope I helped! ( ´∀`)☆

  2. Sooo happy you're back again ^___^
    I always love your reviews, they're always so detailed and informative c: thank you~~

    1. It feels so nice ^0^ I missed blogging!
      I'm so glad my reviews really help, I try my best to make my reviews informative! I even translate the claims image information despite my Korean is quite terrible! ( ´ ▽ ` );;

      Your welcome & thank chu for reading sweet!~♥

  3. Ahhhh, I missed you KeiKei! Your blog makes me so calm and happy, it's such a good read during stressful weeks ^^
    Great review, as always! I find it amazing how CC creams make skin looks much better, but still very natural and without a trace that one's wearing makeup.

    All the best, sweetie!

    1. eeee~ Thank chu!!♥ I'm glad my blog makes you smile & I hope you have a free-from-stress rest of the week! (ノ*^▽^)ノ
      CC Cream will forever be my secret weapon apart from my secret weapon of making quite a good cup of tea (says my mother :33)
      Thank chu for reading Prudence!~♥

  4. Of course, CC cream it's not for coverage :O
    I LOVE the packaging ♥ It's so~ cute :3 ♥
    You'll gonna make me buy everything you show ;0;
    Love from Peru~ :3


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