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Saturday, 14 June 2014

[Sponsored Post] EOS Briller Pink Circle Lenses Review~❤

Hi everyone! Here is a review on the second pair of lenses that MapleLens kindly sent me! Thank chu veeery much!

I looooove the first pair they sent me which I reviewed last week HERE & I wanted to love these lenses too but unfortunately they became a bit of a downer for me ㅠㅠ Because the right lens is defective! 
However I still want to share my experience with these lenses. This post will be a mixture of positive & negative. 

Let's go!  (ノ*^▽^)ノ

 Brand:- E.O.S
Name:- Briller Pink
Diameter:- 14.5mm
Base Cure:- 8.8mm
Water Content:- 38%
Price:- £11.14/$18.90
Life Span:- 1 Year

Apart from pink, the Briller lenses come in five more colours!~

 MapleLens chose these lenses for me so I did not know what to expect~! I love how soft the lenses look in appearance & colours *-* They remind me of the Nudy lenses! ( ´∀`)☆
These lenses are 14.5mm big - Much smaller than my usual 15mm~ I haven't worn lenses this small in aaaages.
This is my second time wearing pink lenses - Albino KeiKei XD


Simple yet attractive vial packaging~  (´∀`) To be honest. . . just seeing the EOS logo makes me nervous <丶´Д`> Because I've had a love/hate relationship with the brand. I've tried two lenses from them - EOS Dolly Eye Green & Candy Pink - & they were really uncomfortable & drying щ(ಥДಥщ)
EOS just seem to be a very uncomfortable lens brand for me (._. );;

With each pair of circle lenses you buy from MapleLens, you get a free cutie-flat bed lens case!
Of course, I put the pink lenses in the pink piggy-case XD

Aren't these lenses so very pretty?~ (○´∀`○)
They have a veeeery soft grainy design that almost reminds me of the inside of a flower~ The lens have a very, very subtle limbal ring that is actually dark grey-brown. (The flash made it look red-brown) The colour is a very light pink that is not too sheer or too strong & it lightly fades to a really interesting grainy yellow colour in the center. 

Because the pattern is so natural & light, it allows my natural eye colour to show for perfect blending~ This is the first pink lenses I've found that actually looks almost natural on light eyes!
 I kind of reminds me of a banana chip but pink. . .ㅠㅠ ;; I'm not very good at describing things. . .
Because the lenses have a subtle limbal ring, it still gives a slight dolly eye effect~

Out of their vials, the lenses feel quite hard? They are not very flexible & hold their shape. They also appear quite small out of their vials too.
I left the lenses to soak over night~ Gosh the colour is like sakura! *-* Damn pretty!

Here is my natural eyes~ A light blue-green ^-^ 
Normally pink lenses look very dramatic & creepy on my eyes - almost albino like >< I find this is not the case with these lenses. 

I had a little bit of a issue inserting these lenses. Despite soaking them over night & despite their small size, they are very drying on the eyes. You know when you insert lenses & they seem to slide very quickly over your iris? These didn't even budge on my white of my eye & I had to push them over my iris - Very uncomfortable because they are drying. 

Despite that, the size difference is good. Maybe not as big as I would like but very nice enlargement if you want a everyday natural eye look. Thanks to the limbal ring!^▽^

The pink colour fits very well on my blue-green eyes & blend so perfectly because of the yellow on the lens! My parents could tell I was wearing the lens until I mentioned it!
Very natural effect for pink lenses without looking too anime/or infected like!

. . .
Please read:-
Before I go on to show you both lenses in the eye. I want to tell you that during these photos (Taken the day after the lens arrived) The right lens irritated the hell out of me. It felt like a hair or something underneath the lens against my eye. It did hurt a little bit & I just could not get rid of whatever bothered my eye. I think there is a rip somewhere on the lenses & I took it out immediately after the 'both lens' pictures. 
It really has disappointed me that the lens is defective ㅠㅠ  

BUT. . just because these lens are uncomfortable for me; does not mean that will not work for you. Everyone's eyes are different so they might be absolutely fine for you! The lenses have got so many great reviews on them! Please do not discouraged to try the Briller line! ( ´∀`)☆ 

Now here in the lenses in both eyes.

With both lenses they give my eyes are a gorgeous fairy-like effect!
They really do look pretty & natural despite being pink & blend so beautifully with my natural eyes. I'm so pleased they do not look too pink like cosplay but just a very subtle pink shade that almost makes my eyes look shimmery!
I'd rather have them bigger but I like the effect the limbal ring gives!

Lenses without makeup~
I really do loooove the colour but it tends to make my look washed out sometimes >< especially with flash but thats just me being picky ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ Just need pinker blusher!

Close up & side-view

Here is the lenses in different lighting:-

Window light - Flash

Window light - No flash

Yellow-bathroom light - No flash

Sunlight - Flash

Because the size difference is not too big, you can easily pull off the lenses without makeup even on light eyes! No fear of alien big eyes! ㅎㅎ

Because I took out the defective right lens, I could only do one half of my face with the lenses - I wanted my other eye to rest after it was irritated щ(ಥДಥщ) But here is some selcas with the lens!
 Gosh, it looks so bizarre with my natural eyes!
The lens colour even looks good in blur!
In flash
 Ratings on these lenses - Out of 5

I think this is the best pink lens I've tried! The pastel pink colour is very natural & sweet on light eyes without looking fierce or my eyes looking bloodshot. They really compliment both light & dark eyes & blend so perfectly together due to their soft grainy design. I think they would be perfect for everyday & maybe cosplay too! 

With these lenses being 14.5mm & my eyes being quite big - I knew they would only have a small enlargement difference even with the slight limbal ring. I prefer much bigger lens but I always find light colour lenses tend to look smaller than dark lenses. I think because of the size; these would be great for everyday! 

These lenses - mostly the right lens - are very uncomfortable for me. The right lenses must have a tear in it because something kept rubbing against my eye from inside the lens. I rinsed them so many times but no changed & my eyes got a bit bloodshot so I stopped wearing that one.It really is impossible to wear for longer than five minutes & I feel so disappointed because I adore the lesn colour! ㅠㅠ
The other lens is okay but it does not feel very nice on the eye & is too drying despite it being small size & is again; very uncomfortable. It feels like my eye cannot breathe even with eyedrops!
I never have these troubles with other lens brands & I wear much bigger lenses with no issues too but I believe EOS is not the brand for me. Each lens I got from that brand has irritated me. 

But like I said, just because they do not work for me. . . does not mean it will not work for you
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The right lens is defective 

I reaaaally love the colour of the lenses! It really compliments my eyes & looks gorgeous & natural~ They make my eyes look shimmery & I give my tired eyes a appearance boost. Enlargement is ideal for beginners & the lens look great in real life & photo's (。・ω・。)ノ  I really hope you all give Briller lens a try!
I'm very gutted I couldn't wear them longer due to the bad comfort but I think these are gorgeous for a natural yet pink eye makeover!

A big thaaaank chu to MapleLens for such a nice sponsor experience~

I really enjoyed doing this second lens review with MapleLens & I hope you guys check them out. I definitely recommend them & their lenses!
Please visit MapleLens HERE

 . . . 
*These lenses were sponsored by MapleLens but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

 I hope you all enjoyed this lens review. I'm falling asleep at this desk right now щ(ಥДಥщ) I wish you all a fantastic weekend & week to come!

Bye Bye~( ´∀`)☆


  1. These are gorgeous! I love how these lenses look on your eyecolour in particular. :D Mine are quite similar so it gives me a great idea as to how they'd look like on me. I absolutely love the pinkish colour and the size. :) I really need a pair of those! If only they weren't so uncomfortable. :( You see, my eyes are really sensitive, too.
    I really love your lens reviews, Kirsten. :) They always make me want to buy lenses... I'm so gonna get some as soon as I graduate! haha. :D

  2. It's a pitty one lens was defective... They look sooo gorgeous on you! If they would be 15mm or bigger they would be even more awesome xD
    I really like how natural they look even on light eyes, I found pink lenses with a natural design really weird on light eves o.O

  3. Oooh the pink colour looks so gorgeous on you! What a pity one of them is defective though :S

  4. oh, you look just like me. Maple!
    Only a lot more charming <3 Look ! xD

  5. Pink looks good on green huh.. nice. I like its pastel color.

  6. They do look a little bit like banana chips on your finger teehee~ ^ - ^
    These lenses are very magical and pretty on your eyes! ^ w ^

  7. Omg!! I really love pink CL!! These are amazing! I will buy it!! <3 Thanks for this review!

  8. The pattern is really cute! ^^ They look great on you, pity about the defective lens though.

  9. LOL!
    You make me laugh with the fried bananas photo XD
    That circle lens looks beautiful on you ^_^


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