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Sunday, 8 June 2014

[Sponsored Post] GEO Xtra Lotus Violet Review~❤ [Photo Heavy]


Hello everyone!~ Finally after a week of cleaning & being models around the Salon at college; I'm finally settling down to write on my blog before I have to endure another two weeks щ(ಥДಥщ) before the holidays!
Today I bring you a circle lens review kindly sponsored by MapleLens! They contacted me asking me to review their products & I said yes! ( ´∀`)☆❤ 

Thaaaank Chu MapleLens!

About MapleLens

MapleLens is a popular circle lens online store located in Malaysia that provide a full range of authentic Korean circle lens & colour contacts. 

They offer so many different circle lenses that will give your eyes a lovely makeover - Natural, dolly, cosplay - You name it~
Each products is genuine Korean product with CE & KFDA approval & are perfectly safe to wear in your eyes~
MapleLens are very serious about their service & eager to help their customers to make us have a happy shopping experience. 
Alex - A MapleLens representative - was very helpful to answer my question so I felt really happy

Really. . I could not believe!
They emailed me on the 2nd of June & then the next day they said they shipped it out & gave me the tracking number.
I could not believe when the package said it left Malaysia, to Germany, to France & then suddenly it was an hour away from my town in Fareham. . . The package arrived on the 5th of June. 

Fastest lens package I've ever had!!

I forgot to take photos of the parcel but it was quite a big Fedex one but the lenses very snug & wrapped in bubblewrap. - The Parcel said in big letters 'EXTREMELY URGENT' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ MapleLens sent very on fast shipping~ Feeling the love!(。・ω・。)ノ

MapleLens actually sent me two lenses! One I chose myself & the other they chose~
I shall review the EOS one next time but today I review the GEO one!
The lens vials are presented on a plush cushion inside a simple yet sweet MapleLens gift box~I think the way the lenses are presented is very important to the customer~

. . .

Brand:- GEO Medical
Name:- Xtra Lotus Violet WFL-A11
Diameter:- 15.0mm
Base Cure:- 8.7mm
Water Content:- 42%
Price:- £11.25/$18.90                         
                           Life Span:- 1 Year Disposal

These lenses are part of the Xtra Flower Series & comes in five pretty shades:-
 I think the Lotus flower lenses are so gorgeous! I was deciding between grey & green but in the end I chose Violet; Because I was curious to try!
Mum always wanted me to try violet lenses & I thought this was the perfect time & the perfect lens~

The lens vials are so gorgeous~ *-* Always count on GEO for creativity~ I love how the vials are packed full of information~

Each authentic GEO lenses has a scratch-off GEO sticker to check its authenticity because there are so many faked lenses out there! - Be careful because your eyes are very precious

I checked my lenses & they are authentic & perfectly safe to use (genuine GEO product) - I already knew these lenses would be fine considering MapleLens is a very trusted site~
To check your GEO Lens - Type in the code underneath the sticker on this site HERE

The lenses are absolutely gorgeous!~
The grainy yet soft design is as its name; designed like many layered lotus petals~ They have different shades of lilac. Each 'petal' starts of black from the limbal ring & delicately fade out to violet & to clear; blending perfectly with your natural eye colour ^▽^

They look quite dramatic yet natural? if that makes any sense~

In my opinion, GEO lenses is the BEST for creative designs ranging from natural to dramatic.
I'm glad of the limbal ring - The dark ring around the lens - It's not too big or too small & gives my eyes a natural dolly enlargement. 

The black line through the violet of the lens is actually a drop of solution щ(ಥДಥщ) 

When I put the lenses in to a fresh case of solution; the lens look very big out of the vials! 
The lenses also feel thin & but hold their shape very well - So they do not fold over my fingers when I try to insert them ^^;;
By the way, MapleLens gives you a free cutie animal flat-bed lense case with each pair of lens you order! 
 I got a sweet piggy & Hippo!~

It was hard to get clear photos as the sun kept disappearing too fast! But I tried my best!~
My natural eyes are a light blue-green.
Violet lenses look perfect on dark eyes so I was bit worried how violet would appear on my light eyes ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Just as I expected - A biiiig size difference! Made even more bigger by the fact these lenses have a limbal ring (○´∀`○)  
The violet shades just looks perfect! Not too bright & not too subtle - it almost looks natural!
I love how the clear 'petals' on the design allow my natural iris colour to show through for a natural blend.

With both lenses in; they make my eyes look so dreamy & fairy-like!
The design of the lenses may look dramatic when not in eyes but when on the eyes, they look surprisingly natural yet eyecatching & unique. My family said they look natural from a distant but up close; they look very violet & big.

I'm so glad the violet colour was not too vibrant on my light eyes! I find very vibrant lenses with a black ring look a bit too fierce on my face - It just does not suit me!
But these lenses are peeerfect!! (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I inserted these easily with no trouble & they are very comfortable & not at all drying.
The next day after I received them, I wore them from 6am to 4pm during college to test how comfortable they are - No problems!! 

Here you can clearly still see the lotus-petal design on my eyes! They look even more vibrant when I look to the side~

The violet colours varies depending on what type of lighting I am in~

Window light - No flash
Still a lovely violet colour even with no flash!~ 

Window light - Flash
This is with sunlight pouring through - The pained expression on my face is the result of being blinded by sun & flash XD <丶´Д`> 

Window light - No flash

Yellow-bathroom light - No flash
 They look natural from far!~ *-* Almost kind of blue-ish because of my natural eyes showing through the clear parts of the design~

Yellow-bathroom light - Flash

Sunlight - No flash
In sun, they look dark violet - Damn pretty~
Because of the big doll enlargement these lenses give; they make you look young & sweet. 
They do not look alien without eye makeup & look perfect with eye makeup~

Before eye makeup & after~

Ratings on these lenses

Absolutely beautiful! A pretty blend of different shades of violet all in a design of lotus petals. Such a creative & delicate design.( ´∀`)☆ Not too fierce not too subtle.
They show up natural yet eyecatching on my eyes while allowing my natural iris colour to show through~ I find them absolutely perfect for everyday use & cosplay & I think would suit all eye colours too!

Perfect enlargement~ I like big! These are not too big nor too small~ The black limbal rings makes my eyes pop & look dolly. They do not make my eyes look alien too! ^0^

I've always had a good experience with GEO lenses. They are very comfortable & I feel like my eyes can breathe & not feel dry/congested. 
Inserting them is very easy too!


I'm so glad for my first violet lenses; that these turn out to be my perfect first-ones!~
I adore how they appear on my eyes & how they look surprisingly natural & really brighten up my tired appearance. 
The gorgeous blend of violet tones & mixed with my natural eyes are so attractive & beautiful & make my eyes look dreamy~ 
Enlargement is spot-on & the lens look great in real life & photos.

Just perfect for a natural yet unique makeover for your eyes!
I'm very in love with them so a biiiig thank you very much to MapleLens! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

MapleLens Customer Service

Working with Alex (MapleLens representative) was a pleasant & positive experience & they have a lovely sense of humour~ Very super quick to reply to my emails & eager to answer all my questions.

The MapleLens site has a very easy layout that I find very easy for beginners! With so many lenses to choose from & arranged from brands to colours to sizes to prescriptions with reviews & even a customer review section - It's easy to choose a pair & not feel too lost ^-^
They are very eager to help their customers & even have a chatbox on their site so you can ask questions if not already answered in the faqs.
Very reasonable prices on products & fast shipping & overall just a lovely & affordable lense store with plenty of choice! So many bloggers do reviews from MapleLens & they all are positive experiences!
A very trusted & friendly site!~~

I really enjoyed doing this review with MapleLens & I hope you guys check them out. I definitely recommend them & their lenses!

Please visit MapleLens HERE

*These lenses were sponsored by MapleLens but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

Thank chu for reading everyone!~ It's nice to get settled to my blog again! Please look forward to the other pair of lens MapleLens sent me & my upcoming makeup/skincare reviews!~

Enjoy the weekend! Bye Bye~( ´∀`)☆


  1. These look so pretty on you! ^^! Just curious but, which lens did you choose and which one did maplelens pick? ?-?

    1. Thank chu!~
      I picked these ones myself & the other pair is EOS Briller Pink~♥

  2. Out of all lenses you've reviewed to this date, these have got to be my favourite ones! At first, I thought: Damn, they look huge! But when I got to the selfies I saw how natural they actually look. Enlarging, yes, but they don't make your eyes overly big. The lilac colour is really pretty on your light eyes. :) This really encouraged me to get some lilac contacts myself. I was never sure how they'd look like on my eyes.
    Thank you so much for the helpful review! x

    1. I am so happy that they turn out to be okay!~ I was dreading that they would turn out to be oh-god-purple-eyes-from-sci-fi-film but I'm so glad they look natural!♥
      You really should give violet lenses a try! They make light eyes look so interesting *-*
      Thank chu for reading Elina! (○´∀`○)

  3. The violet color of these lenses blends in so beautifully with your natural color. They suit yoz really well♥

  4. So pretty! Now I'm tempted to buy myself a pair ^^"

  5. Urgh youre so cute. I wish i am as cute as you. Anyway Violet looks good on you

  6. They are so cute ♥
    I want it! >////< ♥
    Thanks for the review~ (/*w*)/


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