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Sunday, 9 September 2012

L'OReal Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation & current eye makeup tutorial!~❤ [Photo Heavy]

Today I'm doing a review on the new foundation from L'Oreal. The Foundation super Blendable to the True Match Range in shade Porcelain W1.

My Mum bought it but she wasn't too keen & let me review it ^-^~~
I've used Korean BB Cream for nearly two years now & never used foundation on my face since. I find my previous foundations from Rimmel & Clinique really heavy & make me too dark when I prefer light weight & porcelain white skin. So BB Cream has been my best friend. But I took interest in this foundation when Mum ordered it.

Where did I get it?:-
At KC (Kelly Cosmetics)
Price?:- £7.00

 It looks like a milk bottle! so cute! & its only 8cm tall & contains 30ml of liquid product.❤

Woooo SPF!~~
This foundation comes in 33 shades:-
 Info on product on L'OReal Site:-
Wooooo! for Vitamins!!

This is the lightest shade in Porcelain W1.

 I like the bottle design by the lid is annoying me. The sides of the opening of the bottle needs to be cleaned everyone. It the sides build up with product & you screw the lid on; the product will come out of the sides! D: & you'll get foundation on you!
That's not good especially if your a clean freak like me!

 Like most foundation; its really runny & me being used to BB Cream texture nearly poured out too much! eek!! D:
This foundation is sooooo pale! like a pale cream butter. Its spreads really well & I had to blend for about a minute to get it dry on my skin haha! poured out too much.
Its filled fine lines & made my hand look baby smooth & pale! shock horror! Kirsten actually found a foundation that doesn't make her dark! ERMAGHERD! ❤
Its promising so far!❤

Scent on this makeup?:- No scent at all. That's good!
I don't like perfumed foundation unless its BB Cream.

Not greasy nor sticky!
Like I said runny as hell! It nearly dripped everywhere! Its thin liquid; not thick like SKIN79 BB Cream
I made this gif to show how thin/liquidy this product is:-

Lets try on my face:-
So here's my no makeup face ;^; just my brows done & circle lenses
I've broken out recently (ahem periods cough)
Redness, dark circle the works. Gross.
Lets apply this product now:- I'm going to use a Clinique Foundation Brush to apply because I hate getting my fingers covered in product =3=

 On cheek area:-
 Awesome huh!? *0* It totally brightened & concealed my impurities & well as leaving a natural matte finish like it promised! Oh my god❤

On eye area:-
My dark circles are the main things that bother me & this foundation works as a concealer for me! wow~ 
I love the whitening effect it gave me! just like a bb cream without the dewy finish.

On half of the face:-

 My side has no foundation & my left side does!
Look at that difference! I look more awake, my skin is visibly flawless & my impurities are concealed  brightened.

Without                                                              With

 With this foundation you need to dot quite a lot around you face to get a perfect coverage. A little doesn't go very far; unlike BB cream where a little goes a long way which I love.
I had to use about five dots my my cheek, 3 on my forehead, two on my chin just to cover my face wheres bb cream; A two pence size can cover your entire face!
Luckily this foundation did not lay heavily! I've gotten too used to BB cream ;3;

I drew a little dot on my hand with a permanent gold marker & applied this foundation on top to test its coverage.

 Perfect coverage ^^

When first applying I kind of freaked out because it looked like this!:-
But then it settled like this:-
Flawless. Weird. O.O ah well~

On whole face:-
 I love this foundation!❤
It visibly gives my skin a flawless look & brightens my redness, uneven area & well as making me look awake.
It is not heavy & gives matte finish. I didn't need powder until about six hours later I noticed slight oil on my T-Zone but a dab with blotting powder got rid of that! Yay! awesome!
It does not exaggerate my smile lines or pores. ❤

I need quite a lot to get a good coverage across my whole face & it took a while to blend it v_v
With flash
 Though I do recommend a touch of blush to bring colour back into your cheeks haha!
Would I wear this?:-
Maybe on long days, I'll experiment more but I'll still use my BB Cream ❤

Coverage:- ❤❤❤❤❤/5 

It covers well! really well! It leaves no greasy heavy feel to my skin

Application Problems:- ❤❤❤❤/5
It takes a while to blend with a brush & I needed a lot of product to see its effects

Durability with oil control:- ❤❤❤❤/5
For me it lasted about eight hours. By six hours a little bit of shine came on my T-Zone but despite that. It lasts longer than a school day so its okay~

Overall Rating?:- ❤❤❤❤/5
I'm still unsure about foundation but so far its awesome!! 
I do recommend this!❤

Time for my current Eye Make Tutorial!:-
Click to enlarge~~

 Hope you enjoyed it!
Bye Bye~~


  1. Ahhh I've used that exact brand and shade for years and I love it! I've just recently journeyed into the BB cream world but I'll always love my l'oreal true match

    1. I've always had bad results from Foundation but this one is amazing! I couldn't believe it hehe~~❤
      I think I'm also coming in the terrains of the foundation world but I'd always love my BB Cream :3~~❤ Thank chu for reading!~

  2. That foundation looks so amazing *o*

    1. So far I think its the mother of foundation *^* ❤

    2. the foundations i have make my pores so visible its unreal :c

    3. Its always Rimmel & Clinique I had pore problems with v_v
      Do you use primer with your foundation? ^^~❤

    4. indeed i do~ maybe its cause i have really icky skin >A<

  3. Me likes that foundation! So many colors *O*
    And also cute tutorial! I need tutorials like that since I have small eyes >w<

    1. Yeah my brain had a meltdown at how many colours there were *0* ❤
      Thank chu! I'm glad you like it~❤


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