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Saturday, 18 August 2012

3# Cross Under Lower Lashes & G&G King Size Aqua Circle Lens Review~❤

As requested ^0^~~ I did the review on these strange cross under lower lashes ^-^❤
I tried to make each photo really cute >3< ❤

 Where did I buy these?
Off amazon for super cheap ^0^ £12.75 for 40 pairs of 4 different style *0*
I bought the 70 bundle upper lash as well *0*
Here's the link:-
 First thoughts?:-
Dafuq is wrong with these lashes O.O haha XD
I thought they were all creased - I'm too dramatic then I went on KKcenterHK blog & found out they are called cross unders hehe~
Just like the Diamond lash fairy eye; they look exactly like wishbones ^^;;
 The lash band consists of 14 wishbones lash bundles/ About seven strands of fine black hair in each one held by a small clear bit of gum like substance.
The lash is really flexible & light ^-^
 I find these hard to pull off their package & I broke off a strand in process - These are so easy to break. One slip with your tweezers/fingers can pull them off ㅠㅠ
Here's my eye without lower lashes. I never wear false eyelashes without the lower falsies - I think it looks okay ^-^
 I think it depends on your upper lashes depending on if they are thick or natural looking? hehe ^^;;
hehe XD
I never really use my Dolly Wink glue samples so I thought I'd use one today rather than my Eylure glue~~
 I think the glue design makes my photo looks cute~❤

I found these lashes really easy to apply as they are so light & flexible - I didn't have to trim these to fit my eye length :3

 Wow *^*
I admit I was doubtful about these lashes: they actually scared me but now that I've tried them they are really nice :33
They are very comfortable & light despite them being extremely delicate~
I might wear these quite a lot to give my usual dramatic choice of lower lashes as they are really natural & still give a dolly effect.
I never knew wearing wishbones cross under lashes would be really pretty ^0^
I recommend these for everyday usage like school for a natural dolly.

Rating:- ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Easy to apply
Cheap (with 3 other lower lashes)
Very delicate

I have plenty of other lashes to review! go to the bottom of this link post & please comment what lash you want to see a review on ^-^
G&G King Size Aqua Circle Lens써클랜즈 Review~❤
Halfway doing the photos; the postman came with a package from Malaysia! eek! my circle lenses for my Misa Amane Cosplay! *0*❤
They only took a week to arrive with the second best shipping 5-7 days~
These are from Pinky Paradise
You can buy these lens here:-
 More stamps to collect ^-^~~
Blooming strong packaging x_X had to use scissors to open~
 Neatly stored ^0^
 I  bought another Dolly Wink Lash Case as my lash collection is getting bigger~
하마 Hippo Case *0* cute!~
The lenses as expected from Pinky Paradise are wrapped up in red foam - all safely protected ^-^

''Barbie Soft Cosmetic Contact Lens''
I chose power 0.00 as I have no eyesight problems~

Ohmygod they are sooo beautiful!~~ ❤
I really hate opening the aluminium tabs on the bottles D: they are soooo sharp =3= but its worth it~

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content:
Base Curve:
1 year disposal
I love the pixel design on these! Sophisticated~❤ The black ring is so intimidating o.o

 They looked really huge out of their bottles o.o 
I was really impatient when waiting six hours to try them on.

Trying them on:-

 As you can see they weren't as big as I thought they would be - not like King Size Black Circle Lenses but they are 14.5 big anyway XD
Without flash they seem really dark yet blend in well with my natural iris than with flash; where they look completely fake yet beautiful~

Both lens in:-
With one lens in; I was very doubtful but after putting both lenses in; my eyes look really good!
I did expect them to be bigger & brighter but because of how they look I can wear them to school ^-^~ 
These are extremely comfortable & I've worn them for around 9 hours without any discomfort or redness. 
In certain lightening the colour is amazing & the halo effect on my green/blue iris doesn't bother me. In fact the halo effect makes my eyes look dollier. 
The design is really awesome *0* I think its perfect for cosplaying~ so I'm definately wearing these for Misa~

 Rating:- ❤❤❤❤❤/5

Pretty colour
Sophisticated design :3
Not as big aqs I thought
Kind of dark even on light eyes 

I'd recommend these for darker irises & cosplay~~


  1. Wow! I think you are very cute already without bottom lashes! And the lenses look so nice on you!

  2. omg you look cute :3 which upper lashes you useing, it come out the effect great >.< and love you nail

    1. Thank chu >3< ❤ I used a pair of spikey natural lashes. I then got one dramatic thick lash & cut it in half & stuck the half lash on the end of the natural ones❤

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Super cute!!!! I love those lashes- they are hard to find where I live :> They look so sweet with your pretty blue lenses~

    1. Thank chu~❤ - They are hard to find in the UK but thats why online is my saviour XD hehe~❤


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