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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Criss-Cross Upper Lash Review & completed Misa Amane Cosplay~!❤ [Photo Heavy]

Damn I've been gone awhile TT^TT So much has happened these last weeks so I'm sorry I've happened you all!;3;
I'm awaiting my big Cosmetic.Love Haul which should arrive soon! *-* I'm so looking forward to review the items I got!~❤
Now I did a review of these really strange Upper Lashes called Criss-Cross lashes. O.O
As you can see I've already used some ^^ ^-^

I bought these from Amazon from a company called Bundle Monster.
They came in a box with 70 different styles inside *-*


£12.99 - :3 with 60 other different styles of 10 pairs~ 

 First thoughts?:-
I ran my finger across the hair & thought ''WTF? why are these so hard!'' They even made  a ''Shhhhss'' Sound when I ran my fingers across them. I was really shocked at how artificial they looked!
Also the lash band looks really thick & stiff too! TT^TT

Plastic TT^TT
 Cloooosee Up!~ Look at how plastic they look O.O ^^
I think its really creative :3 I actually loved the criss-cross~

Also I found the lash band really long but nothing what a trim can fix :3 ^^

Breaking it in
 Now I removed one & broke it in by shaping it to fit my eye & to lessen the stiffness in the lash band. These are surprisingly very flexible despite the lash band being thick~❤
Trying them on:-
I have no false eyelashes on this photo. 
By the way this is my ulzzang inspired puppy makeup :3
 Eyelashes just curled & with 2 coats of mascara~
 My eyelashes are pathetically short =3= even with mascara. ;3;
I apply a thin strip of Eylure Lash Glue :3 to the band & wait 30 seconds until tacky~
& apply following my eyelid not the eyeliner.
 Sorry for the blur!

 Now I find these despite the stiffness really easy to stick on & because of how flexible it is; its really easy to fit to your eye shape~
 Without & With

Lets try both on~
 I'm going to pair these upper falsies with Cross-Under lower ones;
I reviewed these here:-

Both on with lower falsies:-

 I find these lashes look short when not on but when on they look really long & pretty!
They surprisingly look rather natural on my eyes :3 &
They fit well to all eye shapes as you can bend them & are very light & comfy ^-^ A downside is that when you touch them with do feel really hard (hohoho) like paper TT^TT
The lash band is a strong black colour (not transparent) so you may have to wear heavy eyeliner  for it to blend & the lash band thankfully is not flimsy nor too stiff like many dramatic falsies I've tried ^^ Not to mention they are delicate so you could probably wear these I'd say up to 15 times!~

They do bring out a dolly look though~~❤ I love them!~

Easy to apply
Light Weight
Blend well with my dramatic makeup
Fit well to my eye
The lash band is black & probably not suitable to light makeup TT^TT with thin eyeliner
Not long enough for my dramatic tastes ;3;
The hairs are really hard paper & making a hissing noise if you run your finger across them O.O
Only avalaible online. I haven't seen these in my local stores before but I'm sure I'll find some in London Chinatown this October~

Buy again?:-

I thought I'd show you my new makeup style of this season!~
Puppy Dog Ulzzang~ :3

 ERMAGHERD I also finished my Misa Amane Cosplay! My suspenders arrived! kinky eh? LOL kidding >/////<
It took ages to get ready for the 27th of October EXPO this year. I'm so looking forward to my first expo! eek~❤

I promise to update more >////<❤ Do look forward to my Korean Cosmetic Haul~❤ Thank chu for sticking with me! & do follow my Facebook Page for more sneak peeks. Just click the facebook badge to your left~❤
Love you!~❤

 Also anyone else looking forward to SHINee's Dazzling Girl!? *-* I AM!~


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