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Friday, 28 February 2014

에뛰드하우스 진주알 맑은 매직 애니쿠션 SPF34/PA++ 매직핑크 리뷰 Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF34/PA++ Magic Pink Review~❤


Hello everyone, today I'm going to review a special product that only just came out today from Etude House! You've had the Any Cushion but now there's a new Cushion!. . .
The Magic Any Cushion!~ (○´∀`○)


 I joined the 'Wanted' Shh. It's a secret' Tester event to be one of the lucky 30 to try the new Etude House product outside of Korea - I was very lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones! I nearly cried when I saw the Etude message on my Facebook inbox saying 'Congratulation'
Who else of the 30 were sent one?~ ^▽^
I'm very grateful to have this opportunity - Thank you Etude House Global!~ 

I'm going to give my honest opinions & experiences with this product! 

 I cannot simply say how long this product took to get to me as I'm not sure when Etude House sent it to me - All I can say is that I was given the message saying that I won on the 18th - The day after the contest ended & that the product arrived on the 24th. 
Super quick send out Etude!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Let's review!


'Tap Tap Tap~ - Tapping the moment!
For Magically Clear and Tone-up Princess!!
Magically transformed into a clear and immaculate skin!!

'Transparent, soft white face without any stickiness'

This Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent & bright with a lovely magic base colour
that covers imperfections of any skin type.
Make moistfull skin too 촉촉!~

No stickiness. Glossy & Moistfull Skin.
Moisture-lock formula is applied to prevent moisture loss.
The formula contains hyaluronic sodim! 
It is tone up base cushion that's multi-functional (whitening, anti-wrinkle, spf34/pa++ uv protection).

Pearl mineral powder & arbutin to aid & maintain skin in healthy condition.
Contains adenosone for anti-wrinkle treatment.

You can use only this or use it as a makeup base!

Compensate each skin shade's weakness via multi colour cushion. It helps to express flawless skin condition with whitening effect.
The colour choices are just like of the Baby Choux Bases from the Sweet Recipe Line.
매직핑크 Magic Pink:- Recommended for pale skin tone
매직민트 Magic Mint:- Neutralising red,/flushed skin
매직 피치 Magic Peach:- Brightening yellow/dull skin

Capacity - 15g

Three colours to suit your skintone! No fiddling around with shades!
It's so easy just to grab the product by looking at the packaging colour.
Magic Pink was my choice as my skin is pale with barely any redness~
I love that it promises moistfull makeup as my skin is very dry~  

It came in a super pretty pearlescent pink box!~ I love the design - It look adorable & has a vintage feel to it!
Ingredients: Right Click - New Tab to enlarge
I looked at the ingredients on the box, the ingredients that stood out to me is:
Arbutin, grapefruit, glycerin & mother of pearl! - Also no parabens!

Contains hyaluronic sodium to prevent moisture loss. Contains pearl mineral powder & arbutin to maintain healthy skin condition & brightening!
Contains adenosine for anti-wrinkle treatment

 Pact Packaging

Isn't it cute? It looks like a oversized macaroon (○´∀`○) kyuuu~
Designed exactly like the box with the same pastel pearlescent pink shade & logo!~ 
 I believe the colour of the packaging (pink, mint & peach) is inspired by macaroons? I'm not too sure but I saw the Magic Any Cushion Live Beauty Class photos & the tables were set up with pink, mint & peach coloured macaroons~

The pact is very hygienic & is suprisingly travel friendly despite how bulky it looks!~ Sure, it's not as small as a powder pact but is equally as travel friendly!
I pop it my zip compartment of my satchel with no worries! 
 It's a super convenient pact because it holds both the base, the puff & a mirror! No need to bring sponges/brushes/mirrors with you on trips when you can just take this base! 
It is the first pact that doesn't break my nail when I try to open it (ノ*^▽^)ノ 
My powder pacts are sometimes hard to open & I literally have to pry them open with my nails - Then my nail breaks ㅠㅠ
But this pact, super easy! You just press the button & it opens with no trouble!
Easy to open yet keeps securely shut so it's safe to put in your handbag with no worries of spillage~

Open the magic~!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Now it looks like a macaroon ^▽^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Just remove the puff. . . 

 Flip open the separate divider (this stores the puff & prevents the puff from being dirtied by the base) . . .
& ta-daaa~ The Magic Cushion!

Cushion & Airpuff technology.

Close up of the sponge
The base is inserted & soaked into a cushion form to hold moisture~ It's convenient as it only dispenses the base if you apply press on it - So no spillages again! 

You can also buy refills for the pact, once the old cushion is empty.
How to replace the refill:
1. Open the lid & push up the bottom part of the container (Find the word PUSH)
2. The used refill come out
3. Put a new refill in the container to replace it

Look very closely - You can see PUSH
Ta-daaa - Easy to remove cushion for new ones!

 The AirPuff
 The air puff minimizes content absorption with a dual structure & polyurethane. You can barely see any big 'pores' holes like a normal makeup sponge in this puff!

After press it on the cushion

 The puff is so interesting! When I press it to the cushion, it looks like it absorbs it but when applied on the face, it applies all the collected product on the skin without being completely
absorbed by the puff. - You can't waste product!

Can never go back to normal puffs!

Also because the puff does not absorb too much of the base, it feels very cooling to apply to my face~

How to wash puff:-


 It's a very thin, almost diluted-liquid base~ It's a very light pink & feels very cooling to touch~
Because of how thin-watery it is, It's easy to tell how sheer it will be on the face & how it will not be too good for covering acne/blemishes.

 I blended the base with my finger for the swatches, it blended out very easily & quickly! It's very cooling to blend out too!~
Every morning after a hot bath, this base feels so nice & refreshing to apply to mytoo-warm face 
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ <`∀´>

These photos really do the base no justice but I tried to capture it the best I could! 
But once the base is blended - It settles so quickly on the face, leaving it feeling refreshed & looking moisturised & bright!
 It's a dewy finish that does not look oily or feel too sticky to touch. It just feels moisturised like you applied a light essence~ I think it should be okay for oily skin type people depending on oily you are~ - It's really a see-if-you-like-it product~ You have to try to know.

Sticky Test
I applied the base on the back of my hand & then drop some cut-up blotting paper squares on it. 
Then I tipped my hand upside-down to see how many squares dropped off. Only two squares dropped off - It's proof that the stickiness is so bearable & barely there!~

It has a very pretty floral-perfume scent. It's not overpowering & it dissipates once on the face

Bare Face

My poor skin ㅠㅠ Now that it's Winter, my skin is still suffering with dryness & more horribly - Dull! I look so tired despite I'm bouncing all over the salon with happiness~ 
I need a brightening & moisturising base!
Let's put the Magic Any Cushion to the test! 

Direction:- Pick up certain amount of contents with puff & spread evenly by lightly patting onto skin.

Etude House TIPS - Magic Any Cushion MAKE-UP HOW TO 결점 없는 = Flawless Makeup:-
Step 1-  Magic Any Cushion

Appy Magic Pink directly to skin to give colour
Step 2 - Any Cushion
Completely cover any skin blemishes
Step 3 - Magic Any Cushion
Apply Magic Pink again on the T-Zone to highlight

자연스러운 소녀 메이크업! = Natural Girl Makeup!
Only 1 Step  - Magic Any Cushion
Apply Magic Peach to produce natural bright makeup

                                      * * *

Immediate bright & pretty skin!
I applied the base with the airpuff. You have to pat the base on your skin - I find it takes some practice if your used to using your fingers or brushes! 
The Base applied so evenly with the puff without being absorbed & me having to keep pressing the cushion. The sheer, liquidy base blended & settled so quickly! So I didn't have to wait long minutes to apply blusher. 

The Magic Base really brightened up my face & made me look very immaculate & clear!
It definately is a moisturising product that leaves the skin feeling refreshed & looking moistfull-Dewy! 촉촉!!~

It very slightly made my skin look pinker for a glowy effect which I adore! My skin can be deathly pale sometimes & I need some tad of colour in it - Not tan mind you <丶´Д`> Pink~!

This base has barely any coverage! It definitely relieves the redness of spots & acne but does not fully cover them. - Apply concealer or try the Any Cushion on top!

Since the swatches really did the brightening before & after any justice, here is the big impact photo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
 Now you can really see how it brightened my skin tone up!~
Quite scary & I can't stop feeling embarrassed about how dark my eye areas are. . . Need more sleep KeiKei ㅠㅠ
I felt no need to concealer on my dark circles!

My skin looks very bright!! waaah~ (。・ω・。)ノ

Even my face feels so smooth & velvety to touch!
Close up of dewy-ness
With Makeup

This base can be used on its own or underneath makeup! 
I applied my Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in N02 Light Beige over my Magic Any Cushion Base.
 Blending the BB Cream is more silkier & applies more evenly with the base! It creates a more healthy-glowing look & the base acts almost like a primer!
I find using it as a base makes the BB Cream last much longer & looking flawless from start to end of the day!

I prefer to use the base on its own~ I love the pale look! (ノ*^▽^)ノ 
                                      * * *
I absolutely love this base & I'm so grateful for Etude House Global choosing me to test it!

This base has been my go to since the 25th - I wore it during long college hours to test it's durability & how it lasted on my skin.

I wore it yesterday since 6am to 6pm!! - I had a long day at college & went shopping with my Mother. 
I had to do no touch-ups throughout the day with the product! So very long-lasting on my dry skin.
It may differ for different skin types. It keeps my skin moisturised & refreshed for long hours too!
It makes my skin so bright, transparent & dewy - The brightness did not fade throughout the day & the dewy-ness does not look oily or too shiny. 

I can't say too much about the oil control as my skin is not at all oily.  

Despite it's bright effect, it actually is super natural on the face - A perfect everyday product 
It's like your-skin-but-better & I love it!
My skin does not react to this product in anyway - No redness, No breakouts.

Finally, I find the pact & functions of the cushion & sponge extremely handy for day-to-day makeup application. You just press on the cushion with the puff, pat it on your face & done! - You have the mirror, the applicator & the base itself all in one pact! - Useful! - Not to mention you have SPF in there (SPF34/PA++) so no need to apply sunscreen before hand!
After application, close the pact & pop it in your bag for the day! You can take it anywhere with no worries of spillage.

Good for when your in a rush or for a sneaky touch-up during school~
It is so quick to apply but I find the puff may need practice with. It can be difficult to apply the base evenly on all parts of the face. - I'm already getting used to it now!

'Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime' made easy & pretty with the Magic Any Cushion!

Adorable, attractive packaging
Comes in three shades to suit your skin
Convenient, travel friendly pact. It's hygienic & comes with mirror + puff + the important base!
The AirPuff does not absorb the product
Super quick to apply makeup - even when in a rush
Makes skin look brighter, clearer & feel softer.
Keeps skin feeling moist
Soothes skin with the cooling effect
Does not irritate the skin
Has no broken me out or clog my pores
Has SPF34
Light floral scent
AirPuff can be washed & reused 
Refills available

People who need coverage may not like this product - It's quite sheer & good for correcting & brightening more. 
People with oily skin may or may not like this base
Not really a con, but the puff may need practice getting used to
Hard to find in the UK 

I'll definately buy refills for when the cushion empties! I love it so much!

It came out today! So look out for it in Etude stores or Korean Cosmetic Sites!

Announcement!!! Etude House Global has announced that the Magic Any Cushion will be officially launched for global fans on1st May! 

Etude에뛰드 HERE

Thank chu all very much for reading my blog & I hope you all enjoyed this review!
Lots of Love KeiKei (○´∀`○)~


  1. I have oily skin so I´m not sure about this product but thanks for your review~

    I want invite you to join to my Giveaway for Win a $80 Gift Card in JollyChic!

  2. it looks cute :3
    but i guess i can't use it x3
    i really don't want to my skin shine D:

  3. wow! you're so lucky to try it as soon as it came! It must be amazing ^.^
    I was curious about it , if it was too pink . But I think it is like a cc cream with pinkish undertone?

  4. Thats so great that you were chosen! Congrats!! BTW I love Sunmis' new song and wow does she look great ^^ xooxxo Check out my blog sometime and we can be friends ^^ hehe

  5. Omo... I love your skin, its so clear... anyways, what camera are you using? Your photos are great too.. <3


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