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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heart-to-Heart - Things I would tell my 13 year old Me~❤

Another Heart-to-Heart everyone, this post I've been thinking of doing for over a year now & I think it'll be quite interesting to write.❤ 

It's things I would tell my 13 year old self if I could. I know it's a bit silly considering that I'm just 17 & it's only been four years - But you change a lot through just four years right? 
You probably wouldn't believe that this photo:-

Was me right? 
Compared to now:-
Damn. Even my dad went 'bloomin' hell - You aged backwards'. . heh. Thanks Daddy. 
I used to think side profile selcas were awesome & mysterious & that drawing dots under my eyes made me scene . . . oh my lord - Even got a lip piercing! (I actually loved that piercing though)

So these are the things that I would tell my 13 year old me~
1. Wearing that oh-so-amazing electric blue eyeshadow was not a good look for you to wear all year round. (´・ω・`)

2. Not washing your face after school after piling on that very dark foundation is NOT good for your skin.

3. Just cleansing your face with baby wipes will not help your spots & blackheads.

4. Just because its a Clinique foundation thats very dark for you, does not mean it will look good. 

5. Applying foundation on your lips like the other girls (who bullied you) does not work for everyone - especially you Kirsten.

6. Wearing uggs & leggings did not make you go on good-terms with the girls in school - You don't even like Uggs! <丶´Д`>
7. Do not waste your money on uggs & foundation just to be friends with the girls in school. You could do so much better with that money. 

8. That black eyeliner & black eyeshadow all over the top & bottom lids was not a popular look on you or to school teachers - yikes!

 9. Remember that super cheap £1.00 perfumed pressed powder - yes, the one that broke you out ALL along your jawline? & the one that you continued to use? oh my gosh.
10. Applying cream eyeshadow, will not cover your dark circles. 
11. Cutting your own side fringe to be like the girls in school, was not a good idea was it? 

12. Pouring bath oil in your bath water to soak & then submerge to your shoulders under the water with your hair undone & then wondering the next day at school, why your hair was super greasy. 

13. Not wearing a bra with a your rough- logo threaded PE top, hurt didn't it? Ouch. 

14. Dry shaving with a dull razor because you wear too lazy to wet & soap your legs, hurt didn't it?
& made your legs looked very blotchy & spotting right? <丶´Д`>

15. Shaving your eyebrows to look arched. . . Nice half-a-brow.
16. Trying to re-pierce your cartilage hurts
17. Taking photos of your first sip of alcohol was stupid right? - Kirsten, you don't even like alcohol! Why?! 
18. Using 15 year old makeup is very unhygienic!  
19. Buying albums of bands that girls in school liked to make yourself seem cooler - You hated those bands & you wasted money AGAIN
20. Editing your pictures to look tanned & have blue-er eyes on Picnik, did in fact look very fake.
21. Trying fake tan all over your face, was terrible. 
22. Not washing your face after wearing makeup & the next day, apply more makeup over it - My poor skin. 
23. Not washing your hair every few days is not very good for your looks. Ugh.
 24. Smudgy waterline eyeliner, was not a good look ^^ 

25. You were very gullible & made friends will many wrong people - Remember all those days you went without lunch/spending money because you gave it away to the wrong people. 

26. You should always have breakfast before school - you made yourself sick.
27. If you had problems with school or the girls in school - you should've told someone.
28. You should told your parents everything 
29. You should've told your friends.

& 30. You should've never listened to those who told you, that you were useless, ugly or pathetic.
You should've never listened to anyone who told you to change or try to be like anyone else.
You were very unhappy trying to be like the girls who bullied you, weren't you? You tried to dress like them & talk & act like them. Those girls still were mean to you - none the less. 
You should've gained confidence, not lose it & in 4 years time, you would become a more confident girl.
A girl who finally found her own style & unique personality & is much happier.

 Never change yourself for no one everyone! & I wish you a happier future!~


  1. I love this post. I was pretty much the same like you, back then ;) trying hard to be someone else, and losing your own characteristics... I know what u mean.<33 the girls who bullied u like this were just envious, because they dont had this unique personality and look like you \(^ ~*)/ wish u luck, Anna

  2. OMG! You have changed a lot and it would be great if you change for the better, right? Kudos to you~! And yeah, we all try our best to fit in just to realize fitting in is NOT actually the right answer. There are girls out there who are just plain mean because they have a lot of insecurities. More power~!

    --Raj (

  3. Wow, it seems like you've changed a lot inside and out!! (6x6) I also went through a really awkward phase but I was the opposite, I felt like I didn't fit it to begin with so I did what I could to not fit in with them even more XD. But it was bad cause it wasn't like they were mean or anything. I agree, it's a very valuable lesson for people to realize that whether they act like themselves or like someone else, it rarely makes much of a difference. We may as well all be true to ourselves :D Hhm, now I want to do a post like this (lol) (

  4. Thanks for this lovely post, and so we get a chance to learn more about you.

    If I have meet you in real life when you were 13 years old, I would hesitate if I should start talking with you first. I know many peoples in that style were really nice and friendly, but it still put peoples off in the beginning.

    But if I meet you now, I would think you are a friendly, lovely, happy, sweet and cute girl.

    I had a hard time in school for similar reason before too, and I am still looking for my own style. But I am glad that you have already found yours and it really suits you <3

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  6. Hey Kirsten, I just want to say thank you for your blog. You're so positive and calm, it really helps my anxiety. I wish I could find myself, as you have xxx


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