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Monday, 19 August 2013

에뛰드하우스 진주알 맑은 BB크림 브라이트핏 SPF30/PA++60g N02 라이트베이지 리뷰 Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit N02 Light Beige Review~❤

Hey guys, I'm back with a beauty related review!~
I bought a couple things from Cosmetic.Love & it arrived in 11 days!~ 

super quick even though I was continuously saying 'postman, postman' on Facebook about four times a day XD I get too excited~
My babies~~ (○´∀`○)
 & of course the free samples~! :-
3W Clinic Fresh White Mask Sheet
SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream
Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream 
Missha Misa Gumsul Toner & Emulsion
Missha Time Revolution Aqua Youth Cream
Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack

So generous!~~  (。・ω・。)ノ
On to the review
-  -  -
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in N02 Light Beige. I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted this BB cream!~ It feels weird to actually hold this product in my hand XD
This Bright Fit BB Cream is the new version of Precious Mineral BB All Day Strong & the new version of the Bright Fit is Cotton Fit BB Cream!
All Day Strong is discontinued now but loads of online shops still sell it~

The Bright Fit BB cream is still one of the Best Items on Etude's site, as in Best Sellers!

Original Etude House price:-
14,000원 around about £8.08. I purchased this for £11.18
A little bit pricey but ever since Korea Post had changes in their shipping pricing policies, Cosmetic.Love had to increase prices up a little. I don't mind~

 Oh my lord. The packaging. . .isn't it so cute & princessy? Cute & very grown up too! I fell in love~
It does reminds you of pearls! (Oh! notice the little pearl beads I placed on the bottom of the photo?)
The pale pink colour of the box though is VERY hard to pick up on camera  ㅠㅠ The text on the box is also light grey so again hard to pick up!  
I hope you can see it clearly guys! <丶´Д`>
 I chose the lightest shade N02 Light Beige. There are four shades all together of the Bright Fit BB Cream:- 
N02 Light Beige
W13 Natural Beige
W24 Honey Beige
W15 Sand Beige - Darkest.

Free of parabens!

Claims from Etude House:-
 3 Efficacies UV Protection + Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle
Oil zero! Adhesion Up!
Zero Oil! Coverage Up! Longer Lasting!
Keep your dazzling looking skin all day like a precious pearl
BB Cream formulated with Pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist, radiant looking skin while protecting against UV damage & wrinkles.
Promote silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage.
Contains adenosine & arbutin for antiwrinkle & whitening care.
Enriched with Pearl Mineral Powder: Brightening coverage Pearl. Brightening care skin algae: Antioxidant Moisture care.

Aloe Vera, coconut.
Controls sebum & darkening of skin.

This BB Cream has a Mesh layer to effectively hold colour & moisture particles.

I bought this BB cream mainly for long lasting coverage & moisture! I have dry skin & most BB creams tend to cake up or just melt away. 

- - - 

 This tube is probably the tallest BB cream I've had. I thought it would be the same size as my SHINISTAR BB Cream but nope! at 60g worth product it is much bigger - a bonus!
Not to mention it is such a pretty, attractive tube~~ *-*
Very sturdy too.

The Pump
 Ah the evil pumps! It took a few pumps to actually get any of the BB Cream. 
 The pump is quite sensitive, you only need to press gently to release a good amount of BB Cream. Press hard, you will end up with too much product.

I like the pump however! ^-^ It's very hygienic & a pretty pearlescent colour!

The BB Cream

Let's first talk about the consistency! It's very different to the BB Creams I use
 As you see its quite watery? It's very thin unlike the creamy BB Creams I've used to. It's like a lotion/emulsion.
This gives the impression that the result of the BB cream on the face will be sheer right? Let's see otherwise.

Smells very pleasant, a light floral scent that dissipates when on face

I applied half a pump of the BB cream on my hand & as I swatched it out, it is like of a lotion. 
It does not run but it spreads out sheer.
I expected some glow when blended but not like that! I love how dewy it actually is! Very moist & glowy 물광 effect~
In real life this BB cream swatched on my hand looking very pink? I'm guess that is the pearl effect. 
At first though I thought it was too dark for me! ㅠㅠ The pink tone when applied to face will make it look healthier & brightened without white cast.

I tested this BB cream under water & it stayed put!~

On face - Coverage is key!
How to apply:-
Apply Cream to all areas of face. Pat to finish.

Despite Etude saying this BB cream has sheer coverage, I've read from bloggers that the coverage is medium & can cover pores/blemishes. 
Recently due to stress/disturbed sleep I have broken out on only one side of my face (how annoyingㅠㅠ) & to really put the coverage of this product to the test, I'll be showing you my broken out face. 

Warning:- blemishes.

Click for bigger results
Photo1:- I have five red blemishes & tired eyes. I have apply Garnier Moisture Match Dry to Very Dry Moisturiser to my dry skin.

Photo 2:- I apply a small amount of BB Cream (a little goes a long way) & pat it out over one side of face.
The BB cream applies very smooth like when you wear primer - all silky. It spreads out sheer.

Photo 3:- Look how well it brightened up my complexion & dark circles! The pearlescent pink tone to the BB cream really worked! It really left my skin looking dewy & feeling very moist.
This BB cream despite it's sheer application it worked very hard to cover my blemishes & worked enough for me to leave the concealer~~(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The coverage is really, very good! I'd say about light-medium coverage.

Sure you can still see the blemishes a little bit but they are less noticeable due to neutralizing the redness.
 So dewy~~ Like of a pearl~
You can see the clear difference of my right side to my left. Much brighter, glowy & colour balanced out.
In sunlight

The moisture that is packed into this BB cream is really good for those who have very dry skin like me! 
Oily skin people may find this BB cream triggering for pores/acne so be careful!
Bonus for oily skin though it that this BB cream adheres very well to the skin without powder.

Oil Control
 Etude says Zero Oil to this product but lets just see how much is produced. . .
  After five hours, a small amount of oil is produced. Not bad, not bad at all. Best keep powder with you if you hate dewy skin though. 
It does have good oil control & as I'm wearing it right it feels like I'm wearing my Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer!

This BB Cream lasts long on my face - Up to 8 hours & my blemishes are still faded by it & the moist feeling & look is still there. I have seen no oxidation of the BB cream.
I'm in love~~
 I feel confident with just Etude House Bright Fit on my face~~(○´∀`○)

Reasonable price on Cosmetic.Love
Cute packaging
Plenty of product - 60g
Packed with loads of beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera.
4 Shades to fit you
Smells so sweet~
Applies smooth like a lotion - Does not cake
Light-Medium coverage (enough to cover pores & fade acne)
Packed with moisture (good for dry skin)
Leaves skin brightened, smoothed & very dewy~
Does not oxidize
Adheres for long lasting effects 
Good oil control
Fiddly pump
The moisture may trigger off oily skin
Some people may not like the dewy effect
Not available in UK

Buy your Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright here today!:-  

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone!~~
Love chu~


  1. Wow my dear, a big difference with this BB Cream. Really nice review thanks for share with us.

  2. i also have this one but in no w13.. i really like how it makes my skin look glowy ^^

  3. I have oily skin sooo dewy finish is not really my thing. :) But i do own one of this BB in Natural Beige.I prefer Cotton Fit more.


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