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Saturday, 20 July 2013

에뛰드하우스 리본 아이스 텀블러 리뷰 Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler Review~❤

Annyeong guys! Finally a review eh? (○´∀`○)  I'm soooo sorry for the long wait everyone!
So this is a review on Etude House's Limited Edition Ice Tumbler! 

I wanted it ever since I saw this picture of Sulli!:-
Pretty Sulli is featured in her Etude Summer Makeup 'Bling in the Sea' Mermaid makeup holding the tumbler!~~

I ordered it from KPOPTown on the 11th of July & it arrived the 20th of July!
It only took that quick because I chose the Registered Air Mail 14-28 Business days.

I bought it for the 40% reduced price,  it was on KPOPTown originally £5.19 ($7.50) & the reduced price was £3.11 ($4.50) - Super cheap!!~ Which is not far off from the Korean price 7,500won (roughly £4.39).
Purchase Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler HERE

Post Packaging
The tumbler arrived in a big box & was sealed with strong tape. They must've used half a roll off tape on this box because I had to stab at it with a dagger (couldn't find the utility knife) ㅠㅠ I was actually out of breath & had to get my Nan to help pry open the box!
 Despite the struggle to open it, I'm glad KPOPTown sealed the box so well~
 Holy gosh, so much protective foam & plenty of bubblewrap for protective my tumbler! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ my brother makes stuff out of this foam & he has a thing for popping bubble wrap (don't we all?)
The foam is cute too~(○´∀`○) Like a tiny cog~
KPOPTown also gave me two coupons 5% off lens purchase~

Tumbler Packaging
 This is the cutest packaging! Even though it is so simple compared to the other detail packaging of Etude House, it is still cute~ feminine cute for limited edition~
Not to mention this is the tallest Etude House Packaging I've had - 24cm tall!

What would Etude be without their sweet motto! Wanna be sweet? PLAY ETUDE~
Cred. to

Info on Etude's Site:-
'Coooool Summer must-haves'
Manufacturer:- Zhejiang Huangyan Dafu Plastic Co., LTD/China

Info on product:-
Country of Origin:- Republic of Korea
Material:- AS, Rubber
Size:- 560ml (16oz) (Plenty of room for ice!)
The details!~
Removable ribbon~
Durability, keep drinks cooler longer
Only for cold drinks!~ Not hot
Before use wash both tumbler & straw well

Click for closeup

The Tumbler
Okay. Holy shisus. It is utterly adorable. EEEEEEEEEE~~ So cutesocuteeeee~(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Oh my gosh. I'm trying to type tumbler but it keeps coming out as tumblr. God damn tumblr!
Anyway, this is the cutest tumbler I have yet to see before~  & its much bigger than I expected yes!~

I love that Etude put their slogan over the tumbler 'Wanna be sweet? PLAY ETUDE' & their signature swirly hearts~
The tumbler & it's lid is made from a solid, strong plastic (not flexible) but it could crack if droppedㅠㅠ
The lid sometimes is hard to screw back on & this is not a pop-in-your-bag tumbler - It will spill!
 The bow is definitely the key feature of this sweet tumbler that literally screams out 'ETUDE'~
 The silky bow is removable so you could probably use it for your hair!~ It also helps prevent the straw from going to far in the tumbler (especially if you have a creamy smoothie of some sorts.

The lightly-pink-tinted straw is not like a regular straw,it is also solid, strong plastic. It's ideal for people who have a habit of chewing their straw (like me! oops)

The structure - how the tumbler helps!

Apart from being a cutie accessory for everyday, it really benefits your drinks in this hot weather we've been having.
The tumbler has a clever dual structure that prevents warm temperatures from warming our drinks from the diagram above ^^
Also you can see the dual structure below in real pictures:-
- - -
  So not a worry about your ice cubes melting too fast & making your drink warm!

Ice Cold Coca Cola~
 Testing how long the ice cubes last~ They normally last around 10 minutes before melting completely in this hot weather ㅠㅠ however in the ice tumbler. . .
They started disappearing within thirty minutes & my coke still was ice cold!
I'm impressed already!!~

Test with hot water
I know your shouldn't chance hot drinks with this tumbler but some people might!
 I poured boiling kettle water into the tumbler & then held the cup. 
Barely any heat was felt!! Again impressed!!  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ  
However I understand this tumbler cannot support hot beverages but a lukewarm tea/coffee it can support! 
Like I did here:-
Lukewarm tea, nom nom  (´∀`)
But since its summer, it all come down to water~ Nice & longlasting cold from Etude's Ribbon Ice Tumbler~
Etude encourages us to moist skin with 2L water a day & made cute with the Ribbon Tumbler!~

Limited Edition Tumbler!
Safe packaging
Cute packaging & even cute, cute tumbler
Removable bow~
Strong straw
Easy to clean
Really keeps drinks cold & tasty for longer in summer with its clever dual structure
It can support hot drinks (though I wouldn't try to to often!)
Great for everyday (Like I'm going to do!~) 

Despite strong plastic - it could crack if dropped
Not a good idea to put in bags!

I'm totally in love with this tumbler & recommend it!~
My hair is still long! I just tucked it under to look short

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone!~ Have a good summer~
Love KeiKei~

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  1. omggg! it is so cuteee <3 I wantttt!!!!!

  2. That beautiful tumbler, I love it! *u* It seems perfect for a bubble tea!

  3. Oh really cute sweetie!
    Many hanks for you review!

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  5. Really cute...

  6. I think I saw this in the Etude House store? It's cute!

  7. I want to get this, but I want to keep coffee or warm drinks in it, since the winter is starting to come to sweden and it is gonna get cooold >O< hahahaha
    and school has started too for me...


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