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Saturday, 13 July 2013

British Shenanigans Episode:- Away from home~❤ [Very photo & info heavy]

Waaaah~ It's been a while right since my last post on the 17th of June~ I'm sorry sorry, I'm going to be honest & admit why I haven't posted. . . It's because I've been a lazy girl XD Sooo sorry!~
After my exams & officially leaving school, it was suddenly like a huge lift & I let the lazies come over me. I'm on holiday now!~ hurray hurray~

 I'm very excited to start blogging again! What's better than to start with a catch up post. In this British Shenanigans I'll be post photos of what I've done since the 17th of June~
Please enjoy neh?~

25th June
Dad's 42nd Birthday
I had a lot of fun creating this card for Daddy~ (^▽^)
26th June
I did some photos on my own with my tripod & Bell~
2nd July
I never made a paper boat before so I tried to make one & failed miserably XD
4th July
I messed up my sleeping pattern so I was up all night until afternoon where I finally got sleepy.
I did some natural makeup~ I loved my eyes like this!
You can see Eatyourkimchi in the background!~ :33
7th July
The weather suddenly began increasing to red colours! Wow England!~ So I experimented with bright eyemakeup for a mature look~
8th July
I went to stay over my nans & on such a hot day!
I love Larkhill, it's really peaceful despite some of the people there are sometimes impatient. It's a Garrison settlement, that means it has military base nearby. There are barracks there near the corner shops & I saw a tank go down the road. Gosh tanks are so loud & fast!
I took mostly photography~

Beautiful view right?~~ This is right in front of Nan's house
 You've all met my cockatiel Nut-Nut in my blog but never my nan's cockatiels Beauty & Shinny. Here they are:-
Aren't they cute?~~ (○´∀`○) They have a pretty little sing-song~

Also food porn:-
The whole time I stayed there, it was too hot to cook & we didn't fancy hot food so we had salads for dinner as it's refreshing!~ I love salads (´∀`)
9th July
Nan took me to Bournemouth Beach as it was 27degrees - hot! eek~
We had time to kill so we walked down to the village to have tea before catching our bus. Here is the snaps on the walk:-
 Larkhill is lucky enough to have a gorgeous far view of Stonehenge (these are zoomed in photos)
This was taken at 8:45am & as you can see, already people are visiting.
No clouds, that's a novelㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
 I'm very proud for taking this photo. Isn't this ladybird cuuuute?
Hi nanny!~ She told me she chose that skirt especially because red, blue & white 'are sailor colours' for the beach!~ ^-^
I got in a mess with my liptint ._______.
Finally at Bournemouth. We had to take two buses & gosh it was so hot on them! 

 The beach was crawling with people! It's was difficult to find a place to sit but luckily a man gave nan his deck chair tickets so she could sit down~ aww, some nice people nowadays!~
The sand was soooo hot, it hurt to walk on & it was blinding in the sun but it felt like Summer & it was perfect~
The sea was a beautiful blue-green shade & all sparkling in the sun~~
 My makeup that day~~
We didn't stay on the beach long, me & Nan are not the biggest fans of the sun~
Most of you know that I love my pale skin & never like it tanned. Well I wasn't going to wear long socks or jeans so I wore a dress & guessed it. . . I tanned just on my legs ㅠㅠ
In just the time of an hour & a half my legs went from white to tan!
Tan ㅠㅠ
Stupid tan ㅠㅠ
Nan was looking especially forward to icecream, she loves sweet things & so do I! We had cheesecake for breakfast too! We love the same things & she even asked for me to put SHINee songs on her record player, how sweet!
We were both born on the 21st September. Maybe that's why we are so alike!~
This photo makes me laugh :3
I love Airplane swings .3.~
The sun grew too hot & we took the long bus home again~ we were so tired! I think Beauty missed us! (○´∀`○)
Later that evening.
More salad~ nomnom
We were so tired we went to bed at 7pm hehe~ but I stayed up a little bit longer in bed to play Tamagotchi Corner shop. I love this cute little game still!~
I was awoken during the night to this. . . 
The most painful sunburn I've had yet only on my shoulders but I couldn't sleep on my left side! 
I hate the perfect white line that my bra made ;^;  My shoulders still hurt as I'm typing this tooㅠㅠ this is why the sun hates me.

10th July
My sunburn started to really hurt so Nan offered we go down to Amesbury to buy some calamine lotion. We walked down to the village to catch the bus.
The weather was still hot but this time we had a cooling breeze, finally!! XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Many people at Stonehenge that day at 11am~
Nan spotted this gorgeous butterfly so I had to stop & take a photo of it! She's the cutest butterfly I've ever seen~
& this male beetle took over the photo XD
I also spotted another gorgeous butterfly! loooook at those spots! *¬*
Gosh, the bus driver was very impatient with my nan. She asked for the price of a child-single-tickets & he snapped 'Let me find it first, then I'll tell you!' so I threw him a glare & he suddenly said 'Sweetheart' & gave a apologetic face. It made me furious & made my day at the same time!
My nan said I had 'men-warding-powders' LOL silly, impatient bus driver.
I wish people wouldn't rush elders, it really angers me!

In Amesbury, we stopped at the unique little café called The Friar Tuck.
The Friar Tuck ceiling is designed to look like a cave! It has a really friendly atmosphere that I go in quite often when we visit Amesbury~
See the ceiling? like a cafe!
 We just had a glass of cold pepsi~~
Such a pretty cake! but £200 eek!

Back home & had salad again! XD 
Couldn't resist ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
 Me & Nan kind of went off into our own little worlds. She read her book & I read the one she bought for me. This book is one of the best I've ever read, so sweet & yet sad at the same time. Really recommend it~
We went out to the park for me to take photography though there wasn't much & we were both tired~

Me & my big forehead ㅠㅠ just before going to bed.

11th July
Going back home! Nan came back with me~ :33
I missed everyone even though it was only for 3-half days~ My parents treated us to roast dinner & strawberries & icecream. This was the first cooked thing me & nan had in 4 days xD
Mother bought me some Aftersun for my painful sunburn ;3; thank chu mummy~
& finally my selca looking all lady-like . . . & in my nightdress .3.

 I hope you enjoyed looking the photos, I hope I didn't bore any of you!~ I really wanted to share, I love spending time with my nan~
I'm about to edit a Ulzzang inspired post like my Coffee & Pastel one last time to really get back into blogging~(○´∀`○) 
Bye Bye~~ I love chu & thank chu for sticking with me!~


  1. You and your Nana are so adorable ^ ^ I love reading your blog posts :3

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