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Sunday, 3 February 2013

스킨79 디 오리엔탈 골드 비비크림SPF25 PA++ SKIN79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF25 PA++ Review~❤

Ayo guys!~ (^▽^) Finally I did the review for SKIN79 Oriental Gold XD I was too lazy to it! OTL sorry ><

I bought this in one of my Cosmetic.Love Hauls! Oriental BB Cream
It was cheap than what I thought! I thought since the packaging looks so posh; I thought it would be pricey! but nope! It's only £8.08 approx. $15.19 *0* CHEEEAP! OHMYGOSH YAY!~
40g - A average amount for most SKIN79 products
'The Oriental tea blending ingredients including White Tea, Green Tea & Black Tea keep skin brighter & firmer. Two patent ingredients of The Oriental Tea Newplex & Natural Complex Extract keep skin healthy by protecting skin from outer harmful substances.'
Protects skin from substances?! O.O how awesome is that?! ohmygosh.
Info from Cosmetic.Love
[Features] SKIN 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF25 PA++: HIGH QUALITY MULTI-FUNCTION MOISTURIZING BB CREAM. Luxurious tea ingredients helps skin remain moist and comfortable while presenting smooth and even skin. Also the cream lip & cheek completes the bright and lively makeup.

'Triple effect BB Cream keeps skin more resilient & brilliant with natural ingredients improving skin into glossy & sleek status, more completely protecting skin exposed to UV rays'
Click to Enlarge
 On the Hangul side; it shows how open & manage the BB cream ^^
Click to Enlarge
Ingredients ^^
Here's a few of the many ingredients I'll mention:-
1. Arbutin 
Arbutin is the derivative of hyperpigmention (dark spots) bleaching source hydroquinone. 
Arbutin is more of a natural derivative of hydroquinone with extracts from bearberry, cranberry, mulberry & blueberry shrubs. 
It has skin lightening properties & lightens dark spots for whiter skin.

2. Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract - Japanese Mugwort ヨモギ Yomogi (also known is Korea as 쑥 ssuk & in China 黄花艾 huang hua ai)
This leaf extract in commonly used in foods & beverages to add colour, scent & remove bitterness.
 In Japan & Korea you can find this leaf extract used in mochi (dumplings), tteok (rice cake), jeon (Korean pancake), 쑥김치 ssuk kimchi (omnomnomnom!~)
 & 쑥국 ssukguk Soup. 
It's also found in Tea~

3. Camellia Sinensis - green tea~
& so on.
Also there are unfortunately three parabens (;^;) & fragrance
 Authentic Info!
The BB Cream itself
SO CUTE!~(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
It looks really royal *-* Such a pretty lavender purple with expensive looking contrast against the gold lid & emblem.
Authenticity seal
'KFDA 3 Functions Certification
Whitening/Wrinkle Improvement/UV Interception SPF25 PA++'

Wizcoz official authenticity label~ ^^
Now; its not just the amazing benefits of this product! There is also another surprise added! dundadaaa!~ XD

At the top of the BB cream lid is...
It's own lip & Cheek tint! with it's own cutie mirror Again hygiene. You have to dip your fingers in to collect the tint if you do not own a brush.

BB Cream

So lets review the BB Cream first as it's most important!~ 
So first we take off the tint lid & voilà!~
Your probably thinking (If your more familiar to the hot pink/gold bb creams) what the hee-haw? where is the pump!?ㅍ_ㅍ;; XD
This BB cream does have a pump! A special pump that makes this BB cream seems so special & unique~ opposed to the other SKIN79 BB creams with their push down button & the BB cream comes out of the side hole.
This BB cream however is still a push down but the BB cream comes out of the top!
 So in this GIF above ^^ I push down gently on the pump to release the BB cream.
 It's really unique I think!
The downside is that it is kind of tricky to use at first. When you press down even a little bit; the BB creams literally pours out. So if you do not press gently; Too much product will come out!
Also I'm very picky with hygiene. The way we have to swipe the cream off can collect germs so best wipe it down sometimes!

Click to Enlarge
So the BB cream only comes in one shade - a Light Beige.
The consistency is like a gel & not so liquid like as Etude House BB creams ^^ It's not too thick & does not leave a heavy feeling to skin.
 GIF showing the consistency:-
 See? It's not so runny as some BB Creams
 Despite its gel consistency I find blending this product on my hand so easy & it left my hand feeling moist & dewy (No stickiness whatsoever) & a lovely natural whitened shade.
The difference between my hands.
The left is bare & the right has the blended BB cream on it. I'm naturally pale & the BB cream does not enhance it but gave it a natural flawless glow.
Yes! It smells like Tea leaves with a floral touch XD Such a gorgeous scent!
On Face

[How to use]
BB Cream: Use it proper quantity on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care.
I too have some blemishes. Dark circles, redness & dry skin ㅠㅠ So annoying! I had applied a Moisturiser I'm not going to lie about that! I must wear moisturiser or my face will be painfully tight! I used Clinique Dramatically Moisturiser.

Click to Enlarge
I applied with my hands then blended with a Clinique Flat foundation brush (^0^) 
This BB cream really brightened up my face back to a more flawless natural state. It covered my blemishes reaaally well! Like ohmygod WELL.
It gives a healthy dewy glow - much like a Korean Actress/Idol skin which really compliments my new black hair! (YES I GOT MY HAIR DYED WOOHOO!ㅋㅋㅋ )
It feels extremely light despite its medium coverage & did not leave my skin feeling oily/sticky. Though for good results use a powder even though it may diminish the dewy look. 
It leaves the skin really smooth~
The gel formula is very easy to apply & blend & does not move around in hot weather & gives moisture to my dry skin especially in this Winter Weather~ 
One main thing; the shade is perfect & does not give you a white/grey cast like SKIN79 VIP Gold does!
See how natural it is? *-* It looks not much different from my bare side; just a bit more flawless~
My dark circles are still there but look brighter. Brightened enough to let me give the concealer a miss for once XD
Blemish Coverage

Damn them spots.
As you can see this BB cream does not entire make the spot disappear (I wish)
But makes it less visible & brighter rather than red~ Though I may still use concealer for my blemishes in the future.

Extra Dew
I always apply Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #3 Transparent to my face for a more dewy look but sometimes the consistency of the Volumer budges certain BB cream so it goes smeary!
EEK( ゚д゚) I don't want that!
So lets try & see what happens
 I did a review of the Nymph Aura here:- Etude Volumer
So here is the BB cream with a small appropriate amount of Volumer ^^
& then both blended together
Woohoo! I applied the mix to my ALREADY BB creamed (ㅎㅎㅎ) face~
It did not disturb it at all & made it the more dewy! Yay!~
This BB cream lasted over 10 Hours before it became a bit oily around my T-Zone but apart from that; my covered blemishes were not disturbed & I still kept a natural flawless face (^0^)

Lip & Cheek Tint
Lets review the cute little lip tint added on this BB cream~
 'The cream lip & cheek completes the bright and lively makeup.'

The tint is shown as a vivid hot pink~ & carries the same floral Tea leave scent~
It is a creamy moisturising tint - that between a lipstick & BB cream surprisingly. It is very pigmented & with the slightest touch; you get a good amount of product on your finger.
SO PIGMENTED OHMYGOSH XD even when blended it looks gorgeously pigmented
It is like velvet applicator with fingers~~ It's moist but appears matte at the same time~
On Cheeks
Despite how pigmented it is; It does not appear so pigmented when blended on top of the Oriental Gold BB Cream - It does leave a nice natural flush though!~~ (^-^) I do not like having my cheeks so pink so this is perfect & it does not disturb the BB cream. All it has the same moisturising effect as the BB Cream!

On Lips
'Creamy Touch Colour Lip&Cheek:- Apply proper amount to both cheek & spread it with fingers & even ober the lip.'
I'm so sorry for my lips. Due to nervousness I have; I bite them so bad until they are wounded!
Anyway. Unlike the natural flush it gives on my cheeks; on lips however it appears very creamy & pigmented but that was after two coats of the lip tint on my lips.
It gives a cutie baby-pink for your lips. It looks glossy yet it's matte & moisturising at 
the same time!
So despite its hot pink shade; it does come of as sheer shade depending on where you apply.
BB Cream:-
Super cute packaging
Good coverage
Whitens & Brightens
Smooths & primes skin
Moisturising & has many benefits like Wrinkle improvement
Not sticky nor oily
Perfect shade 
Easy application
Does not oxidize
Smells so good!
Plenty of products
& more importantly gives off a gorgeous flawless-natural effect

The pump is not that hygienic.
Overall rating:- ♡/5 perfect!

Lip&Cheek Tint:-
Comes with BB Cream
Pigmented on lips
A beautiful baby pink colour
Smells like the BB Cream
Easy application

The pigmentation varies between vibrant & sheer
Does not act as good a pigmented blush on top of BB cream.
When dipping fingers into tint; it's not very hygienic if you do not own brush.

Overall rating:- ♡/5
Yes! I LOVE this BB cream sooo much! So definately will repurchase~
I hope this post was helpful to you everyone! ^0^~~ 
I leave you with this beautiful scenery picture I took today!~
 Bye Bye enjoy the rest of this weekend!~


  1. Nice review and I love You Mei You song!! XD

    1. Ohmygosh me too XD the song is sooooo catchy!~❤

  2. Good review! I love Skin79, my favourite bbcream right now is the Vital Orange <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

    1. Thank chu~❤ I've always wanted to try the Vital Orange~

  3. Thank you for the review! I have dry and delicate skin too, so it's a bit hard to find proper reviews! This has definetely helped me to make up my mind (:

    1. Your welcome!~❤ So glad I helped!
      Having delicate & dry skin is really hard when choosing BB creams isn't it? >< ~❤

  4. Really nice review!Thank you...I like the idea of this BB cream coming with a blush :D


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