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Sunday, 27 January 2013

KeiKei's January Favourites~❤

Ayo~ (^0^) Sorry for my moody-late blog post (=3=;) I feel a lot more bubbly now!~ So I thought about sharing what I used the most this Month!
I change stuff every month or so depending by weather (I know that sounds weird o.o)
I'm going share beauty products, fashion & random things I've enjoyed this week!~

Hair, Health & Body
Tesco WAKE UP! Lemon & Tea Shower Creme.
Honestly; this product looks kind of tacky & when Mum got it for me after my last shower wash ran out, I was like ''I doubt it'll be good''.
So I tried it & I fell in love!
It smells exactly like lemon with a tangy scent & its great to wake up to! It reminds me of summer when my last shower wash (strawberry & warm vanilla) reminded me of Fall. 
It has a bizarre texture too XD like it's jelly like gel. *slapped*
It leaves my skin feeling clean, soft & moisturised! Definately a ''Never judge a book by it's cover'' here (^▽^) 
Cheap too! woohoo! I'm keeping this in my wash routines!~ 

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner.
I've been using this since late November after I literally fried my hair. When I mean fried; I mean it! One side (my right side) of my fringe snapped! ( ゚д゚) in half because of bleach damage & all of my hair frizzed to high heaven, not to mention it was unbearably dry like straw & I could pull it out!!!
But this beautiful baby of a conditioner has saved it! & it's back to it's soften & straight self!~
It's healthy & the side of my fringe has nearly grown back & is below my brow again but it still needs to thicken out again as it's thin (><) I'm so in love with this product!
It does all it says on the bottle & smells like Violet Candies!~ ㅋㅋㅋ
I totally recommend this for damage bleach hair!

Vital Eyes Moisturising Eye Drops.
During Winter; my eyes get dry after removing circle lens & these drops really refresh, cool & more importantly moisture my eyes after removing lenses!~
The downside; you can only use them after removing lens & not before.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.
My mum bought this to replace our Olay Classic Moisture Beauty Fluid; & it has proven to be great!
I keeps my face moisturised all day through all weather.
My skin gets the most dry during winter & this battles it!~~ 
Despite it's price; it's really worth it!~

StarGazer Foundation. 
Believe it or not; this is no costume face cream! It is a really foundation!~
I use this to mix with darker bb creams et cetera for a porcelain look!
I love the foundation spatula despite it drips! (><)
The formula of this foundation is rich & thick but it is easy to spread & has moisturising effects!
Not to mention; it has great coverage skills!~
It lasts long without dryness in Winter Months so I wear it on long days!~ It lasts longer when paired with the StarGazer White Compressed Powder which I've got!~
Never judge by its colour! I know its pure white but when blended on the skin; it's pale shade goes sheer with no white-cast~
 This product varies in price depending the store on which you buy it for.
I got it for about £8.00~

Etude House Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara mascara
I've done a review on this product here:- Etude Mascara
This mascara is amazing! I cannot go to explain how amazing it is but I'll try my best!~(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
This mascara has a unique dial which features 3 different steps for a different volume style:-
Step1 : Defined,clean volume. 
Step2 : Full,Glamorous volume.
Step3 : Dramatic,smoky volume.

It's so clever how each time you turn the middle section dial; that the brush changes in length & thickness! *-*
I love Step-2 for my school look & 3-step for a big dolly effect~
Despite it not being waterproof; it is one amazing mascara to get!

 Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream
 This BB Cream has easily become my favourite winter BB Cream. It gives perfect coverage & has a moisturising effect. <`∀´>
The shade of it is natural yet brightens up your complexion with a healthy dewy glow. 
It smells so floral & gorgeous too & has a unique push-down pump.
The pump is fiddly! XD You have to push down gently because if you push it hard; you will end up with a massive blob of BB cream coming out ㅎㅎㅎ 
Also this BB cream; in it's lid comes with a mirror & a cute lip & cheek tint!~
The lip & cheek tint comes off as quite a hot shade of pink but it applies sheer to skin & lip.
The liptint is reeeally moisturising!
I love applying it gently to my cheeks for a flushed dolly natural look especially for my ulzzang looks~
On lips the tint is a baby milky colour & goes on slightly glossy but as a blush it goes matte. Weird XD

 Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #3 Transparent
I've done a review on this already:- Etude Volumer
I've wanted this for the longest time & when I finally got it; I fell in love! 
This is the finish touch to my Ulzzang looks for a healthy dewy Korean-Idol like skin!~
The bottle is utterly-adorable & comes with a pump so you can get the perfect amount you want!~
The texture has a sticky feeling but it's tolerable to ignore especially with the benefits of dewy looking skin!~ It moisturises your face too especially (again) in the harsh cold weather.
I wear this school & it lasts aaaall day!~
 TONYMOLY Baby Doll Pot Concealer in #1 Light Beige
I've done a review on this cutie:- TONYMOLY Concealer

 This is probably the best concealer I've tried so far! It has proven amazing coverage & blending skills with its moisturising rich formula!~ The texture is that between a foundation texture so blending is velvet like!~ It lasts long & does not cake on & has brightened up my dark circles woohoo!~ *0*
The amount of concealer is rather disappointing but a small dab goes a looong way with this concealer.
It's cheap & cheerful & I think its rather cute as its tiny!~

 GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer.
At first try; I doubted it (There's the 'Don't judge a Book' thing coming again) & after trying a bit more it has proven to be my faaaavourite primer!!
It's rich white formula gives my skin a smooth pore-less surface for a smoother flawless BB Cream application & lasts ages with moisturing effects! (I used the word moisture too much =3=) 
I'm sad though because I used it up! ( ;´Д`) It's not cheap neither at £13.00 & it only hold 30ML. 
I guess it gives me the chance to try out different primers now though!~~ (^-^)~

 BeautyUK Liquid Eyeliner in Black.
Cheap & amazing! I use this sometimes on gel liner for a dramatic stand out & it keeps perfect all day!~
I used to use it a couple months back but stopped when I use gel liner & eyeliner pens but came back to it a month ago & I still love it.
I love the little applicator; despite how thick it looks, it actually can draw fine lines~
There is one main drawback
. . . 
It is so not waterproof O.O 

CandyDoll Lipstick in Ramune Pink
Review done here:- CandyDoll Lipstick
I bought this lipstick ages ago (in my Gyaru days) & haven't used it in a while but started using it again in October & still today!
I use it before apply lip tint for a dolly flush gradient lip.
I always keep packaging of Japanese,Korean (Asian packages in general) because they are sooo cute!~
 The colour is a nude pink; like the Gals love & Tsu-Chan rocks!
It's very pigmented but it does dry the lips so exfoliate ladies! (I'm too lazy to exfoliate... OTL)
One thing that bugs me though!:- One coat is dry; two coats - sticky! O.O I mean like what the hee-haw man?
It does last long on its own - up to 5 hours or so.
The colour goes on a gorgeous milky nude pink & looks milky & bright without the use of concealer & gloss!~
One coat                    Blended
Here's the lipstick on my lips. Sorry for my bitten lips! I bite my lips when nervous & I end up hurt!
See what I mean? a gorgeous milky pink that Gals seem to love!~ It did dry within an hour but ah well!~ It's so cute & pretty to pick at!
I've been wearing this all month with a dab of TONYMOLY CatChu Wink TonyTint in #2 Red~

G&G Barbie King Size Aqua Blue Circle Lens
Review here:- Barbie Lens
When I first review these lens; I really was disappointed on the size but now I love the enlargement these go to!
These are by far my favourite lens! I've worn them everyday ever since I started school on the 8th!
The enlargement is perfect for school & the colour is beautiful against the black rim!~ 
 Such a gorgeous design!

In Winter; I love to wear dark clothing so I always jewelery is dark colours or striking cute colours that will contrast against my clothing.
Gothic jewelery is perfect for dark outfits!~ These are the ones I've been wearing the most!
A Petagon ( My Mum's but I like to wear it XD)
A Stone Heart
A Celtic Symbol (Also Motherlingsㅋㅋㅋ)

 Studs!! *-* I love this choker to death & haven't stopped wearing it the past weeks!

 Cuter stand-out jewelery I've been wearing lately this month
Hello Kitty (From my best friend Rachel)
Adventure Time Finn Wrist Band - Possibly the most epic wrist band EVER.
Little Twin Stars

I have an Ear Stretcher in my right lobe (which I love!) so wearing pair earrings is hard so I only wear one of the pair (It's a got to be small so it doesn't look odd)
So I mostly wore this month:-
Diamond Cross
I love the Diamond Cross one *-*~

Random Favourites

Nong Shim Kimchi Ramyun has been my Winter Warmer this Month.
It is the best thing to eat after a long cold day at school!~

Do I really have to explain why Hot Chocolate is here? XD SO GOOD!~

I have been getting back into my habit of putting my cute stationary together again!
The cute Panda eraser (He's called Bamboo! *-* so cute!) Is from my best friend Chloe (I call her Chloe Chloe >3<)~~ 

& finally!
 Tokien's The Lord of the Rings.
I'm unable to put it down! It's like an addiction! It's a hard long read but sooo good!

That's it! (^-^) Those are my January 2013 favourites! woohoo!~
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Bye Bye! Love chu!~


  1. eeee. I'm collecting studded choker too!!! cuz Nana Oozaki is my idol <3 and I love her style a lot

  2. So~ that conditioner works really well? ('◇') If so I think I'll try it, my hair is so dry and damaged lately T T. Thanks Kei Kei~~.

    1. It works amazingly for dry & damaged hair~ It's a life saver XD ❤


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