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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

스킨79 비비 폼클렌저 SKIN79 BB Foam Cleanser Review~❤


Oh my glob I told you I'd be back before christmas - I managed to get this crappy old camera to work for an hour before it died again! Lucky was on my side!~

I've got a SKIN79 BB Foam Cleanser to share with you! This favourite cleanser EVER!~
Where did I get it from?:-
Cosmetic.Love :3
Price?:- £7.18 Approx. $13.49 Pretty cheap for a SKIN79 product :33
This has 100ml of product gel foam :33

Do visit SKIN79 Wizcoz site!:-
I love the catchphrase! - ''One Shot!One Kill!'' but does it really live up to this phrase?
Lets look further into this:-
It contains jojoba! I loooooove jojoba for my skin! It is moisturizing & apparently has acne soothing skills~

What does this cleanser claim?:-
BB Cleanser
[One Shot Bubble Deep Moisture Clean Skin Clear Effect]
With its minute bubble particles delivering oxygen to the skin, the Bubble Cleanser customized for BB Cream users allows deep cleasing of the skin, removing any dead skin cells & makeup residues without skin irritation, such that no further washing is necessary. 
The Bubble Cleanser's OBFN patented complex containing pomegrante & fig & Maakia. Fauriei Stem Extract with brightening effect purify the dkin that has become irritated by environmental factors. Also, containing Chia Seed Extract that attracts moisture & Oatmeal Extract that provides ample moisture, the Bubble Cleanser keeps your skin moidt & sleek, without feeling tight even after washing.

Now I must say this description definately lives up to the actual product!~
It improves elasticity & is free of animal products & minerals!

 This such a cute girly bottle!~ I love the tasteful colour of satin pink~
Fake?:- Nope! I got the side sticker of authenticity of 스킨79
I broke it ㅠㅠ

& I've got the 스킨79 Wizcoz authenticity~

Looks like a milk bottle...kind of?^^;;
This is a push down pump - Kind of like a normal hand soap dispenser
 The hole where the product comes out!~
I get annoyed with it because its kind of unhygienic having to push it down where you've got excess product on your hands et cetera but a wipe down with a cloth will change that & also when you finish with the bottle for the night - bubbles gather around the hole & spread out on the lids side. Thats annoyed because I open it & I get product everywhere XD maybe it's just me being picky but its a waste of product even if its only a little bit.

How to use this product:-
1. Apply& spread over the face, except areas around the eyes & the mouth.
2. In one or two minutes, when there occur enough air cells, massage the face softly & then sufficiently rinse in a little warm water. 
 Lets try it out!~
 Swatch Test:-

So as you see above - the product 'foam' starts as a gel - You know those men shaving can creams that start from gel & you blend it & its starts foam? - just like that.
I rubbed it slightly with two fingers & left it for a few seconds - & it went crazy! - like snow forming on your hands & the foam is sooo fluffly!~
So thick!~

Then I rinsed the snowy foam off my hand with warm water & my hand was crazily soft! - it felt exfoliated & soooooo smooth!~
The gel is runny yet not foundation runny :3 - its thicker but eaasily to blend on your face
Here's how liquidy the texture is & how it foams up!

Trust me - on your face its even better!! - like ultra amazing! - your face will feel like you just applied primer - the satin feeling ones!~

It apparently takes down in 'One Shot'' any strong makeup in 'one kill' dose!
Let's see eh?
I applied to my hand:-
SKIN79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream
TONYMOLY CatChuWink Tony Tint in No.2 Red
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
Collection 2000 Eyebrow Definer in 1 Black
Love Alpha Eyeshadow Palette - a copper brown & a rose pink blusher
& Etude House Tear Drop Liner in No.3 Pearl

Click to enlarge!~

Amazing right?! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧~
I totally thought TONYMOLY tint would survive but nope! but what did survive was the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara.
It didn't even smear...holy crap.  -Trust me that mascara is a pain in the rear to wash off! I went through loads of Garnier Eye Make remover just to remove one eye lashes worth of it - & I only applied one coat. Haha!!~
But all the other makeup died in ''One!SHOT! One! KILL''...No? terrible pun? okay.  ㅍ_ㅍ ㅋ

This product is totally amazing! - I honestly mean it! - It removes any makeup - except Kiss Me Mascara... TT^TT  ㅎㅋ
It does give plenty of moisture was you finished washing your face - but I still like to apply moisturiser afterwards anyway! :33  - Its bit of a shock of how cold the gel is when you put it on your face & it smells like floral rosey perfume! how cute!~
After you wash it off - it leaves your skin refreshed & cool, moistured & prettily glowy & dewy!

Cute packaging
Gel to foam - is just really fun to use XD Looks like snow!~
Smells lovely!~
Removes nearly all makeup & nasty oil!
Exfoliates your skin baby smooth!~
Leaves you with a beautiful dewy healthy glow like Korean skin & brightens you up!
Improves elasticity!~
Easy to apply & blend
The gel sometimes comes out the bottle when your not using it
Not enough product in the bottle - despite it being 100mls - its a thick gel soloads comes out from one pump
Unhygienic for a clean freak like me
Not available in the UK - only online

I hope you enjoyed this review dollies ^0^~

Lastly look at my new babies & my new product to review!:-
The evil mascara XD
I've got to go now & eat :3 - Hungry - school has really knocked it out of me!~
Listen to what I've been listening too!:-

I'll try & update soon!~
Bye Bye~ 사랑해~


  1. Hey ♥ Thanks for this detailed review. It's good to know there is one more gal in the UK hehe! I am going to check out your other posts too!!

    1. Oh my goodness teehee!~ thank chu!~~ Nice to see another gal too!~ ♥

  2. omg recently i crazy about shinee too ~
    key look so cute >.< and you too~

    1. I loooooove SHINee *-* They were the first k-pop group I listened to!~♥ Thank chu Caro! I'm so glad your back to your blog~~♥

  3. Nice detailed review on it!~


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