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Friday, 12 October 2012

에뛰드하우스 디어 마이 블루밍 립스-톡 OR201 놀라운 코랄 / 디어 마이 크리스탈 글로스 OR201 대즐링 코랄 Review~❤ [Photo Heavy]


I've got a great review for you dollies today! ^-^
Itis the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in OR201Amazing Coral & Etude House Dear my Crystal Gloss in OR201 Dazzingly Coral ^-^ that I purchased from Cosmetic.Love
 Daaaaazzingly Girl! Daaazingly Love! Kore wa koreha Looooove~
디어 마이 블루밍 립스-톡 OR201 놀라운 코랄
As some of us Korean fanatics know; The Dear my Blooming Lips-Talk Kiss Note Range is endorsed by 2NE1's Sandara & korean boyband SHINee *-* 

 I'm sure you watched the Kiss Note Little movies? *-* Where Sandara kiss Minho!~ Jealous anyone? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ~  
The Kiss Note is the cute version of Death Note!~ XD

Okay lets get one thing straight; I asked for OR204 (Jonghyun's & Sandara CM Lipstick in Shy Coral)
But Cosmetic.Love sent me the wrong one! EEK! they sent my OR201 in Amazing Coral. But I'm not angry ^-^~ I was so happy with my order I'm not fussed!~

 This was so hard to take a photo of as the colours of the packaging box is so pale! XD~
Its so cute!~

 Play Etude!~
Price?:- £6.56 - Approx. $12.33 - Quite reasonable I think!~

Information on packaging:-
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk:- Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivd colour & moist shine.
 [Directions] Twist to dispense makeup & apply evenly to lips.

Information on Cosmetic.Love:-  
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk: Lovely & Girlish 24 colors!
- Smooth texture and outstanding color of creamy gel texture makes clean and vivid lips.
- Relaxed Fitting Complex & Smooth Powder System makes smooth lips without crack.
- Moist Liquid Paste and Hydro-Moist Complex makes moist and kissable lips.

Gently apply on lips from inner part to outer.



 Such a cuuuuute tube! *-* It's so princessy & precious!~ It really sparkled up my Asian cosmetic collection box! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚`¨✧~

It's very strong plastic too so it will not damage so bad
 I forgot about the cute emblem I saw on reviews of these lipsticks & cooed when I turned up the tube to check how much product their was on the bullet~It has quite a lot of product & it is a pretty soda orange shade~ Not too vibrant & not too pale~
So cute! It's the Etude logo~

Any smell?:-
A faint fruity smell ^-^~

Many lipstick I own have hard solid bullets & you need two swipes of it to swatch it. But this Etude House lipstick in Amazing Coral only needed one swipe to show it's vibrant creamy colour *-*
It's super pigmented!
It's very much like Candy Doll Ramune Pink Lipstick but not so creamy & glossy~
It's a very moisturising formula & went smoothly on my hand ^-^ & the gloss is minimal. Barely there~

On Lips:-
I'm not going to lie to you guys. I did have a lipbalm on before applyig *slap* I shouldn't of but my lips have been very dry & sore this Autumn & my lips would've been extremely flaky & ugly TT^TT
 Taa daa!~ As you can see its very natural with a pop of creamy pink :3 In real life it's like a salmon pink~ Not gyaru pink but a nice subtle shade - pigmend & aslo light on my lips^-^
It's very moisturising this lipstick & I only need one coat! ERMGHERD!~
It did settle slightly into fine lines but if you exfoliate & wear lipbalm like I do then you should be fine.
I always have trouble with pale lipstick as they make my full lips look even fuller! EEK! I don't like that so I'm so glad this lipstick did not exagerate them phew~
The fruity scent I mentioned disappears after applying :3 
It's not sticky or drying & feels matte though it does not look it *-*~

Cute, seriously kawaii packaging
Super cute unique emblem on Etude on the bullet
Subtle coral colour - not too vibrant
Pigmented ^^~
Fruity scent
Did not make my lips look bigger
Not sticky
Creamy formula bullet
Only available online here in the UK TT^TT

I will buy more!~

Etude House Dear my Crystal Lipgloss in OR201 Dazzingly Coral

 디어 마이 크리스탈 글로스 OR201 대즐링 코랄
I bought this lipgloss to go with OR201 as its also in coral shade OR201 with cute shimmers~ *-*  
The bottle is so cute!~ *-*~
It's also made of strong plastic! It looks like glass...Crystal glassed (failure) XD~
 Price:- £4.78 approx. $8.98 - perfect price!~

Information of this gloss from Cosmetic.Love:-
Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss: Lip Gloss with shimmering & sparkling glitter.
- Dazzling color with glitter makes lips fancy & beautiful.
Less sticky and smooth texture gives vivid shine and vitality to lips.

Apply appropriate amount to your lips with tip.
 It's such a strange lipgloss wand o_o I haven't seen a doe foot applicator like this before XD
It's very fluffy so hold quite a lot of product~ :3
The neck opening on the bottle is very wide & large & could collect up quite a lot of gloss so I think its best to wipe it every so often~
 Thought so far?:- Very vibrant looking XD
Smells?- A light foral scent~
Look at that shimmer!! *-* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚`¨✧ It's not as vibrant as I thought thank goodness! XD It's quite sheer & the wand does hold a lot of product so you will not have to keep dipping the wand back in (unless you like the overdone juicy lip look ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ)
The shimmers are very tiny & barely noticble in certain lightings ^-^
The colour is a very sheer orange shade & it is very glossy & felt moisturising on my hand :3
It's formula is not thick nor thin & I only needed one swipe to get a lot of product & colours with plenty of sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚`¨✧

On Lips:-
Click to enlarge~
 I was right; I did only need one swipe to get perfect not too glossy lips~ ^-^
The colour is very, very sheer & had a tiny tint of colour but thats okay for me as I'm wear this with the lipstick~
The formula is not sticky or has that yucky warm feeling & is light on my lips :3
I love the tiny shimmer in this lipgloss! It's just so cute compared to other horrible glitterly lipgloss that made you look like you ate glitter TT^T
Also with some glosses may pump your lips exaggerates my full lips but this gloss does not!~

With Dear my Blooming Lips-talk OR201:-
This lipgloss compliments the Lips-Talk lipstick & if you do have flaky lips the gloss conceals them~
It's does give the gyaru creamy lip style but more natural ^-^ 
With two products on my lips it feels still light & looks beautiful without making my lips look huuuge!~

Cute simple packaging
Unique wand that picks up lots of products
Light foral scent thats tastes good XD ㅎㅎ~
Sheer & not metallic looking colour :3
Cute subtle shimmer glitter~
Not sticky
Not pumping
Compliment Lip-talk lipstick in Amazing Coral OR201
Not available in UK TT^TT Online only FFUU

I totally recommend these two darling lip products to you all
I hope you enjoyed this review~

Bye Bye~


    Thank you very muuuch!;w;
    Now i want them even moooore!!x'''3
    I think maybe I will venture to try some of the oranges ones because they really look good ♥
    BTW you look so cute >w< i want a sweater like yours ;w; ♥
    Well now i'll wait for your next review o(≧∇≦o)
    Good night Kei Kei!n.n~

    1. Hello Beautiful!~❤
      Your so welcome! I hope it was detailed enough for you~ :3 I tried my best haah~
      The coral oranges are pink & natural~ really pretty & moisturising! I really recommend them!~
      Thank chu for reading~❤

  2. WhatIsThisIsDaraWorkingTogetherWuthShineeAndWhyDon'tIKnowAnyThingAboutItI'mGoingToDie *gets shot*

    I always love your reviews! And I'm seriously interested in the first lipstick! Where'd U buy it??

    1. ACKACKACKA YOU DON'T KNOW?! EEK!~❤ Dara & SHINee got together tp promote the new Etude Range KISSNOTE & SHINISTAR ranges ❤
      I got it from Momo~ ^-^ ❤
      Thank chu so much for reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚`¨✧

    2. Thank you ^^

      Btw, your new layout is very cute!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  3. Kirsten!!! It's been ages since I got to comment here :P I keep seeing your updates on my FB feed and they always make me smile hohohoho. Looks like you've gotten your huge etude haul.

    EH is on sale right now here in my country so I stocked up as well :P Mostly on face masks and false lashes though :P

    I love their Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk line. I have mine in BE102 which is sort of a nude brown :D The orange you're wearing looks absolutely lovely on your skintone but unfortunately looks too late on mine. TT_TT

    Sorry this is a long comment. I've just been so out of touch because of being busy in school so I'm pouring out all my excitedness for semester break on blogging and blog commenting haha.

    Thanks for posting! Looking forward to your next review :3



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