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Sunday, 9 June 2013

[Sponsored review] GEO Mimi café Macchiato Brown WMM-504 Review~❤

Heeeeello everyone!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ❤ I greet you from Homestudy! (I get to study at home instead of going to school & only come for exams & some whole days! eeeeek~~)

 Solution-Lens have sponsored me a pair of circle lens (I emailed them asking if they take up sponsors~) & they accepted me! woooo~~❤ I heard of them from bloggers & I found them to be the safest!~ Solution-Lens have a wide selection of the most famous circle lenses to normal contact lenses to crazy cosplay lenses for the most amazing prices~
 . . .

We have all heard of the forever popular GEO Princess Mimi series by Tsubasa Masuwaka

 & now we have the Mimi Café series! inspired by coffee & coffee treats:-
Cred. GeoLens-Town
I chose to review a pair of lens I have been most curious about ever since Eki reviewed them~
I chose GEO Mimi café Macchiato Brown WMM-504 I chose these also because I am familiar with GEO lens & wear GEO most. I recommend the brand for the great choices of lens & the fantastic results from using their products.

Thank chu so much Solution-Lens for sending me these lens~~❤

Let's beeeegin~~
I do not know what day Solution-Lens sent out these lens~ I contacted them from 30-31st of May & they arrived on the 8th June -  so around 8 or so days is how long they took to arrive which is really, just wow!~ so quick!!~❤
The package is padded & is really secure with tape & two staples so I was pleased! I always get so worried when packages arrive bent or crumpled but this package was perfect!~ They also stuck a cute little sticker on it~ small things like this make my day!
Bubble wrap! YAYAYAYAY!~~~❤
 Okay. Oh my gosh. How cute is this little basket! I CAN'T EVEN. SO CUTE!!!~~~(○´∀`○) ❤

Yaaaay my wrapped lens! I really do love the care Solution-Lens put into their packages to make sure everything is safe~
They also showed their love by including some gifts:-
A lens case, a cuuute pen (which I'll be using in my exams as a lucky charm~) & a free kawaii pair of bear earrings~~
GEO Contact Lens instruction are included!
 Back to the lenses:-
The vials are as I said before wrapped up well in bubblewrap~
 Such cute vial design with the colours of coffee~~ The Mimi vials never fail to look unique~
Take note! The lenses on Solution-Lens are only in 0.00 PLANO - No prescription It does not bother me as I do not wear glasses~~
On GEO vials there is always a scratch sticker to test if they are real GEO lens~ Of course, mine are real!~  If you are really wary, you can check if your lens are real by typing in the code on the sticker into this website:-

Info of GEO Mimi café Macchiato Brown WMM-504 from Solution-Lens:-
''The brown color of these GEO PRINCESS MIMI BROWN WMM-504 is so special and natural that it's almost impossible to guess that you are wearing contacts, also because Geo Medical process to manufacture these cosmetics lenses is the most advanced and safest.''

Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 38-42%
Base curve 8.7
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

. . .

Ohmyglob. They soooo gorgeous!!!!~ The swirly pattern looks extremely pretty & delicate!
I love how the outside limbal ring is dark brown & not black, it makes the lenses look more natural~
It looks just like a Macchiato!:-
 I really do hate the metal tabs around the vials XD at least I didn't cut myself this time!~
Here is the back of the lens~ The pretty dark brown dots remind me of coffee beans or coffee grounds~
I soaked my lens for a good five hours~
Insert the lens - No makeup
Photo 1. As you can see my natural eyes are a grey, blue with a green hue. Very small in my opinion!~ I want bigger, darker eyes~
Photo  2. I insert the first lens (with slight difficulty at first!) & was immediately shocked at the huge enlargement to my eyes! because the limbal ring is brown not black it makes the lens seem all the more bigger~

Both lenses:-
These lenses make your eye incredibly huge & I find the pattern blends sooo perfectly with my natural iris colour! It makes them seem so natural. The colour is just the perfect shade~ not too dark & not too light~ I think they are perfect for my Ulzzang makeup~

The lenses look a bit strange without makeup though but I personally liked it! XD
 I had a bit of trouble inserting them even though I've put in 15mm contact lens before ㅠㅠ but I got the hang of it. These lens are a tad more flimsy than my GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens.

I compared the Mimi Princess Chocolate brown to the Mimi café Macchiato ones~
 It's hard to tell since my right eye in slightly bigger, but both lenses despite their different colours & different size limbal ring, they look the same size~~ :33 Which lense do you like everyone?~

Lens with makeup
Makeup really does alter & complete the appearance of circle lenses~ So I did my Dolly makeup for this~

 The colour is really pretty & bright~ It does not stand out too much due to the brown limbal ring. Black limbal rings really create that dolly eye effect but these lenses with their brown limbal ring do too! It gives a gentle dolly effect that does catch people's attention.
It's not too bright or dark but because I have light eyes, it makes the lenses seem almost a copper, yellow shade ;3; ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ~ 
It does look gorgeous when light catches it & blends in very well~ The design is really unique & interesting. It does take some getting used to. I love the swirl pattern that resemble Macchiato & the dark specks that colour resemble coffee beans/grounds~ It is pretty to look it & makes my eyes sparkle*-*~(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

These lenses give a definite enlargement compared to 14mm lenses since they are 15mm! They give a huge dolly yet soft, gentle appearance compared to natural iris. It makes me look younger & sweeter ~ It shocked me when I first inserted them! XD These lenses do catch attention!~

These lenses feel really comfortable for up to 4 hours but sometime they begin to feel a tad dry but it's tolerable! A squeeze of eyedrops & I'm fine!~
Inserting the lens is difficult & they take a second to actually set on the eye which they very odd XD

Beautiful lenses!~ Give a gorgeous dolly eye effect, perfect for Ulzzang or Gyaru makeup~ I defintely prefer 15mm lenses
The pattern will take getting used to for me but overall, I love them! They photograph well & look nice on my eyes.
Comfort levels I'm sure will vary once I get used to them~ I think these lenses are perfect for school, photoshoots & hanging out with friends of course over a cup of coffee!~

Sparkle eyes!~
The earrings Solution-Lens gave me are suuuuper cute!~❤ opinion:-
Visit Solution-Lens here
Solution-Lens in my opinion is a really fantastic store! My mother has had personal experience herself by ordering GEO Olive violet lenses!~
There website has an easy layout & is very easy to understand with no difficult terms - simple instructions & all laid out for us visitors of the site~
Prices are very reasonable & they have the good amount of ways of payment (Paypal, visa etc) 
They take feedback & question along with their own blog to help you choose out of their big collection of lenses ranging from circle lenses, normal lens & crazy cosplay lenses. The lenses are all separated by diameter, colours, brands & even prices!~

Take note again; Only PLANO 0.00 lens available!

 Free international shipping & no extra cost when $USD are converted to your currency!

Customer Service is oh my goodness amazing! When I contacted them by email, they answered SUPER quick! Within minutes! I was so happy! 
When they answer everything is so simple & easy to understand!~ & heck shipping was quick too! only 8-9 days from Thailand to UK~

I really do recommend to anyone buying circle lens or normal colour contact lenses! You will not regret it!~~
My rating of Solution-Lens?:- Totally fab~❤ 

Also Solution-Lens has a permanent giveaway, please check out my post on this here
Thank you very much Solution-Lens~❤ I really appreciate it & your wonderful service~

. . .
So everyone I hope you enjoyed this lens review & I hope it inspires you to try different lens!~
Bye bye everyone & don't study toooo hard!~~Looove chu~(。・ω・。)ノ ❤


  1. These are super pretty! I might get some for myself :P Thanks for the review

  2. omg you look so cute with these lenses and you're so skinny!! How do you maintain your weight? <3

  3. The design really does look like coffee! (o⁰⊖⁰o) Very pretty~

  4. This shop is my favorite because of the free pair they give with every order ! Love it !

  5. Hello from USA! I stumbled upon your blog looking for reviews on asian beauty products. Then I found your lens reviews. I used to wear them back in my younger days. But you have a wonderful blog! Do you have a YouTube channel?



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